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Inflexiones show

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Inflexiones son las líneas de las montañas en el horizonte. Inflexiones son los perfiles de las nubes indecisas en el cielo. Inflexiones son las intenciones una vía de tren que quiere ir a otro lugar Inflexiones significan cambios. Cambios en nuestros hábitos, en todo lo que nos queda por hacer, cambios en nuestro pensamiento. Quiero que una inflexión sea algo más que un cambio en el tono de la voz para decir algo. Quiero que sea algo más que una reflexión. Más que un sonido, quizá un pensamiento que deshace la maleta y se queda en ti. Inflexiones, son algo más que palabras. ¿me acompañas?

By Isaac Baltanas

Living on Purpose show

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The Corpus Hermeticum, one of the most ancient books on Consciousness states "The All is Mind," meaning that everything begins and ends in the mind. The way that we perceive reality and process information within our consciousness can mean the difference between barely living and living life on purpose. Listen in each week to discover principles you can apply from psychology and ancient wisdom that will help you make the switch from barely living to living a life on purpose. "Like" Jesse Herriott on Facebook and join the discussion. The ideas and opinions expressed on this program do not necessarily reflect the teachings of Unity. Unity respects a wide range of spiritual thoughts and beliefs, as reflected in the diverse range of subjects presented on Unity Online Radio.


Marriage Series - show

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The latest podcast feed searching 'Marriage Series' on

By Marriage Series

Next Level Church - Video Podcast show

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Here you will find video messages from the Sunday Services at Next Level Church, Fort Myers Florida. These messages will challenge and inspire you to "Take Your Life to the Next Level!" For more information on the church, or to find other resources, check out!

By Fort Myers, Florida

Church Without Religion show

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Pastor and bestselling author Andrew Farley's weekly messages from Church Without Religion in Lubbock, Texas.

By Dr. Andrew Farley

Dick Bernal show

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Welcome to the Jubilee Christian Center podcast with Senior Pastor Dick Bernal.  Subscribe to Pastor Dick's weekly sermons and stay up to date on his inspiring and relevant messages.

By Dick Bernal

Christian Meets World show

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Christian Meets World is a podcast that looks at how Christianity interfaces with the everyday. We all know about God, Jesus and the Bible, but how does that translate into action in the everyday? Is there a Christian approach to how to vote in elections? How does a Christian deal with questions like abortion and euthanasia? Is there a Christian postion on taxation or economic policy? How should Christians deal with aspects of secular culture? Jason Rennie sets out to explore all these sorts of questions in Christian Meets World, looking into areas of economics, ethics, philosophy, history, apologetics, and anything else that seems to fit.

By Network

Calvary Chapel Pasadena Podcast show

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Pastor Xavier Ries' weekly Bible studies, taught at Calvary Chapel Pasadena, can be heard on the Calvary Chapel Pasadena Podcast. Our desire is that these podcast messages may be a supplement to your spiritual growth. We pray that these messages may be of the greatest benefit to your life, in the transforming process of God's Holy Spirit, to the glory of God.

By Xavier Ries

LeTourneau University Chapel Audio show

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Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, LeTourneau students are treated to a time of community and worship with a different speaker each week.

By LeTourneau University

Podcast show

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Welcome to the audio podcast series from Jubilee Christian Center in San Jose, California. Catch up on the latest sermons from Senior Pastor Dick Bernal, Pastor Adam Bernal, and other Jubilee pastors and guests. Enjoy the teachings and plan to visit Jubilee in person or at

By Jubilee Christian Center