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Selected Shorts: Too Hot For Radio show

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Over the years, Selected Shorts has had to say no to some amazing stories that, due to language issues or content advisories were, well, too hot for radio. But no more!

By Symphony Space / Panoply

Misadventure by Death show

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Misadventure by Death is an audio drama brought to you by Crossroad Stations Productions. Armed with nothing but his trusty recorder and a few dozen flashlights, Neil Hastbury-Rue takes up the mantle of groundskeeper at the definitely haunted, recently opened Harrison Shaw Manor Museum in the middle of the Virginian Appalachian mountains. Easy-peasy…right? Perhaps not. As Neil attempts to settle into his new home, he finds himself having to combat with supernatural shenanigans, a few less than savory fellow staff members, and good old Southern charm. What could possibly go wrong?

By Jake Song and Crossroad Stations Productions

STAGES with Peter Eyers show

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STAGES is an opportunity for me to talk to a variety of people whose professional life is about connecting with an audience. I’ll be chatting to a series of creative artists and practitioners about their career, their process and what matters – to them. Some have made the arts a lifetime pursuit, some explain how their career became a happy accident … but all describe the challenges and demands – and ultimately celebrate why there’s no business like show business! I’ll talk to people from front of house and backstage - directors, designers, drag queens and doormen … performers, producers and publicity. Whatever stages it takes to engage and affect an audience – or whatever it takes to carve out a career in the arts – we’ll examine it in STAGES.

By Peter R Eyers

Thoughtsquestioned show

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A place for spoken word poetry, philosophy, and new/young Christians. Through poetry...I want to verbally share truthful reflections of reality. With the focus on personal relationships. Through Philosophy I attempt aid in the improvement of our overall ABILITY to reason./think with clarity. And to our young are some basics to help with your understanding as you walk with Christ. "Lessons are taught, when we question are thoughts." ~Felice F.M{.~} Intro/Outro Song: ~Apollo~

By Felice F.M: Poet. Christian. Philosopher.

Gruhn's Vault: Conversations With The Masters show

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In 1970 George Gruhn opened Gruhn Guitars in Nashville, Tennessee. Since then, his client list has grown to include the likes of Eric Clapton, Lyle Lovett, Emmylou Harris, and many of the greatest performers of the last fifty years. Now, George sits with some of his famous friends to chat music, guitars and life.

By 650 AM WSM

Bands We Don't Care About show

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Join Kenneth and Sam as they take a deep dive with bands they don't care about! In each episode they force themselves to read about and listen to a band they have previously ignored, to see if their ambivalence has been justified. Will opening their ears to these musicians change Kenneth and Sam's opinion, and even their taste?

By Kenneth Hartvigsen

The End of Time and Other Bothers show

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An improvised fantasy roleplaying game set in the world of Alba Salix, Royal Physician. We use the Dungeon World roleplaying system and improv to weave a tale of flightless fairies, half-demons and cafeteria line workers, dystopian empires, magical waterfalls and mysterious books. Oh, and the end of time—that's in there somewhere too.

By Sean Howard and Eli McIlveen

Basements and Bozos show

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Come join your hosts, Jorge, Joel, and Ish, every Saturday on our their podcast, Basements and Bozos, where three bozos in a basement talk to you about everything you need to know (or everything you already know) about Dungeons & Dragons! Whether you be looking for help on how to start a campaign, or you're just a seasoned player looking for wacky stories about D&D, Basements and Bozos can satisfy your every need!

By The Basement Bozos

AbletonCast show

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This Podcast is for anyone who is interested in Ableton Live. Whether you’re a pro or just getting started, there’s something for all. I talk to lots of different Ableton user’s who I think are using the program in a cool unique way. Don’t worry if you’re not a pro, we’re all finding our way together. My goal is that each episode helps each one of us discover new things about Ableton, and inspire us to continue creating our best work yet! -Kevin Swartwood, Host

By AbletonCast

Harry Strange TOS show

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Harry Strange is a weekly radio drama that tells the tale of a private investigator whose beat takes him into the supernatural. Set in the town of Night Falls, Harry fights demons, elder gods, vampires and the occasional renegade priest.

By Tony Sarrecchia