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The Cinnamon Bear show

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Start a new family's tradition this year with The Cinnamon Bear! This old time radio classic was originally broadcast in 1937 across Portland's airwaves. Children gathered nightly beginning at Thanksgiving until Christmas. Now you can, too! Join Judy and Jimmy through the enchanted world of Maybeland to recover their missing Silver Star that belongs on their Christmas tree. Helping on the search is the Cinnamon Bear, a stuffed bear with shoe-button eyes and a green ribbon around his neck. They meet other memorable characters during their quest, including the Crazy Quilt Dragon (who repeatedly tries to take the star for himself), the Wintergreen Witch, Fe Fo the Giant and Santa Claus.

By Glanville Heisch

The PROJcast show

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A production of The 52nd Street Project, a non-profit arts education organization working with the children (ages 9 - 18) in Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan. The Project brings kids together with adult artists to create original work for the theater. The PROJcast offers a behind-the-scenes view of the work of the Project as the kids create and explore theater as well as other art forms, such as song, dance, poetry, film, and more. Long term-mentoring relationships form the basis of much of the Project’s work, and these episodes will feature reporting, stories, performances and interviews with kids and adults.

By The 52nd Street Project

Dan Brophy's Quit Your Day Job show

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A podcast for frustrated creatives.

By Dan Brophy

The Evening Jones with Bomani Jones show

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Bomani Jones - Media & Sports Personality

By The Evening Jones with Bomani Jones

State Of The Art show

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<p>Join host Ethan Appleby each week as he interviews leaders who are at the forefront of technology's role in the art world. Because tech is not only changing the way artists create, it's bringing radical change in the way all of us interact with art.</p><p><br></p>

By Vango Production

The Jessica Harlow Podcast show

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Have you ever found yourself observing someone's life -- they seem like they've got it all figured out -- &amp; catch yourself wondering: How does (s)he do it? This podcast, hosted by Jessica Harlow, will answer your questions about everything from social media, self-help, mindfulness &amp; meditation, relationships, and more. Want a specific question to be answered on the show? Send an email to with #howdoesshedoit in the subject line.

By Jessica Harlow

What We Do show

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"It isn't what we say or think that defines us, but WHAT WE DO". -Jane Austen The What We Do podcast is all about sharing stories of strong female leaders from entrepreneurs to agents of social change to tv personalities to hometown heroes making a difference in their community and beyond. Just like Jane says, it's what we do. So let's inspire women to be more, dream more, and DO more, together.

By Kira Kazantsev

Cooper &amp; Cary Have Words show

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Separated by the Atlantic Ocean, Barry Cooper and James Cary talk about culture, theology, the arts, the church, books and sometimes the weather. Well, they are British...

By James Cary &amp; Barry Cooper

Let's Make a Music! show

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Every week, Brian, Jonah, and Laura create a music based off of titles for songs that you send in. And every week, the song is a chart-topper.

By Let's Make a Music!

Norma Kamali Life show

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Fashion icon and wellness advocate Norma Kamali interviews engaging personalities from the worlds of fitness, health, beauty, fashion, entrepreneurship, and empowerment. From industry icons to the influencers of today, Norma's guests open up about their lives, motivations, must-haves, and memorable stories.

By Norma Kamali