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State Of The Art show

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<p>Join host Ethan Appleby each week as he interviews leaders who are at the forefront of technology's role in the art world. Because tech is not only changing the way artists create, it's bringing radical change in the way all of us interact with art.</p><p><br></p>

By Vango Production

The Jessica Harlow Podcast show

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Have you ever found yourself observing someone's life -- they seem like they've got it all figured out -- &amp; catch yourself wondering: How does (s)he do it? This podcast, hosted by Jessica Harlow, will answer your questions about everything from social media, self-help, mindfulness &amp; meditation, relationships, and more. Want a specific question to be answered on the show? Send an email to with #howdoesshedoit in the subject line.

By Jessica Harlow

What We Do show

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"It isn't what we say or think that defines us, but WHAT WE DO". -Jane Austen The What We Do podcast is all about sharing stories of strong female leaders from entrepreneurs to agents of social change to tv personalities to hometown heroes making a difference in their community and beyond. Just like Jane says, it's what we do. So let's inspire women to be more, dream more, and DO more, together.

By Kira Kazantsev

Cooper &amp; Cary Have Words show

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Separated by the Atlantic Ocean, Barry Cooper and James Cary talk about culture, theology, the arts, the church, books and sometimes the weather. Well, they are British...

By James Cary &amp; Barry Cooper

Let's Make a Music! show

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Every week, Brian, Jonah, and Laura create a music based off of titles for songs that you send in. And every week, the song is a chart-topper.

By Let's Make a Music!

Norma Kamali Life show

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Fashion icon and wellness advocate Norma Kamali interviews engaging personalities from the worlds of fitness, health, beauty, fashion, entrepreneurship, and empowerment. From industry icons to the influencers of today, Norma's guests open up about their lives, motivations, must-haves, and memorable stories.

By Norma Kamali

Vinyl Cafe Stories from CBC Radio show

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CBC Radio presents the stories and misadventures of Dave, the owner of the "Vinyl Cafe", the world's smallest record store, where the motto is "We may not be big, but we're small." The show also features Dave's wife, Morley, their two children, Sam and Stephanie and assorted friends and neighbours.

By CBC Radio

Beauty and the Vlog: Marketing, Influence, YouTube, Instagram, Blogging, Entrepreneur, Social Media, Pinterest, Facebook, Fashion, Beauty show

Beauty and the Vlog: Marketing, Influence, YouTube, Instagram, Blogging, Entrepreneur, Social Media, Pinterest, Facebook, Fashion, BeautyJoin Now to Follow

Beauty and the Vlog is the first influencer marketing podcast dedicated to sharing the journeys of today's most popular beauty, fashion and lifestyle content creators and uncovering their secrets to online success. Hosted by sales and marketing expert and influencer Erika Vieira. Erika and her guests discuss what works and what doesn't when it comes to online influence. Erika dives deep with her guests and gets to know them on an even deeper level as they reveal insight into the exciting world of YouTube, online influence and blogging. Beauty and the Vlog is the first weekly interview series dedicated to revealing the keys to success as an online influencer and pulling back the curtain to reveal what really goes on behind the scenes. Topics range from YouTube, Instagram, Blogging, Pinterest, Facebook and much more. Tune in for motivational stories, an insider's look at what it takes to be a successful influencer, detailed strategy, technology tips and tricks and much more.

By Erika Vieira hosts the twice a week interview series, Beauty and the Vlog in which YouTube stars reveal Insights into the life of a YouTube blogger. Join Erika as she uncovers the secrets to online YouTube Vlogging success and what it takes to be a profes

The Airing of Grief show

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Recording &amp; compiling conversations about de/reconstruction, curating them by topic, and releasing them in episodes. Let’s stop having detached debates on social media and really talk.

By Derek Webb

Drips &amp; Draughts: The Cold Brew Coffee and Craft Beverage Podcast show

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The Drips &amp; Draughts Podcast is dedicated to the craft beverage industry and all markets that could potentially be serving craft beverages on draft. When most of us think "draft beverage", beer is the first thing that comes to mind. We're here to discuss the wide variety of craft beverages that can be served on draft. Whether that be beer, soda, tea, sparkling water, kombucha or coffee. There are many ways to make and serve craft beverages on draft and we're here to discuss them all. The craft beer industry is booming - Did you know that you can easily serve your favorite craft beer on draft at home? We'll discuss the equipment necessary to get a keg of your favorite craft beer pouring on draft in the comfort of your own home. The coffee industry is changing - Have you ever tried cold brewed coffee on draft? Coffee shops and restaurants all over the country are starting to serve cold brewed coffee on draft, and to take it even one step further, many shops are now serving "nitro coffee". Nitro coffee is cold brewed coffee that has been infused with nitrogen and is poured on draft out of a stout faucet. This process gives it the same rich, frothy, cascading pour that you’ve likely seen in a pint of Guinness. Want to learn how to take your coffee to the next level? We'll show you how! Want to learn how to make and serve naturally flavored sparkling water? We'll show you how. Whether you're a small business owner, a craft beverage lover or maybe just a tinkerer, there will be something for you on the Drips &amp; Draughts Podcast.

By Brendan Hanson / Brewhouse Brands