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Drawing The Human Figure From Your Mind show

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I was introduced to Art early at the “Rippowam High School” in Stamford Connecticut where students went through a very experimental curriculum named the ‘cluster’ program. This is where I met my greatest Art teacher; Mr. Blasio who changed my understanding of Art and the power of Thinking. I went on to continue my studies at the “School of Visual Arts” in New York City and also at the “Connecticut Institute of Art”. Today I love to use new ways in helping Art students rapidly understand how to draw the Human Figure from your mind using very experimental approaches in Artistic Thinking based on the ideas of Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. The lessons presented in these 227 videos contain 20 years of research and development into helping Artists rapidly understand the complex structure of Human Anatomy for creating Illustrations, Animations, Comic Books, Game Design, Manga, Clay Modeling, Character Design, Fashion Design and all areas of today’s Art fields.

By RivenPhoenix @ Hotmail Com

Madame Bovary (French) by FLAUBERT, Gustave show

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Charles Bovary, médecin de campagne, veuf d'une mégère, fait lors d'une tournée la rencontre du père Rouault et de sa fille, Emma. Après leur mariage, Emma reste insatisfaite et rêve d'une nouvelle vie. Son premier amant lui donne le goût du luxe et fait miroiter un avenir à deux avant de l'abandonner. Une fois remise, Emma continue à faire de folles dépenses, qui peu à peu la mènent à la ruine et au déshonneur. (Résumé par Nadine)

By LibriVox

PageBreak Podcast show

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Pagebreak is an audio podcast hosted by Liz Andrade and Niki Brown. Join us every Tuesday for a discussion on either books (in our monthly 20 - 50 minute Book Shows) or blog posts (in our weekly 5 - 20 minute Snippets.) Our discussions pertain to Freelance, Design, Development, Marketing and other such things.

By Liz Andrade and Niki Brown

 Tzigane Music Showcase  show

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Tzigane artist showcase with tons of music, unbelievably interesting self-interviews, commentary and back-patting.

By Tzigane artists

Depth of Field with Matt Brandon (The Digital Trekker) show

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Peachpit TV brings you the "Depth of Field" audio Podcast, an opportunity to hear interviews about the lives and adventures of working photographers from around the world, hosted by Malaysia-based humanitarian and world/travel photographer Matt Brandon.

By Peachpit TV featuring Matt Brandon

19 Nocturne Boulevard show

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Award-winning anthology series of audio dramas, in the realm of the strange, speculative, and supernatural. Some episodes include more mature content, but have warning labels.

By Julie Hoverson

Man vs. Art show

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My name is Raul Aguirre Jr. I draw, I paint, I write and I'm hungry for more. Practical advice, tips, and help for artists who are serious about improving their art skills. Free and from a former Disney 2D artist with 15 years experience in the animation business. The goal of Man Vs. Art is to help anyone who wants to become a better artist/cartoonist/animator/ by teaching: technique refinement, better creative, observational, and critical thinking skills, practicing discipline, overcoming fear, being original. Connect with fellow artists and art lovers, share stories, advice, tips and tricks and most of all PAINT and DRAW! Ypu get all this is a finely produced podcast that is as fun and crazy as it is informative!

By Raul Aguirre Jr.

TV Talk Podcast with GMMR & Ducky show

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TV Talk Podcast: Dan from and Kath from discuss all things tv related. It's like your best girlfriends dishing TV but one's a gay guy. The TV Talk Podcast has been a featured podcast many times on iTunes and more than 125 fans have given the podcast a 5-star rating within iTunes. Each week we talk about the latest episodes of our favorite shows including but not limited to The Office, Grey's Anatomy, American Idol,, So You Think You Can Dance, Big Brother, Friday Night Lights, How I Met Your Mother, Top Chef, Project Runway, The Amazing Race, The Closer, Chuck, Supernatural, 24, Big Bang Theory, House, Gossip Girl, My Boys, Wipeout, Weeds, True Blood, Fringe, America's Best Dance Crew, Twilight, Nurse Jackie, Royal Pains, Being Human, Skins, Comic-Con, Glee, Flash Forward, Community, The Vampire Diaries, Melrose Place, Eastwick and everything TV related. Fans especially enjoy our SYTYCD podcasts as well as our favorite segment - "Two Idiots Talk Lost".


WICKED: Behind the Emerald Curtain show

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The award-winning musical WICKED brings you behind the scenes! The Behind the Emerald Curtain podcast takes you on a backstage journey through the inner workings of WICKED. See the production’s amazing world up close, from scenery and costumes to music and makeup. Never before has a musical provided such intimate access to its creative team and offstage secrets. Visit to learn more and buy tickets.


Tatiana Is Everyone | An Orphan Black Podcast show

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Tatiana Is Everyone is a weekly fan podcast dedicated to Orphan Black, BBC America & Space's critically acclaimed sci-fi series. Join Kris and Stephanie for discussion about the characters, themes, production, and more.

By Kris & Stephanie