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 Joel Osteen Audio Podcast : #551 - It's Only a Test | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:00:00

Uncomfortable situations happen to us all. During these times, it's natural to want to pray them away. But in this message, Joel encourages us that our trials and tests are necessary to come up higher and become all that God has created us to be. With verses like James 1:12 (ISV), "When he has passed the test, he will receive the victor's crown of life," you will be reminded that as you grow and let God mold you, then the seeds of greatness on the inside will flourish. God will release new levels of blessing and breakthrough in your life!

 The Irrelevant Show: Sketch... : Gym Teacher Explains Things (Part 1) - Sketch | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 188

Coach Carlson explains how to know for sure you’re in love. You can hear more gym teacher explanations in episode 21.

 FAMILY IN DISTRESS : Total Victory Christian Center | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5802

Total Victory Christian Center

 I Am A Superwoman Radio wit... : SUPERMAN MONTH CONTINUES WITH SUPER AUTHOR, SPEAKER, CONSULTANT HENRY FORD | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 7110

Henry Ford is an author, speaker, consultant, and publisher. Henry worked his way through nine career levels, and upon retirement was retained as a long-term consultant. His employment experiences and nearly four decades of community service and business ownership help provide the foundation of his message. Henry returned to school at age 49, graduating magna cum laude with a degree in Business/Communications, while simultaneously beginning a second career as an author, speaker and consultant. Henry’s first book, Success is You, encouraged and recognized personal responsibility and accountability. His second book, The Power of Association, shared the growth potential and rewards possible through networking and volunteerism. The Power of Association became a recommended training resource of the United Nations in South Africa. Henry connects to audiences through personal examples, historical references and insightful vision. A strong supporter of youth, he encourages and inspires youth leaders to establish the direction and momentum to create positive change, encouraging them to make wise choices and teach others of their generation to do likewise. Henry inspires and challenges people of all ages through speeches, workshops, books, VISIONS Newsletter, and a collection of inspirational and educational public service messages shared around the world. Henry reaches across racial, religious, geographical, class, gender and other divides to inspire and encourage others. He uses his business/technology background, passion for education and desire to help others, to inspire, encourage and be an example of success and tolerance.  A strong supporter of family, Henry uses his background to uplift his immediate and extended family and has established the family’s scholarship fund.

 Living It Up After 50 : Living it Up with The Wanz! (Replay) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4272

In case you missed it! We are replaing this great interview. Michael Wansley, Macklemore's hook man is more than just a hook man! He is doing some great things after the age of 50! Michael is joining us for conversation about his new project with Nate Dogg and his heart to give back to the community. We will play some great music and allow him to inspire us and much more! 

 MGH Psychiatry Academy : Psychobiology of PTSD | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 56:15

Psychobiology of PTSD

 Talk Credit Radio with Gerr... : Business Happens: Small Business Financing Tips | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:12:29

Many small businesses fail because they don’t understand the critical financial details of their business, says Mitchell D. Weiss. His goal is to help entrepreneurs avoid the traps he’s seen entrepreneurs run into in his many years as a financial services executive. He explains how in his new book, Business Happens: A Practical Guide to Entrepreneurial Finance for Small Businesses and Professional Practices. In this interview he shares why he wrote the book, and then provides his advice on what small business owners can do if things don’t go according to plan and their venture runs into financial problems. But ultimately he wants business owners to learn to protect themselves before they experience financial difficulties. This interview aired live October 21, 2013.

 Calvary Chapel Montebello P... : Matthew 12:38-50 "Mariology in Focus" | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:47:07

Matthew 12:38-50 "Mariology in Focus"

 The Princeton Review - Voca... : Grumpy People (Junior Level) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Tag line: Is he rancorous? Then he?s probably cantankerous. ------------------------------------ GRUMPY PEOPLE Grumpy people Grumpy people Grumpy people Someone who?s anger is unsurpassable Could surely be described as irascible Someone who always is an angry cuss Could surely be described as cantankerous Someone whose mood is always bad by your judgin? Could surely be called a curmudgeon ?Get off my lawn! Hey, you just watch it, see!? The grumpy old guy sure is crotchety That guy gets so annoyed by unimportant stuff That guy is peevish, being his friend is rough Grumpy people Grumpy people Grumpy people

 The Princeton Review - Voca... : Pen Means Almost (Senior Level) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Tag line: Sing this song when you?re looking for almost the right word. ----------------------------------------------- If you?re looking for a word that means almost or not quite Pen is the Latin root that?s out of sight Ultimate means final, no more will come to pass The word penultimate means ?next to last? (literally ?almost last?) A peninsula?s surrounded by water on three sides That makes it almost an island, but for where it with land elides (that?s a fancy word for ?joins?) If you?re looking at a stretch of mostly flat terrain With just a couple of hills and dales, that?s a peneplain (it?s not quite a plain) It doesn?t matter if the shade?s in Timbuktu or Colorado A penumbra is the almost-shady edge of a shadow (it?s the same everywhere!) If you?re looking for a word that means ?almost? or ?not quite? Pen is the Latin root that?s out of sight

 Diet Science : The Amazing Power of Rebounding | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:08:04

Diet Science is a fun 5 to 7 minute weekly program with insights and straight scoops on today's health and diet issues from Dee McCaffrey, CDC.  Dee is an Organic Chemist who lost 100 pounds, nearly half her body weight, and has kept it off for 20 years by staying away from processed foods. In this week’s podcast, Dee talks about the amazing power of rebounding. You can lose over 100 pounds on just bouncing up and down on a rebounder. Listen in now!

 The Talk of Gasoline Alley : Talk of Gasoline Alley May 24, 2013 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:46:08

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Historian Donald Davidson answers your questions of a nostalgic nature about the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on 1070 The Fan. The program airs live from 8-9pm on weeknights and 6-8pm on weekends throughout the month of May, with daily episodes available on this page.

 PTSD 101 Curriculum : Complementary and Alternative Medicine | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 41:39

This course describes complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and its use in the United States and by Veterans, as well as the VA/DoD Guideline Recommendation for the use of CAM for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The presenter also reviews the literature relevant to CAM for PTSD and provides information related to special considerations for using CAM. Includes discussion of yoga, acupuncture, meditation, diet, herbal supplements and other vitamins, equine therapy, service dogs, therapy dogs and other non-traditional treatments. Presenter: Stephen Ezeji-Okoye, MD

 Radiolab from WNYC : American Football | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 74:00

Today, we tackle football. It’s the most popular sport in the US, shining a sometimes harsh light on so much of what we have been, what we are, and what we hope to be. Savage, creative, brutal and balletic, whether you love it or loathe it … it’s a touchstone of the American identity. Along with conflicted parents and players and coaches who aren’t sure if the game will survive, we take a deep dive into the surprising history of how the game came to be. At the end of the 19th century, football is a nascent and nasty sport. The sons of the most powerful men in the country are literally knocking themselves out to win these gladiatorial battles. But then the Carlisle Indian School, formed in 1879 to assimilate the children and grandchildren of the Native American men who fought the final Plains Wars, fields the most American team of all. The kids at Carlisle took the field to face off against a new world that was destroying theirs, and along the way, they changed the fundamentals of football forever.  Correction: An earlier version of this episode included a few errors that we have corrected. We've also added one new piece of information.  The piece originally stated that British football had no referees.  While this was true in the earliest days of British football, they were eventually added. We stated that referees were added to American football in response to Pop Warner. American referees existed prior to Pop Warner, in order to address brutality as well as the kind of rule-bending that Pop Warner specialized in. Chuck Klosterman said that the three most popular sports in the US are football, college football and major league baseball. In fact, baseball actually ranks 2nd, college football is third. Monet Edwards stated that 33 members of her family were players in the NFL. That number is actually 13.  We also added one new fact: over 200 students at The Carlisle Indian School died of malnutrition, poor health or distress from homesickness.  The audio has been adjusted to reflect these corrections.

 Exposure With Stefan Mcmill... : What is The Exposure Podcast? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:50