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Aural Icebergs show

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Aural Icebergs is the musical companion podcast to Intellectual Icebergs ( On this music cast, Tiffany plays the music from IntIce, without the interference of interview or spoken word tracks. She also plays some other music she has found while searching for IntIce music, in this case songs that are inappropriate for IntIce because of vocals or non-derivative licensing.

By Ankh Infinity Productions

Selectah Kieon's Podcast show

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Best mixes from Selectah Kieon "International Tour Dj"

By Selectah Kieon

The Great Song Podcast show

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Rob Alley and JP Moser break down the greatest songs of...the last 50 years...that they like...OF ALL TIME. We love these songs, and we'll tell you why you should too.

By Rob Alley

Deep Sunset House and Progressive Podcast : Melodic Sessions by Prototype 202  show

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A monthly talk free DJ mix of all the best Melodic Sunset House, Trance and Progressive Breaks, featuring slabs of quality and uplifting aural stimulation with a sprinkling of shimmering vocals on top, perfect for your sunrise and sunset sessions. Please rate this podcast and visit the website for all tracklistings and buy links for all the featured tracks

By Prototype202

CMS Inside Chamber Music Podcast show

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Join Bruce Adolphe, The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center's Resident Lecturer, for investigations and insights into chamber music masterworks. Beloved by regulars and a revelation to first-timers for their depth, accessibility, and brilliance, we dig into the ICM lecture recording archive to share our favorite lectures with you.

By Bruce Adolphe: The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center's Resident Lecturer

Yoshitoshi Radio - Presented By SHARAM show

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Yoshitoshi Radio, the new radio show from Sharam, puts a strong emphasis on Yoshitoshi, the label that Sharam has helmed for over twenty years and which to this day operates on the cutting edge of dance music. Comprised of live DJ sets, studio mixes, and guest mixes from Yoshitoshi artists, the program serves up underground house and techno mixes packed to the brim with promos, exclusive material, and world premieres. You heard it first on Yoshitoshi Radio.

By This Is Distorted

Settling the Score show

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Join Jon and Andy as they explore the world of film music, one score at a time. Each episode is an in-depth discussion of a classic film score: what makes it tick, how it serves the movie, and whether it's, you know, any good. It's a freewheeling, opinionated conversation with an analytical bent, richly illustrated with musical examples. No expertise required. The series begins by tackling “100 Years of Film Scores," the AFI's list of (purportedly) the 25 greatest scores in American cinema history. Jonathan Dinerstein writes music for film and television in Hollywood. Andy Boroson is a music director for theater in New York. They've been chatting together about movie music for 20 years.

By Jon & Andy



Your musical guide to trend setting: superstar DJ LOLLIPOP serves up delicious beats and satisfying songs to enhance modern living. Subscribe to podcasts that explore popular dance music while you drive, workout or party. Your silent host is the creative global talent known as DJ LOLLIPOP. Enjoy his award-winning audio confections with a brand new flavor in your ear. If you enjoy the mixes, please assist our podcast by leaving a review. Thank You! More treats at: LOLLIPOPUNWRAPPED.BLOGSPOT.COM

By DJ Lollipop

Támar Talks Radio show

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Grammy nominated indie artist shares her educational and artistic perspective on the ever-changing Entertainment industry as it relates to education and creative freedom. From the latest hot topics, to musical advice Tamar creates a platform for undiscovered everything: Music, talent, and more!

By Ashley Tamar / Anchor

Circoloco Radio show

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Circoloco Radio - Bringing you new mixes from the best DJs in the world.

By Circoloco