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Longbox Review Comic Book Podcast show

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Comic Book Reviews and Discussion

By Eric from Longbox Review

gspn.tv - Grey's Anatomy Fan Podcast show

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Grey's Anatomy has been a show that has provided a great deal of entertainment for Cliff and Stephanie. The first several seasons of this show were rock solid. Seasons five and six gave us some of the best episodes ever for this tv show. However, these same seasons gave us not only some of the worst episodes of Grey's but of television in general. At least that's Cliff's opinion on the matter. Cliff and Stephanie had considered ending this fan podcast mid season six. However, with the outstanding season six finale, they decided they would see what the writers had in store for future seasons. While this is show is no longer produced on a weekly basis, it is possible that Cliff and Stephanie may produce new episodes as the show moves forward.

By Cliff J. Ravenscraft

Talking Animals show

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"Talking Animals" is a 30-minute radio show about animals and animal issues broadcast each month on WMNF (88.5 FM), a 70,000-watt, community-oriented NPR station in Tampa, Florida. Hosted by Duncan Strauss, "Talking Animals" (http://www.talkinganimals.net/) is a fast-paced program that features animal songs, animal comedy, animal news &amp; announcements, a quick quiz, "Name That Animal Tune"--but the chief element of each show is the interview we conduct with some notable figure in the animal world, or someone prominent in another field who holds legitimate ties to animal welfare.<br> <br> Which means guests ranging from PETA honcho INGRID NEWKIRK and pioneering horse trainer MONTY ROBERTS to TRIUMPH THE INSULT COMIC DOG and Jethro Tull's IAN ANDERSON, from JEAN-MICHEL COUSTEAU and "Animal Liberation" author/philosopher PETER SINGER to actress/big cat benefactor TIPPI HEDREN and "Simpsons" co-creator SAM SIMON--roaming across the conversational landscape from animal rights to zoos and sanctuaries...to the environmental impact of carnivore/omnivore diets (relative to vegetarian/vegan ones)...to ocean inhabitants and aquatic concerns...to lions, tigers and other big cats...to animal adoption and spay/neuter.<br> <br> Other guests of national or international prominence--discussing animal rescue, pets, farm animals, factory farming, animal behavior, human behavior (including autism), elephants, animal neglect and abuse, pet trusts, dogs, the plight of circus animals, and much more--include PAT DERBY, GENE BAUR (nee BAUSTON), PAUL WATSON, TEMPLE GRANDIN, JANEANE GAROFALO, JOHN DOE, CAROL BUCKLEY, KINKY FRIEDMAN, ALISON GIANOTTO, JOHN GROGAN, NELLIE MCKAY, DAN MATHEWS, MERRILL MARKOE, GREG GINN, CHUCK TRAISI, MARGARET CHO, MICHAEL MOUNTAIN, DAN PIRARO, et al.

By Duncan Strauss

The Self-Sufficient Gardener show

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The Self-Sufficient Gardener Podcast is about helping people develop their gardening skills in ways that reduce their dependence upon outside systems. Our aim is to be able to grow a garden in good times and in bad times in the most inexpensive and efficient manner possible.

By Jason Akers

The Paperclipping Roundtable show

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The scrapbooking audio show that's designed to inspire, educate, and entertain you. Join Noell Hyman and other guests as they have a playful, light-hearted discussion about scrapbooking.

By Paperclipping

Podcast – Stu's Shed show

Podcast – Stu's ShedJoin Now to Follow

Murdering electrons in a Woodworking Workshop. Covering woodworking tools and techniques (And the occasional venture over to "The Dark Side" with traditional tools and techniques).

By Stuart Lees

Doubleknit show

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The latest musings from the minds of Seattle knitters Erin and Jessica.

By noreply@blogger.com (Jessica)

Déclencheur Emissions show

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Les épisodes de Déclencheur

By Benoît Marchal

Paperclipping: Scrapbooking Videos show

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Paperclipping is a series of video tutorials for people who love scrapbooking and would like to improve their scrapbooking skills. Noell Hyman breaks down scrapbooking into basic fundamentals and delivers the concepts in an entertaining and educational way.

By Noell Hyman

Photography.ca show

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Photography podcast &amp; blog discusses photography, digital photography, fine art photography as well as provide tips and techniques to improve your photography.

By Marko Kulik