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The Drum Brigade Podcast show

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The DB Show is a webshow and podcast hosted by Korey Kingston and Funky Phil Pardell. It is a weekly talk show. Like everything we do at Drum Brigade, we want this show to be a little different than other drum podcasts you may have heard or checked out. This is meant to be a light hearted, fun show, from real working drummers. This is meant to be a "drum hang" show. So that means when drummers get together, this is what happens: they drink beer, talk about gigs, experiences from gigs/ or life in general, watch drum videos, play drum games, vent, crack jokes, shed, etc, etc. You get the picture. This show is that! Two drummers, doing what drummers do...

By Drum Brigade

Skin In The Game: The Freck Show show

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Each week, Freck Beauty Founder Remi Brixton sits down to discuss entrepreneurship and beauty, interview badasses, and chat about anything else she thinks is inspiring. • Please rate, review, subscribe, and reach out to us via Instagram DM @freck!

By Freck Media

The Faubourg of Dreams - Hermès show

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From its window displays to the hanging garden, from its silk counters to the leather workshops, the Faubourg store harbours the Hermès dream. Those who work daily in this oh-so-Parisian vessel share anecdotes and memories. Prick up your ears and learn what is happening at 24, Faubourg.

By Hermès

Fixed In Post show

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John Barber and Pete Peterson are fascinated, infuriated, and gobsmacked by the art of cinema. In other words, they’re in love with the movies. Join them as they host this podcast about the joy, the disappointment, and the magic of film.

By The Rabbit Room Podcast Network

Ricer Knows show

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Guests & stories of Irish and International interest

By Ricer Knows

Comic Cast! show

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Hardcore Comic Book knowledge at its finest! Brought to you by some of the nerdiest people you’ve never heard of! Lifelong comic fans Above Average Joe, Mighty Mike and Excalibur hit you with factoids, commentary and a hefty dose of groan inducing puns as they take a trip through the wild history and culture of Comic Book Fandom. So what do you say, ready to enter the Hall of Joestice?

By Hall of Joestice

Song Divers show

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What makes a songwriter? What does it take to compose a meaningful work of audible art? Join us as we connect with a diverse mix of artists to explore the forces, challenges, inspiration and influences that charted their path. We dive deep into the making of a lyricist: the stories, key moments, the highs & the lows. We chat values, idols, obstacles and what it took to find their voice. And through it all, we hear some really incredible music.

By Stefan Scheuermann & Ed Woltil

Music On Purpose  show

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Music On Purpose takes you on a quest to define success in the field of music. Bryan Crisp talks with professional musicians, music educators and people in the music industry that have been successful at the highest level. This show gives you the secrets to their success through intentional conversations and interviews. Fuel your passion to be the best by learning from the best.

By Bryan Crisp: Musician & Educator

Random – An Audio Collage show

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Do you enjoy the odd, obscure, quirky and/or left of center? Are you a fan of the silly, strange or irreverent? The Random podcast is all of those things, along with a conglomeration of songs, sounds, ambience and silliness.<br> <br> The goal of Random is to take you on a brief audio journey to places you’ve never heard before. To make you tap your toes, chuckle or maybe just scratch your head in disbelief.<br> <br> If you’re a fan of Dr. Demento, The Firesign Theater, Spike Jones or any of the irreverent, then you’ve come to the right podcast!<br> <br> Please subscribe, review and tell a friend!<br>

By Dave Girtsman

The Design Pickle Podcast show

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"From the team at Design Pickle – the largest flat-rate graphic design company in the world – comes The Design Pickle Podcast, a weekly conversation on how to be more creative in all areas of your life. Join Russ Perry, the Founder of Design Pickle, and his friends, coworkers, and creative partners as they share best practices, experiences, tools, and tips to make creativity your secret weapon.”

By Design Pickle