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CelebriTAY show

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In the CelebriTAY podcast, seventeen year old actress Taylor Blackwell interviews some of the most talented young people in the entertainment industry.

By Taylor Blackwell

FujiLove show

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FujiLove podcast is all about Fujifilm X cameras, photography, passionate photographers and great conversations.


CastYourArt - Art moves people show

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Subscribe to our podcast and get over 300 art-episodes for free. Art moves people. CastYourArt offers podcasts for people fascinated by art. The published video- and audio-episodes are windows to the world of art: its ideas, institutions, and actors, its economics, contradictions, and its ups and downs. Abonnieren Sie unseren Podcast und erhalten Sie über 300 Filmbeiträge. Kunst bewegt Menschen. Mit seinen Beiträgen schafft CastYourArt Zugang zur Welt der Kunst, zu ihren Gedankenräumen und Ideen, zu Institutionen und Akteuren, zu Wirtschaftlichkeit, Widersprüchlichkeit, Scheitern und Erfolg.


The Rock N Roll Archaeology Project show

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The Rock And Roll Archaeology Project is, first and foremost, a community of Rock And Roll fans. Using our podcast, our website and blog, and of course, social media, we hope to provide a virtual town hall for Rock fans to meet and have great discussions about the history and impact of Rock And Roll. The Music. The People. The Culture. The Technology. Any other topics or aspects that may come up. Bring it. Our central question, our starting point is: How does Rock And Roll affect the larger society, and how does the larger society affect Rock And Roll?

By Christian Swain

Indie Film Hustle Podcast: Filmmaking | Film School | Film Production | Film Marketing | Independent Film | Alex Ferrari show

Indie Film Hustle Podcast: Filmmaking | Film School | Film Production | Film Marketing | Independent Film | Alex FerrariJoin Now to Follow

Indie Film Hustle is dedicated to showing you how to hack the film business. Interviews with Acadamy Award® / Oscar nominees and industry professionals giving you the real deal from the inside with no BS, just the truth on what it takes to survive and thrive doing what you love. We discuss cinematography, RED Camera, Arri Alexa, Blackmagic camera, post production, color grading, filmmaking, visual effects, motion graphics, film festivals, editing, film crews, directing, producing, film business, screenwriting, movie scripts, film distribution, VOD, VHX, iTunes distribution, DIY filmmaking stuff, short films, feature films, web series and much more in this podcast, all in an effort for you to survive and thrive in the jungles of the film business. Head over to and join the film tribe that shows you stuff they don't teach you in film school. GO MAKE YOUR FILM!

By Alex Ferrari: Filmmaker, Artist, Writer, Director, Blogger, Podcaster

장근석의 ZIKZIN Radio show

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아시아 프린스 장근석이 직접 제작하는 라디오

By 장근석

Products of the Mind show

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Business law strategist David Lizerbram hosts Products of the Mind, a podcast about the intersection of business and creativity. This show includes tips and lessons about business law strategy, how to protect your brands and business assets, and conversations with thought leaders in startups, entrepreneurship, media, marketing, the creative arts, and beyond. Whether you’re a serial entrepreneur or small business owner, a creative professional, or an innovator in any field, the Products of the Mind podcast is here to provide you with tools, guidance, and inspiration.

By David Lizerbram

Liberty: Critical Research show

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Liberty: Critical Research is a serialized audio drama set within the universe of the sci-fi comic book series, Liberty! Follow Dr. Kovski’s team into the Fringe, a lawless sector of the war-torn space colony Atrius. Any sacrifice must be made to ensure the ultimate goal: that Atrius Endures

By The Nerdy Show Network

The Avenging Hour show

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Jason and John present this podcast as your ultimate guide to Earth's Mightiest Heroes: The Avengers. We'll cover each issue of the Marvel Comics mainstays from 1963 to present - explaining plots, documenting membership, outlining adversaries, and placing it all in the politics of the times. Face front, True Believers, and enjoy The Avenging Hour!

By Jason & John

Black Market NetworkQ and A Photo | Black Market Network show

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From the Black Market Network - - Paul Atkins is the man you want to turn to with your technical photography questions.... Paul is the head of his family’s 60 year old company AtkinsTechnicolour, that makes him the third generation of his family running it. “A rising tide floats all boats” is the company motto. Paul is State President for the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), State Rep for PMA in South Australia, President at Association of Professional Colour Imagers (APCI). Lectures on Marketing, Colour Management, Adobe Lightroom and Digital Asset Management (Archiving digital files). And son to John Atkins (the easiest job of all). visit us online - -

By DJ Paine & Paul Atkins