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7 jours sur la planète : vidéos show

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Chaque samedi, retrouvez 3 séquences de notre journal télévisé hebdomadaire, avec des exercices pour apprendre en autonomie et des activités pour stimuler les élèves.


Resonance FM: Everything show

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Every single Resonance FM show which has ever been released as a podcast.

By Resonance FM

Practical NLP Podcast show

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NLP demystified for personal development and business success! English NLP trainer Andy Smith shares with you useful tips and principles from NLP that you can use to get clear on what you really want, accelerate your success, and be more effective in your work, life, and relationships.

By Andy Smith

Real Life Spanish Immersion show

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Spanish Language Immersion from and for Real Life

By Real Life Spanish Immersion

chad smith's Podcast show

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We are not just about Education. E-Talk covers different walks of life and develop conversation about life to spread positive information in a post-Katrina society..

By chad smith

Insights with Laura Powers show

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Angel Communicator, Clairvoyant, and Medium Laura Powers shares information she has learned through her gifts and her work about angels, fairies, ghosts, spirits, the after-life, and more. Each episode discusses a specific topic for quick and easy learning and watching.

By Laura Powers

(((☼~LIVING HERO~☼))) show

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Multidisciplinary conversations with contemporary thought leaders: scientists, artists, psychologists, authors, analysts, contemplatives and innovators contributing to a saner, healthier world.

By Jari Chevalier

Finding Your Voice for Life Direction show

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We all want to be more, earn more, and contribute more; but somewhere along the way, we get hung up, asking ourselves questions like - what’s special about me, can I really make a difference, and what do I do next? Life coaches Joel and Dr. Pei bring inspiring stories, fresh ideas, and practical steps for your life’s journey. Get in touch with who you really are, what excites you, and what you stand for - learn to believe in yourself again, so you can live the life for which you are destined.

By Be more, earn more, and contribute more (By Joel Boggess and Dr. Pei)

PodBrewers.Net show

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Did someone say BEER?

By PodBrewers.Net

Zapp! English Colloquial (English version) show

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Learn *Real Colloquial English* with Zapp! English Colloquial classes! This free audio podcast by contains real unscripted English conversations with native speakers, and interactive audio classes including English pronunciation practice. Each podcast comes with its own eBook which you can download at We charge a small amount for the eBooks as this allows us to continue publishing the audio for free. The eBooks contain: A full transcript of the English conversations and audio class; A glossary containing Spanish definitions of the English colloquial expressions; Additional practice exercises. We hope you enjoy the podcasts! Tom & Katie