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Activate Your Hustle & Faith with Kachelle Kelly show

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Welcome to the weekly podcast with Kachelle Kelly, a Small Business & Empowerment Coach from Houston, Texas. Enjoy life and business tips plus empowerment to increase your success and spirit. Encouraging you to go after your dreams by eliminating distractions and adopting healthy hustle and unwavering faith to be successful!

By Kachelle Kelly

Chat With Dr. Pat show

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Come listen in on a Chat with Dr. Pat. Diverse chats that deal with the realities of life. Reality that you can understand. Listen and get caring help to overcome the challenges of life that we all face. Listen to Dr. Pat discuss outreach to women, children, family.. the nations. Learn ways that you can help reach the Nations right from your very own home. Visit her today at

By Producer: Timothy Jones

College Wesleyan Church Podcast show

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Messages presented in CWC's podcast are aimed at providing a sound Scriptural and Theological insight while providing personal and practical application for people of any background or denomination who are seeking a new level of Biblical teaching

By Rev. Steve DeNeff

The Christian Car Guy Radio Show show

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The Christian Car Guy| Saturdays at 10 am ET Automotive advice not by the Black Book, not by the Blue Book, but God’s Book – The Bible. Get easy-to-understand advice relating to all your car needs from the Christian Car Guy, Robby Dilmore. From creaks to leaks, purchase or lease, the Christian Car Guy is your source for Biblical-based advice on all your automotive questions.

By Robby Dillmore

Mr. Suave » Mr.Suave show

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Mr. Avelardo Lopez, presents, his 'Mr.Suave' Podcast. A show where he talks about topics aimed at enhancing life. And many multiple perspectives on life.

By Mr. Avelardo Lopez - Mr. Suave

Open Eyes show

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We focus on the truth in this show. We seek out the truth, no matter where it may be found, and no matter the subject. No subject is taboo here. We cover everything that you can think of. Whether it is paranormal in nature or more mundane, aliens and cryptozoology, governmental conspiracies and their lies, as well as the lies that the dark masters that seek to rule us all tell us. Ghosts, alternative health, conspiracies in religion, hidden history, symbols and symbolism, karma and the universal consciousness, new age and psychics, no subject is too strange for us. Through it all, we keep our eyes open and our minds open, but not so much that our brains fall out. There will be guests often, as well as your own input guiding the show. This show is, after all, for YOU. Most of all, it is all done with no fear in mind. Fear is how we are ruled. Truth is how we are set free. The fact is, humans have been lied to about who we are and about our history all along, and we aim to shine a light on it all. You're invited along for the ride!

By Open Eyes Network

Da Scrappy Chihuahua Reborn (mp3) show

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A former mafia dogfather who only wanted a little respect, found Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and is now learning to do things entirely different than he has ever known... plus a few Refracted Hairy Tails for fun.

By Da Scrappy Chihuahua Podcast

MackCity Limits. show

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Ghetto politics, Street Knowledge and Mack Tactiks discourse for the Masses.

By FatMack XXXL

Bible Thumping Wingnut show

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Podcast by Bible Thumping Wingnut

By Bible Thumping Wingnut

Fellowship of Love Church show

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At The Fellowship of Love Church we want to be the light in the community that attracts ALL people. We want to help meet the needs of people, introduce them to Christ, then spiritually mature them to go out and win others for the Kingdom. Our Vision is to proclaim, disciple, serve, and love! Pastor Lorenzo C. Ewing First Lady Kandice Ewing

By Paul Boudreau JPK Services