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I Speak Hindi » Learn Hindi Daily Show show

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Learn Hindi a little each day using the podcast. Visit to see the vocabulary that was covered, look up a word in the Hindi-English/English-Hindi dictionary, or find additional Hindi learning resources.


QuadCast podcast show

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Two different types of guys (Techie and Country guy) with the same sense of humor and a lifelong friendship. Each week they bring topics from the news, life and deep existential thoughts; while all the time tying to make each other laugh. Come and join the #QuadSquad every week, and sometimes twice

By QuadFather

Mississauga Independent Film Festival show

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The on-going videoBlogs of the Campagna Brothers, the directors of the Shocking New Western "Six Reasons Why" ( and the Founders of the Mississauga Independent Film Festival ( Pioneering what they call 'bare-knuckle' film making, Matt and Jeff are a two-man production team, writing, directing, shooting, editing, visual effects... you name it. On a zero dollar budget, their 93minute, 1080p HD feature film has already begun rattling the cages in Hollywood. This blog will detail the creation of "Six Reasons Why" from the earliest stages of location scouting, though pre-production, shooting and into editing, sound design and score. If you didn't know how to make a movie before this Blog, you will by the end.

By The Campagna Brothers

Master Spanish now! - Learning Spanish Fast show

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Our audio podcasts are aimed at advanced and intermediate Spanish learners. They cover a wide range of relevant, up-to-date topics so that you can understand Spanish-speaking culture as well as the language. We also think that we are truly unique for two reasons: 1. We speak in the most widely spoken Spanish - Latin American Spanish - and have a particular focus on Colombia. 2. We go one step further than your Spanish textbook - and include words that local people actually use. Based on work that we have done before, we know that if you listen to one of our 19-minute audio podcasts each day or each week, it will be a great help on your way to fluency!

By Learning Spanish Fast

Charge More Money by Darren Scott Monroe show

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The Charge More Money Podcast was created for consultant, coaches, and creative online business owner entrepreneurs who want to learn how to start selling high ticket programs, raising prices, price psychology, and pricing strategy. Darren Scott Monroe delivers new fresh podcasts every week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

By The Charge More Money Podcast by Darren Scott Monroe business, entrepreneurs, product creation, high ticket program, raise prices, price psychology, authority building, pricing strategy, high margin program show

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Simple, daily news casts for learners of English.

School Improvement Industry Week Online show

School Improvement Industry Week OnlineJoin Now to Follow

Web-enabled magazine for the marketplace created by No Child Left Behind

By Marc Dean Millot, editor

The Word Nerds Archive show

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A weekly podcast exploring slang, language change and the rude word of the week. New music by independent artists is played every week.

By Dave Shepherd, Howard Shepherd, Howard Chang

On The Wing show

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On The Wing is the audio magazine of birds and birding.

By David Dawson

guzen radio japan show

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3 Monkeys Radio, an informative Internet Talk Show letting you know what it's like to live, work and play in Japan. Unscripted and unplanned, we get on the mic and start talking. If you're interested in Japan or what it's like to live in another country, then this is the show for you. We offer a look into Japan that you don't often get from TV and travel books.

By Chaz