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Resonance FM: Everything show

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Every single Resonance FM show which has ever been released as a podcast.

By Resonance FM

Important Chinese Things with Jenny Zhu · Learn Chinese · ChinesePod · Qingwen show

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Important Chinese Things with Jenny Zhu is a free podcast from ChinesePod that helps you understand what's going on in China now and learn practical Chinese words and phrases to talk about those things.

By ChinesePod

Read Me Something You Love show

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People who love the written word read to me (Steve Wasserman) - with tea, biscuits, and vitalizing convo. Also via Skype. Channeling Deborah Treisman's The New Yorker Fiction and Curtis Fox's Poetry Foundation, podcasts but equally the Reader Organisation's "reading revolution": a deeply personal and person-centred way of engaging with literary texts. If you like what you hear, please get in touch and read me something YOU love (stevewasserman AT

By Steve Wasserman

Alisha Khan's Podcast show

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A place for learning Quran Online via Internet.

By Alisha Khan

7 jours sur la planète : vidéos show

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Chaque samedi, retrouvez 3 séquences de notre journal télévisé hebdomadaire, avec des exercices pour apprendre en autonomie et des activités pour stimuler les élèves.


Brunel University Podcast show

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Podcast for potential candidates for places on courses run by Brunel University.

By Brunel University &

EWTN show

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EWTN: Today's Homily - Sunday - 6/24/2012

By EWTN, Global Catholic Network

RTHK:Naked Cantonese show

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Cantonese Lesson:Sarah Passmore and Cecilie Gamst Berg


일빵빵 스토리가 있는 영어회화 show

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원어민과 실제 회화 하기 전에 미리 실제 회화 표현, 발음 요령, 듣기등을 대본을 통해 공부하는 강의입니다.(수십만원짜리 영어학원강의를 대신하겠습니다/*교재는 대형서점 홈피에서 (일빵빵)검색하시면 됩니다~감사합니다!


I Speak Hindi » Learn Hindi Daily Show show

I Speak Hindi » Learn Hindi Daily ShowJoin Now to Follow

Learn Hindi a little each day using the podcast. Visit to see the vocabulary that was covered, look up a word in the Hindi-English/English-Hindi dictionary, or find additional Hindi learning resources.