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Breaking Down Nutrition for Medical Professionals show

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Are you asked nutrition questions by your patients or clients? Work in the media and need story ideas? No time to research the answers? Designed for medical professionals, this evidence-based, best-practices podcast updates you in 3-5 minutes on a current topic trending in nutrition. <br> <br> Resources and URLs provided on the blog page to make your work life easier. Hosted by registered dietitian nutritionist and podcaster Dr. Susan Mitchell.

By Dr. Susan Mitchell, registered dietitian nutritionist

Cultured Food Life show

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Discover how to make and serve delicious probiotic foods and improve your overall health with Donna Schwenk. In her weekly radio show “Cultured Food Life” (new episodes every Tuesday at 1pm Pacific), Donna will de-mystify different probiotic foods such as kefir, kombucha, and cultured vegetables, and share how to add these foods into your diet. As a teacher and writer, Donna works with thousands of people to open the door to a world of foods that can help improve an array of health problems including high blood pressure, diabetes, and IBS. In her down-to-earth and informative style, Donna will walk you through the basic preparation techniques and teach you how to make these delicious probiotic recipes at home. You can find out all about Donna on her web site

By Donna Schwenk

Joe's Tango podcast show

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This podcast is for Argentine tango students who are starting to fall in love with the dance. We feature interviews with internationally renown tango instructors, event organizers, and musicians...all with the goal of gaining deeper insights into the dance. Tango is a lifelong journey, and the knowledge we gain from these conversations is designed to help challenge and motivate those seeking to improve.

By Joe Yang

Pondercast show

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Laurie Brown is one of Canada's finest music journalists and broadcasters. After ten years hosting The Signal on CBC, she is now shifting into a new direction with PONDERCAST. Useful podcasts to keep you company into the night. Free range brain shavings for what ails you.

By Laurie Brown

Site Visit Podcast show

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Sitevisit is a podcast about architecture everywhere.

By Ashley Bigham, Erik Herrmann and Matthew Shulman

Rachel Watches Star Trek show

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Rachel and Chris Lackey are a married couple living in Yorkshire, England. Chris loves Star Trek. Rachel has never watched it. Until now.<br> <br> This is a podcast where Rachel and Chris talk about each episode of the original Star Trek Series, from the original pilot, getting her outsider’s perspective on one of the most influential Sci-fi shows of all time.<br> <br> Chris<br> <br> I can not remember a world without Star Trek. My dad had me watching it when I was really little. He tells me I would cry when Kirk and Spock would fight. I still do.<br> <br> I love all Star Trek. TNG, DS9, Voyager, even Enterprise, I love them. I love the new movies, I love the animated Filmation series. I just love Star Trek.<br> <br> Rachel<br> <br> For as long as I can remember, I have not watched Star Trek. I was brought up not watching it, by parents with very clear views on what aspects of 1960s culture were acceptable. Star Trek was not for us. Plays, history and soul music were for us, Star Trek was for science-y types and I never considered watching it, even for a second.<br> <br> Not much changed when I got together with Mr Star Trek 9 years ago, nor when I married him in 2010. My only concession was watching (and enjoying) the film Star Trek (2009) but I would never watch the TV show. Or so I thought.

By Chris Lackey

Myth vs. Craft show

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Myth vs. Craft sheds light on the process and inspiration that drive people to pursue and hone their craft.

By Myth vs. Craft

Songwriter Insights: Nuts and Bolts Talk for Today's Music Biz show

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Learn from today’s successful songwriters, performers, and music industry professionals. Each episode provides new perspectives and proven strategies to help aspiring artists in achieving their career goals within the music business. The show offers expert advice such as how to write a song, how to record a professional song demo, music marketing for artists, artist development, and live performance. Our guests include Songwriters, Performing Songwriters, Recording Studio Producers and Engineers, Studio Musicians, Product Manufacturers, Artist Managers, Publicists, Label Reps, Music Supervisors, Publishers, Venue owners, Creative Media Folks, Book Authors, Business and Legal Advisers… and more.

By Host: Ken Lehnig / Producer: David Dodds

The Tiny Potters | A Kid Led Harry Potter Podcast show

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Addison and Anderson are two kids who love Harry Potter but couldn't find a podcast made for kids about their favorite book series. So with the help of their mom, they decided to create their own. Each episode they will discuss one of the chapters of the book. They'll talk about their favorite characters, unanswered questions, and other cool magical stuff.

By The Tiny Potters | A Kid Led Harry Potter Podcast

Love to Sew Podcast show

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Helen Wilkinson and Caroline Somos host Love to Sew, a fun weekly podcast about making clothes, sewing community, and small business. They talk about their passion for sewing a handmade wardrobe and their daily lives as creative entrepreneurs. Listen to interviews with indie business owners and inspiring sewists who totally understand your obsession with sewing.

By Caroline Somos &amp; Helen Wilkinson : Sewing Enthusiasts and Indie Sewing Entrepreneurs