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Battiti show

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By Rai Radio3

The Lunch Table show

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By In-Tune: The Collective Effect

Musician Builds a Business show

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A self documented journey in real time, following Nashville singer/songwriter and freelance musician, Andrew Galucki, as he creates his first business. Follow as he goes from idea, to reality, to whatever comes next. New episodes every week.

By Middle Class Musician

Grrl on Grrl: intersectional and trans-inclusive music & interview show show

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Grrl on Grrl Podcast is a trans-inclusive and intersectional feminist show, featuring musicians from different genres. Listeners get to enjoy good convo, insights into the creative mind and community, and some great tunes picked by the guests themselves! Each guest adds their own perspective on the songwriting process and industry, along with personal stories... Plus you get to hear some great tunes, handpicked by the guests!

By June Owatari

Disco Fries - Liftoff Radio show

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The Disco Fries present ‘Liftoff Radio’, a genre bending mixshow with a focus on cutting edge electronic music. Featuring exclusive interviews, music, and anecdotes on life, the Disco Fries bring their high-energy personality and club experience to life in a continuous mix. Be sure to tune in!

By Disco Fries

Mobile DJ Tips Podcast: Music Marketing | Service Business | Disc Jockey Community show

Mobile DJ Tips Podcast: Music Marketing | Service Business | Disc Jockey CommunityJoin Now to Follow

DJ Shri from Mobile DJ interviews famous DJs every week to learn their secrets to music, marketing, and success! We cover topics from How to Run a Successful Service Business, Growing a social media following, Digital Advertising for Local Businesses, How to DJ, Mixing, Speaking with Clients, Microphone Skills (MC), Learning and Downloading New Music, DMX Lighting, Equipment and Setup options, and much more! The MDJT Community currently has tens of thousands subscribers all over social media. Make sure you join the private Facebook Group to ask questions and share your DJ setup pictures. Here at Mobile DJ Tips our goal is to empower the DJ to setup a lasting career in Music so they can go out and create more successful events with their passion. The One Thing that makes Mobile DJ Tips different - is EVERYONE in our group is a DJ. We aren't just self-proclaimed marketing or business gurus. We are actual DJS with REAL experience. We hope to bring guests to this podcast that can serve as excellent role models to existing and new DJs who are trying to start or currently own a DJ business. Subscribe now to have the best Disc Jockey mentors from all over the world – in the palm of your hand!

By DJ Shri | Mobile DJ Tips

The Checkout show

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Music and interviews featuring cutting edge artists from around the world.

By Simon Rentner

Luthier on Luthier with Michael Bashkin show

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Every month, luthier Michael Bashkin interviews some of his favorite fellow guitar builders, makers and creatives on the Luthier on Luthier podcast. Acoustic, electric, flattop, archtop and everything in-between... brought to you by the Fretboard Journal

By The Fretboard Journal

The Forward show

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The Forward Podcast with Lance Armstrong gives the audience a rare and revealing listen into Armstrong's conversations with some of the most interesting people he's met through the years. Guests of the weekly podcast include an eclectic range of personalities—some well-known, others simply with intriguing stories to tell—from the world of politics, entertainment, art, business, sport and more. Former guests have included musical artist Seal, historian Doug Brinkley and tennis icon Chris Evert. The podcast, which often touches on current events, is also a community forum where the audience is encouraged to send questions, comments and any feedback directly to Armstrong. Above all, The Forward Podcast is a personal, honest, engaging and always entertaining dialogue that leaves the listener with new insights and information every week.

By Lance Armstrong

Knee Deep In Sound Podcast show

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Exclusive mixes from Knee Deep In Sound artists and some special guests!

By Knee Deep In Sound