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Notes From the Upper West Side - The Podcasts show

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The adventures of Paul, a denizen of New York's Upper West Side

By Dan Roentsch

A Writer's Life: Creative Writing | Poetry | Books show

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A weekly show on reading, writing, and the art of going mad. Listen as Dan Black discusses the craft of writing well, the publishing industry, and the path to becoming a writer. Email questions and comments to or visit for DB's recommended reading list and to sign up for the monthly newsletter.

By Pale Fire Creative

Digital Prometheus show

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Allowing the digital age titans to bring fire to mankind

By Esteban Arechiga

Complete Sentences Podcast show

Complete Sentences PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Complete Sentences is a humorous window into the minds of regular dudes with a taste for the obscure. We interview artists of all types and provide a platform to introduce their craft to our "Ambassadors of the Future". We pick the brains of independent musicians, authors, film makers, painters, comedians, bloggers, podcasters and all around interesting people...and make time for crackin' wise. If you like to think, listen and chuckle, this is the show for you! Ambassadors of the Future Unite!

By Ty and Rocky K.

Attractive Make Up show

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no show description found

By Attractive Make Up

Best Job Ever show

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Jay Hunter is a Cinematographer based in Los Angeles and just about everyone he works with on feature films and television shows absolutely LOVES their job. Jay and his colleagues are often asked the impossible to answer question, "How did you get that job?". This podcast seeks to answer that very question...or at least scratch the surface. From Actors to Directors to Key Grips & Gaffers we dig deep and uncover some wisdom, some advice and some hilarious stories from the trenches of the cinematic battlefield.

By Jay Hunter


THAMROJoin Now to Follow

An unwilling champion, with no memory of who he is, must help an apprentice Mage, whose evil master has turned himself into a dragon.

By Omar K. Mills

amazingtips's Podcast show

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Bay Fusion Food Design is a Hervey Bay based catering company, providing fantastic food for all occasions – birthdays, special occasions, corporate events, intimate dinner parties and weddings.

By amazingtips

Brew Bloods: Drink Beer, Think Beer show

Brew Bloods: Drink Beer, Think BeerJoin Now to Follow

Drink beer, think beer! Join Marc and Dustin each week as they pick a beer, drink a beer, and rate a beer, plus dispensing education and laughs along the way.

By Brew Bloods

Café de Papel show

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Café de Papel viaja a través de las redes sociales coleccionando historias de personas que comparten experiencias de sus vidas, exponiendo sus sentimientos, pasiones, conocimiento y coraje a través de la narrativa. Cada semana, Café de Papel presenta historias que conectan, que transforman y nos hacen ser quienes somos y quienes seremos; historias de camino que se escriben y cuentan, para intercambiar conocimiento y ensayar aperturas en el corazón en un mundo impersonal y saturado. Café de Papel es escrito y dirigido por Jairon Francisco y producido y editado por Carmen Guzmán. Blog: Facebook:

By Café de Papel