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The Fibre Muse Podcast show

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Join Fibre Muses Frenchie, Claire and Chelsea for bi-monthly discussions about our passion and love for fiber. We’re on a mission to start a movement. We believe that our art and work as knitters can make a difference. More than ever, this craft, which forces us to slow down and breathe for just a moment, is needed in our society of instant gratification and go-go-go. Knitting is not just a hobby, but a form of art. It is a powerful medium of bringing more joy, healing, creativity, and connection into our lives… one stitch at a time. Through intentional creation, we are capable of transformative impact. Knitting is magical and powerful. Come join us as we examine how our passion for knitting can make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

By Francoise Danoy

Hairbrained Conversations show

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A weekly podcast that takes a deep dive into the minds of some of the most talented artists, educators, influencers, and leaders in the professional salon industry. Hosted by Gordon Miller, ceo and self-proclaimed social media evangelist.

By Hairbrained

Office Hours with College Fashionista show

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<p>The only Office Hours you will actually want to attend. In each episode, college fashionista's Founder, Amy Levin, chats with inspiring fashion and beauty insiders about the industry, career paths and what they have learned along the way. Listeners can expect to gain invaluable insight and inspiration on furthering their own careers while getting access to conversations you won't hear anywhere else. Get ready to get schooled in style (and learn a thing or two in the process)!</p>

By CollegeFashionista

TheoFit Podcast show

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TheoFit makes it as simple and easy as possible to get extremely fit. A successful fitness program will bridge the gap between the knowledge of diet and exercise and the skill of discipline. The TheoFit podcast gives overwhelmingly reasonable tactics to build discipline, mental strength, and the body you've always wanted.

By Paul Maxwell

The Jessica Harlow Podcast show

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Have you ever found yourself observing someone's life -- they seem like they've got it all figured out -- &amp; catch yourself wondering: How does (s)he do it? This podcast, hosted by Jessica Harlow, will answer your questions about everything from social media, self-help, mindfulness &amp; meditation, relationships, and more. Want a specific question to be answered on the show? Send an email to with #howdoesshedoit in the subject line.

By Jessica Harlow

What We Do show

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"It isn't what we say or think that defines us, but WHAT WE DO". -Jane Austen The What We Do podcast is all about sharing stories of strong female leaders from entrepreneurs to agents of social change to tv personalities to hometown heroes making a difference in their community and beyond. Just like Jane says, it's what we do. So let's inspire women to be more, dream more, and DO more, together.

By Kira Kazantsev

Norma Kamali Life show

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Fashion icon and wellness advocate Norma Kamali interviews engaging personalities from the worlds of fitness, health, beauty, fashion, entrepreneurship, and empowerment. From industry icons to the influencers of today, Norma's guests open up about their lives, motivations, must-haves, and memorable stories.

By Norma Kamali

Beauty and the Vlog: Marketing, Influence, YouTube, Instagram, Blogging, Entrepreneur, Social Media, Pinterest, Facebook, Fashion, Beauty show

Beauty and the Vlog: Marketing, Influence, YouTube, Instagram, Blogging, Entrepreneur, Social Media, Pinterest, Facebook, Fashion, BeautyJoin Now to Follow

Beauty and the Vlog is the first influencer marketing podcast dedicated to sharing the journeys of today's most popular beauty, fashion and lifestyle content creators and uncovering their secrets to online success. Hosted by sales and marketing expert and influencer Erika Vieira. Erika and her guests discuss what works and what doesn't when it comes to online influence. Erika dives deep with her guests and gets to know them on an even deeper level as they reveal insight into the exciting world of YouTube, online influence and blogging. Beauty and the Vlog is the first weekly interview series dedicated to revealing the keys to success as an online influencer and pulling back the curtain to reveal what really goes on behind the scenes. Topics range from YouTube, Instagram, Blogging, Pinterest, Facebook and much more. Tune in for motivational stories, an insider's look at what it takes to be a successful influencer, detailed strategy, technology tips and tricks and much more.

By Erika Vieira hosts the twice a week interview series, Beauty and the Vlog in which YouTube stars reveal Insights into the life of a YouTube blogger. Join Erika as she uncovers the secrets to online YouTube Vlogging success and what it takes to be a profes

Fashion Is Your Business - a retail technology podcast show

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Fashion Is Your Business is a weekly show about FASHIONTECH, the intersection of fashion business and fashion technology. The podcast is produced through MouthMedia Network. The hosts are entrepreneurial strategist Rob Sanchez, leading fashion technology consultant Pavan Bahl, and creative entrepreneur Marc Raco. Guests include the world's foremost fashion technology pioneers, discussing textiles to retail and everything in between, it covers business news from startups to conglomerates, and the show has a fun and accessible morning radio vibe.

By MouthMedia Network

Swinging Through The Sixties show

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A pop-culture podcast focusing on the music, films, TV shows and socio-political events of an unforgettable decade. Hosted by Erik Taros and Richard Buskin.

By Richard Buskin &amp; Erik Taros