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Game Design Zen show

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What happens at the intersection of game design, life, and the pursuit of excellence? Game Design Zen is your #1 resource for the science, art, and business of developing better games. Whether you are just getting started in this crazy business, or have the wisdom that comes from weathering the storms, there is always room to level up. <br> <br> Curtiss Murphy : Your host is a seasoned veteran with over 12 years in the gaming industry, spanning AAA, Indy, and military training games. He is an award winning speaker, author, and game designer. He presents with a unique blend of energy, science, and stories that have earned him invitations to conferences across the country. He gives the yearly keynote at the National Science Foundation Edugaming workshop, has decades of development experience, and is widely recognized as a thought leader in serious games. He is a speaker, consultant, and game designer. <br> <br> Join the conversation as we travel the path of game design, life, and the pursuit of excellence! <br> <br> <br> <br> Topics : Game Design, Flow, Paradox of Choice, Simplicity, User Interface Design, Player Perspective, Goals, Feedback, Monetization, Free to Play, Premium, Team Dynamics, Communication, Mindset, Software Engineering, AAA, Indy, Serious Games, Retention, Addiction, Game Loops, Mechanics, Getting a Job, Story, and Mystery Box.

By Curtiss Murphy: Speaker, Consultant, and Game Designer

Tulsa Talk Thursdays show

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On June 1st 1921, 300 lives were lost, 6,000 Africans in America were detained, over 150 businesses were destroyed. Following this tragic event, the most successful self-sustaining "Black Wall Street" community was left devastated with all of its glory shattered. The money, influence, and respect garnered by Black Wall Street at that time was admirable. So much so, many attempts have been made to resurrect Black Wall Street. After digging through history and looking at other models, we have a solution. Join us in the discussion!

By Tulsa Real Estate Fund

Where the Long Tail Ends show

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Where the Long Tail Ends is a website dedicated to finding old, obscure and possibly awful films that are adrift in the sea of pop culture. Helping to fulfill that mission are the three podcasts offered by Where the Long Tail Ends. Spoiler Alert!, which is dedicated to reviewing newer films that catch our interest, the Cabin in the Woods Film Festival Podcast in which Matt forces Angela Fabbrini to watch a horror film and then verbally dodge her rage and of course, High and Low (Brow), which is the signature podcast for the website. It is a themed podcast where Matt Gamble and James Gillham discuss everything under the sun, and sometimes even get around to talking about movies.

By Matt Gamble &amp; James Gillham

Long Time Ago Radio show

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a Star Wars podcast for everyone. Whether you're in the class of 77, or Rogue One was your first movie, you're welcome here.

By Long Time Ago Radio

Truly Myrtle Podcast show

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Welcome to Truly Myrtle the fun podcast for knitters. Grab a cuppa and your knitting and curl up for a chat about knitting, making and everything going on at Truly Myrtle.

By Libby Jonson

John Moe Teeny Podcast show

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This is a very small podcast. It is teeny. On it - here - this - you will find small things, read simply. I hope these things entertain you and/or make you think. This podcast is an exercise in simplicity.

By John Moe

Scary Stories with Spooky Boo show

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I'm a horror writer and a scary story teller who produces videos on YouTube. I pick my favorites and put them on SoundCloud. You can find my whole library at my YouTube link below. Enjoy!

By Spooky Boo

Jim and Tomic's Musical Theatre Happy Hour show

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We're Jimi (@asinhendrix) and Tommy (@MusicalMash) and we're obsessed with musical theatre. Like, really, we won't shut up about it. And now YOU get to listen, too! If you're looking for two diehard musical theatre nerds babbling on about Sondheim, then this is the podcast for you!

By Jim and Tomic

The Fat Guy Handbook Podcast show

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We came up with the idea to write a book because we are two fat guys. We not trying to help you lose weight, but just sharing stories, observations and tips to help you or the fat guy in your life be successful.

By The Fat Guy Handbook Podcast

ACEJazzLibrary show

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Think you might like jazz, but don’t know where to start? This podcast will help you build a jazz library of only top class albums. From Charlie Parker to John Coltrane, Miles Davis to Freddie Hubbard, Thelonious Monk to Bud Powell, Duke Ellington to Charles Mingus Ace Jazz Library will guide you through the best of the classic jazz era. How else do you find the gems of jazz history? It is the music that counts and while passionate about jazz this podcast cuts straight to the chase, without the boring detail. Featuring guaranteed 5 star classic albums listen and enjoy for yourself.

By ACE Jazz Library