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The Deconstruction Workers show

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A bi-weekly adventure into popular culture. Join Dr. Christopher Bell and his guest workers as they deconstruct everything from toys to Hamilton.

By Dr. Christopher Bell

Animation Is Hard show

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Making your own animation can be an ordeal, but it doesn’t have to be! Hosts Mike and Matthew walk you through the challenges and pitfalls of producing independent animation, and share their advice on everything from scriptwriting to crowdfunding.

By Mike Stamm and Matthew Krick

The Mixology Talk Podcast: Better Bartending and Making Great Drinks show

The Mixology Talk Podcast: Better Bartending and Making Great DrinksJoin Now to Follow

Join Chris and Julia Tunstall, the founders of top Craft Bartending website, as they discuss tips, tricks and techniques for bartending better, making tastier drinks, and having a fulfilling career behind the bar. Combining Chris' 10+ years' bartending and restaurant consulting experience with Julia's years in spirits media, the two have endless ideas for giving your guests the best possible experience while ending your shift satisfied (and with a full wallet!) This podcast is for experienced professionals and enthusiasts alike: you'll learn about everything from bar ingredients to cocktail techniques to operating a better bar - plus bonus episodes interviewing industry professionals as well! We're all about bartending, hospitality, mixology, cocktail creation, craft cocktails, liquor, spirits, beverage programs, restaurants and bars, and the business of the bar. Grow your bar career and have some fun along the way!

By Chris Tunstall - Bartender, Mixologist & Drink Designer and Julia Tunstall - Cocktail Consumer

Middle:Below show

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Bad Things Will Happen. A horror comedy audio drama podcast from Tin Can Audio.

By Tin Can Audio

Sorcerer’s Orphan: A Song By Song History of the Flaming Lips show

Sorcerer’s Orphan: A Song By Song History of the Flaming LipsJoin Now to Follow

A Song By Song History of the Flaming Lips

By The Flaming Lips

Puppet Tears show

Puppet TearsJoin Now to Follow

A new puppetry podcast bringing you interviews with all the stuffing.

By Adam Kreutinger

The Horror Virgin show

The Horror VirginJoin Now to Follow

What’s your favorite scary movie?  Are you a fanatic or a fraidy-cat?  Love them or loathe them?  Either way, we’ve got you covered.  Each week, horror fans Clint and Jennifer will take horror virgin Todd through the encyclopedia of horror one movie at a time.  We’ll discuss classics like the Exorcist and Poltergeist as well as fan favorites like Urban Legend and Freddy vs. Jason with the occasional new release thrown in for good measure.  Clint will make us watch a Child’s Play sequel, Jennifer will gush over Stephen King, and Todd will scream like a little girl at every jump scare.  Every. Single. One.  It’s hilarious.  We won’t be providing running commentary of the movie, and we do promise to tell you how many times Todd pees on himself. Prepare yourself for spoilers, tangents, and lots of irreverent fun. Subscribe to The Horror Virgin to get your new episode every week Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @HorrorVirgin And make sure to join us as we tear Todd’s soul apart.

By The Horror Virgin

Kaleidotrope: A Romantic Comedy show

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Kaleidotrope Podcast is a queer romantic comedy podcast set on a slightly magical college campus and playing around with romance tropes, particularly fanfiction tropes.<br> <br> The plot centers around Drew and Harrison, two reluctant college radio co-hosts-turned-accidental-advice-givers who find themselves in the middle of the campus’s oldest mystery: Do happy endings really happen at Sidlesmith? Can you really find your trope?<br> <br> And if the magic isn’t real, what does that mean for two polar opposites who find themselves falling for each other twice a week for half an hour on a suddenly popular radio show?

By Kaleidotrope: A Romantic Comedy

Life of an Architect show

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A gifted storyteller communicating the role and value of architecture to a new audience, host Bob Borson uses the experiences acquired over a 25-year career to inform his podcast. It responds to the public's curiosity and common misunderstanding about what architects do and how it is relevant to people's lives, engaging a wide demographic of people in a meaningful way without requiring an understanding of the jargon or knowledge of the history of the profession. With a creative mix of humor and practicality, Borson's stories are informative, engaging, and approachable, using first-person narratives and anecdotes that have introduced transparency into what it really means to be a practicing architect. To learn more about Bob, visit

By Life of an Architect

Happy Writing with Vivien Reis show

Happy Writing with Vivien ReisJoin Now to Follow

Happy Writing is a podcast for writers who want to reignite their love for writing and turn their passion into a sustainable and healthy relationship with words. Hosted by Vivien Reis, a mechanical engineer by day and young adult author and YouTuber by night, this show is for any writer ready to reinvent and bring balance to their writing lifestyle. Join Vivien each week for a dose of uplifting validation, thought-provoking inspiration, and practical ideas designed to transform your writing into Happy Writing.

By Vivien Reis