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Hell Is For Hyphenates show

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Rochelle Siemienowicz and Lee Zachariah are joined by special guests to talk about a filmmaker they love or admire. Writers, directors, producers, actors, film critics, comedians, authors and journalists stop by to look at this month's new releases, debate contentious topical movie news, and talk about the filmmakers who most influenced them.

By Sophie Mayer, Paul Anthony Nelson, Rochelle Siemienowicz & Lee Zachariah

The LEFT Show show

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"The Left Show, a weekly self-produced podcast that takes the piss out of conservative politics, local and national, with equal parts vitriol and comedy, making for an hour-plus radio show (complete with swear jar) somewhere between The Daily Show and Real Time With Bill Maher." - SL City Weekly

By World's Greatest Podcast Network

Nightlock: A Hunger Games Podcast show

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A podcast discussing all things Hunger Games including news, fanfiction, music, the movie, chapter analysis as well as fun games. Join us for our discussion ranging from hilarious to serious.

By Echo Studio

Meet the GIMP show

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The GIMP is a image manipulation program. It is free (as in speech and in beer), it is open source and it runs on Linux (and other Unixes), Windows and MacOS. It can do nearly all the stuff you can do with Adobe® Photoshop® and more than a lot of other programs. I'll show you in this screencast how to use it for postprocessing digital camera images. There will be a new episode each thursday (european) night.

By Rolf Steinort

The Curtis and Tara Show show

The Curtis and Tara ShowJoin Now to Follow

It's a Podcast about Geeky stuff and the Apocalypse mostly...Subscribe for FREE on iTunes.

By Curtis Carey and Tara Audibert

Legends of the Batman show

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He's the Dark Knight... the Caped Crusader... the Masked Manhunter... he is The Batman. And our mission is to cover his adventures, one month at a time, starting at the beginning.

By Michael Kaiser and Michael Bradley

Ten-Minute Vegan show

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The Ten Minute vegan project started when I’d heard enough times that the reason folks didn’t eat more mindfully at home was because it was so much faster and easier to grab something “fast” and “easy” from somewhere else. Simply put, this isn’t true. Yes, you can spend hours cooking but if you goal is fast, easy and sinfully delicious, you can get healthy and cruelty-free food under ten minutes of active work. Some of my recipes take longer than 10 minutes to put on the table, but nearly all of them require 10 or fewer minutes of preparation. Here’s to healthy, cruelty-free eating!

By Seth Webster

Shutters Inc show

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The world’s best-loved photography podcast

By Bruce Williams show

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The best (and sometimes worst) television idents, and on-air design from Australia and around the world. Featuring work from the ABC, SBS, BBC, Channel 4, MTV and various European and International television networks and design houses.

By John Beohm

Twilight Saga Podcast - Twilight - New Moon - Eclipse - Breaking Dawn show

Twilight Saga Podcast - Twilight - New Moon - Eclipse - Breaking DawnJoin Now to Follow

Stephane was first introduced to the Twilight Saga back in Spring of 2009 when she saw the first movie, Twilight. While on Spring Break holiday, Stephanie borrowed all the books from her sister and ended up reading all four of them within five days. She was hooked and has read the complete series a total of six times. In November of 2009, Cliff decided to read the series along with her to find out what she found so fascinating about this story. Cliff was shocked to find that he really enjoyed the story as well and they decided that they would podcast about each of the books chapter by chapter. The podcast also includes their reviews of each of the movies in the Twilight Saga as well as a review of the novella “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.” If you like this podcast, you may also like the Hunger Games Fan Podcast at

By Cliff J. Ravenscraft