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The Embodiment Podcast show

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A weekly podcast for everyone who is interested in the body as more than just a brain-taxi. The podcast contains in-depth explorations of embodied topics, and hosts guests from around the world. Speakers have expertise in diverse embodied areas from yoga, to martial arts, to body therapy, to dance, to theatre, to bodywork. The podcast is also full of practical tips and experiential exercises. It can sometimes be a bit cheeky and contains swearing so bear that in mind. With Mark Walsh of The Embodied Facilitator Course ( and Embodied Yoga Principles (

By Mark Walsh

PSFK's PurpleList show

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The team behind the business intelligence platform talk to pioneers in retail, advertising, design and beyond... These folks are at the top of our PurpleList

By PSFK Team

The Sit-Down by show

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An interview podcast featuring the most engaging conversations from the #1 theater site in the world,


The Heroes, Villains and Sidekicks Show show

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The Superheroes, Villains and Sidekicks Show tells the origins and backstories of popular and obscure characters throughout comics and pop culture.

By Kevin Volo

Tacocity show

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The taco. We’ve all had one. It doesn’t matter where you live. Race, religion, diet. In the last few years, it’s become the new burger. In its simplest form in America, it’s meat, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes in a tortilla. Host Rob Gokee, a Los Angeles native & author of the book Tacocity, takes you on a journey of not only taco discovery, but the people who took a chance, and in some cases risked everything to bring their down recipes & dreams to life. Every episode is a different story, a unique look into taquerias across the country and a related taco recipe, as Rob walks you through cooking your own tacos in real time!

By Rob Gokee

Vader Nation show

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Star wars news and views from fans of Lord Vader

By Randy Hawkins

The pATCHES Podcast show

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The pATCHES Podcast is a project of, a website dedicated to creating resources for music producers. The podcast shares the stories of people in audio, along with advice and lessons from their career. Inspirational to music producers and anyone doing creative work. Produced by Dan Hilse and Pierce Porterfield.


Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino show

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Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino will be breaking down reality TV and iconic pop culture moments. Special guests will deep dive with Danny into the topics we all care about-- real housewives, pop music, actresses over 50, and whatever else he wants to talk about. :)

By Danny Pellegrino

Mom Writes show

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Two writer moms and a book coach meet each week for coffee and chat about writing and parenting. Follow along as veteran book coach Jennie Nash of Author Accelerator helps writer-moms Abby Mathews and Melanie Parish write a book from start to finish, along the way sharing the dirty laundry behind writing with kids.

By Abby Mathews

The Dance Studio Excellence Podcast show

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Welcome to Dance Studio Excellence! Dance Studio Excellence is a place for studio owners to learn, grow and develop. Whether you are a struggling new entrepreneur, or a veteran business owner who just needs a bit of a boost, we are here to equip you with the tools you need to build an extraordinary and successful performing arts business. A business that brings you joy, abundance and security. A business that can support your family. A business you look forward to going in to. A business that you’re not afraid to spend time away from. A business you LOVE. So, welcome to Dance Studio Excellence. We are excited to accompany you on your journey to business success. Join us, and other extraordinary dance studio owners, in our private Facebook group for regular discussions, resources and guidance. Let’s come together to achieve #BusinessFreedom!

By Stella Hui and Cam H Lynch