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I Doubt It with Dollemore show

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Tired of the ridiculous and radical sides of issues? So is Jesse Dollemore. Join him and his co-host, Brittany Page, as they discuss today's hottest topics. Along with occasion guests, the skeptical Dollemore cracks-wise with an irreverent attitude and complete disregard for convention.

By I Doubt It with Dollemore

Earth Ancients show

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Earth Ancients: startling new discoveries from our planets distant past, is a weekly program, hosted by author/investigator Cliff Dunning. The podcast features the latest information and news on a wide variety of subjects based on ancient known and unknown Earth civilizations. As the former program director for Whole Life Expositions - the world's largest conference on ancient civilizations, native traditions, and anomalous archaeological discoveries, Cliff presents each program from its most compelling perspective, and provides the listener with his investigative analysis which comes from years of his personal research and understanding. From 1990 to present, Cliff accumulated a great deal of insight from numerous trips to the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula, home to the ancient Mayan civilization, where he continues to work closely with the elders (and Daykeepers) in that region of Mexico. He's also travels around the world, but has a keen interest on the ancient unknown cultures of Central America, and South America.He's a member of Institute of Maya Studies, based in Miami, Florida.

By Earth Ancients

In The Know show

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In The Know is a daily summary of Oklahoma policy-related news and blogs. Each morning, we share the day's headlines, a quote of the day, and a number of the day. It's the easiest way to stay informed about Oklahoma politics and government!

By Oklahoma Policy Institute

김어준의 KFC [AUDIO] show

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김어준 딴지일보 총수와 김보협, 송채경화 〈한겨레〉기자가 진행하는 시사 토크쇼.

By 한겨레TV

Black Man With A Gun Show |Urban Shooter | Kenn Blanchard show

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Rev. Kenn Blanchard has touched the world with his pro-gun variety show. He helps you “survive another week,” by sharing positive people, products, and news with the wit and humor of the gun rights activist known as the Black Man With A Gun®. Shalom Baby!

By Kenn Blanchard

            Anime World Order Podcast

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A podcast all about Japanese cartoons and comics as discussed by three self-proclaimed experts in the world of anime and manga! Plus anime news / reviews, coverage of classic anime, hentai / yaoi, and much, much more. Updated every week. We hope.

By Anime World Order

Surrounded in Pittsburgh: Steel City Resistance show

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Two normal guys from Pittsburgh discussing national goings on

By Hutch Jr. & Ward Miller

The F Me Podcast show

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This is a show all about sex - no, not the kind of show you get off to, but hey, whatever floats your boat. Host Jacob Ward exposes his audience to all kinds of human sexuality - promoting sex positivity through comedy, dialogue, and psychology. Sketches, rants, and interviews with adult film stars, drag queens, and maybe even a celebrity or two - talking about sex! You know you like it.

By Jacob Ward

Vlog Digest Videoblog Video Podcast with Clark Saturn show

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A video podcast about videoblogs, vlogs, video podcasts, aggregators, web sites, etc. Featuring the latest, the greatest and the stuff you need to enjoy them. Hosted by Clark Saturn and feauted on

By Clark Saturn

On the Record... Online: Podcast show

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The story behind the story -- mainstream journalists and influential bloggers talk straight about how technology is changing the news media business.

By Eric Schwartzman