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Rich As A King show

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Find out how the critical thinking skills and strategic planning tools necessary for winning a game of chess can be applied to investing by listening to the Rich As A King podcast. Produced by Douglas Goldstein, CFP®, co-author of Rich As A King: How the Wisdom of Chess Can Make You a Grandmaster of Investing with world chess champion Grandmaster Susan Polgar, this podcast brings you a blend of chess moves and concepts, investing basics, tips on how to make money, and how to develop the analytical thinking skills, strategy, and tactics necessary for becoming a successful investor. You don’t need to be rich or know how to play chess to enjoy this podcast. Visit for more information.

By Douglas Goldstein CFP(R)

ChilePodcast show

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First Educatinal Podcast from Chile.````Dear friends:````As and old time dxer or short wave listener, that I have changed the SWL hobby Of International Radios on Short wave, (Dxing) by the Internet, I have the pleasure to let you know that as May 17, 2005, International Day of Communication, you can download and listen the First Podcasting Produced and poscasted from San Fernando Chile, to all Internet surfers of the world.````If you have time and are interested in listening this first program from San Fernando, you can visit my website, where you can download the MP3 file for a later listening on your PC or MP3 player. ````This is my site: ````I remain for your questions, comments and suggestions about my first program.````At the same time, I?ll be very thankful if you could send this mail to your Contacts, and distribute this news on your web site, in order to promote this new technology of communication.````Programme contents:````Both my wife and I are Christian Teachers and we would like to podcast poetry, Chilean music, the history of Dxing in Chile, Bible reading and greetings from listener.````My podcast are in Special Spanish because I want reach all the people on the internet that are interested in learning my mother tongue Spanish.````Also we would like to be in touch through this technology with fellow Spanish Teachers as a Second Language and their students of Spanish language.````Sincerely, and God Bless you all.`````` ``Carlos Toledo Verdugo``Primary School Teacher``Profesor de Educaci󮠇eneral Bᳩca``San Fernando - Sexta Region - Chile``

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Learn Japanese with our free Japanese lessons in podcast format. We use examples from anime and everyday conversation to teach you Japanese that is useful for everyday life. Hitomi-sensei is from Tokyo and will teach you to speak with the most common Japanese accent. If you're watching an anime now and want to know more about a word or phrase you've heard, post a comment or send us an email.

By Paul & Hitomi Griswold

French Voices Podcast | Learn French | Interviews with Native French Speakers | French Culture show

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French teacher Jessica interviews native speakers of French from around the world who share a bit of their life and passion. Learn French and boost your listening skills as you get the chance to follow a real conversation between native French people talking at normal speed AND customise your French learning experience. All interviews come with questions to test your comprehension, transcription and a list of specific French vocabulary available for free download at Get a slice of French culture! Where else would you meet in one same place a French yoga teacher based in Melbourne, a soap manufacturer from Provence, or a couple cycling around the world? Suitable for upper intermediate and advanced students of French.

By Jessica: Native French teacher, founder of French Your Way

French Your Way Podcast: Learn French with Jessica | French Grammar | French Vocabulary | French Expressions show

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I’m Jessica, a native French teacher from the Champagne region here to help you learn French and discover the French language. You may know me from the French Voices Podcast (a series of interviews in French for the more advanced learners). If you are curious about the French language, this podcast is for you. Expand your French vocabulary and improve your French grammar in a way that is both easy and memorable. How? By connecting bridges between French and English languages to make learning more efficient! Discover the origins of some French words and French expressions, examples of related words and get a new understanding of common mistakes made by students. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level in French. I have no doubt that you will learn from these mini French lessons. So, get on board and learn French with me! Join the community at Submit your own questions to

By Jessica: Native French teacher, founder of French Your Way

The Grower Radio Network show

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Tune in to the Grower Radio Network to hear the latest production tips, sales & marketing strategies, and business management advice. Our exclusive interviews with industry experts will give you the tools necessary to boost your bottom line. Subscribe to our podcasts and listen in the car, on the tractor or during production and management meetings.

By GIE Media’s Horticulture Group

The Awesomeness Show with Justin Stratton show

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The Awesomeness Show is the kick-ass podcast to inspire, motivate and educate you to create YOUR most awesome life! Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday you will hear stories of change, struggle, transition, failure and success. You will be inspired, educated and empowered to take action. Join Justin Stratton as he talks with incredible people who are doing fantastic things with their lives. Each episode contains tools, tips & actions you can implement today. You will hear their challenges, "AH-HA" moments, powerful resources and action steps you can take to increase YOUR awesomeness! The Awesomeness Show is THE resource for anyone seeking to live a truly awesome life.

By Coach for Creative Leaders, Justin Stratton interviews Amanda Wheeler, Shawn Manaher, Marc Mawhinney, Rob Fortier, Mo Brady, Harold Gibbons, and Christian Sineath about careers, fitness, leadership, business, & how to create your most awesome life!

Learn Argentinian show

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Are you ready to take your Spanish to the next level? Do you want to learn all about Argentina? This podcast provides Spanish listening comprehension practice on a wide range of topics related to Argentina.

By Learn Argentinian

The Susanna Hutcheson Power Marketing Show show

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Dynamic advertising and marketing tips and advice from the creative director of Power Communications, Susanna Hutcheson. This is a weekly show. It runs various lengths but always under 20 minutes. There will sometimes be expert guests. Each show is based around one main marketing theme and designed to help you make money in your advertising and marketing programs.

By Susanna K. Hutcheson

Makeshift Stories show

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Makeshift Stories explores, space, time, alternate realities, and the near future in an ever expanding fantasy and SF universe. Each episode we bring to life a somewhat random collection of characters in clean family friendly adventures for all ages.

By Makeshift Stories