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From a Basement in Tulsa show

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Jason Ferguson and friends. Stuff and things. #Dang Hello, I'm Jason Ferguson and this is a glimpse into my life From my basement in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I will be hanging out with friends, musicians, comedians, and plenty of cool people stopping by or living in Tulsa. Thanks for your download!

By Jason Ferguson

Not Another Podcast? show

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2 Guys, 1 Show... Endless Possibilities! Follow us on: WEB TWITTER FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM

By Bill McKenna

Dicks N' Cider Show show

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“Come Join Our Circle Jerk Of A Conversation!” The Dicks N’ Cider Show is a podcast where two brothers (Allen & Shawn), their nephew (Adam), get together once a week for a circle jerk of a conversation. The conversations vary from the week’s misadventures, movies, music, sex, drugs, work, politics, relationships, and the downfall of sinciety. During this conversation we bring a few periodicals, jokes, and weird news. Each individual has a part to bring to the show. Allen, aka “Ice”, is the oldest of the three. He brings weekly top ten topics to talk about, Weird Laws from around the globe, as well as a few Fun Facts. His explosive way of expressing himself can get pretty loud and combative. Shawn, aka “Six”, is Allen’s youngest brother, who has a very sharp tongue for comedy. While bringing some comical periodicals to discuss, he puts a twist on the card game "Cards Against Humanity" Which he calls "Dicks Against Humanity". He also does Neuron Napalm, a trivia game that makes fools out of everyone playing. Sometimes he also takes time to make musical parodies that they call Six’s Lamb Poons that brings laughs out of all of us. Adam, aka “Erv”, is the first nephew of both Allen and Shawn. With only three years between Adam and Shawn, they are more like brothers. Adam is the “Tech Guy” who is over sexed and always learning as he goes. He brings Erv's Mind Jack. A question that makes everyone think way too hard. Erv has a very different idea for how everything works, ideas that usually drive both Allen and Shawn nuts as he usually plays the Devil’s Advocate.

By Dicks N' Cider Show

The World of Phil Hendrie show

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Creative genius chock full of character, comedy and commentary — that's Phil Hendrie. Famous for concocting a cast of fictional characters, all of whom he plays on air while simultaneously serving as host of his national talk radio program, Hendrie actually started out as a disc jockey at WBJW 1440 AM in Winter Park, Fla., a suburb of Orlando. After 15 years working as a disc jockey at stations across the country, he realized he hated what he was doing. Moving to Los Angeles, Hendrie debuted in talk radio as a weekend host at KFI-AM 640.

By Phil Hendrie

The 31 With Brandt Tobler show

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Comedian Brandt Tobler spent countless hours crafting 31 of the most unconventional questions designed to go where no credible journalist would ever dare. Listen each week as he probes your favorite celebrities, comedians, rock stars, athletes, and other fascinating citizens of the world for the answers you never knew you wanted to hear. The questions are pretty good...... But the answers are always amazing!

By Brandt Tobler

The Process with Steve Treviño show

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Join Comedian Steve Treviño as he tours the country talking to other comedians, talent bookers, club owners, about the good times, the bad times, the laughs, the struggles, and the ongoing process of becoming a great standup comedian.

By Steve Trevino

The Paul Mecurio Show show

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Each week, comedian Paul Mecurio talks about his life, the world that he believes is out to get him and how he thinks he can change or beat that world (so far the score is World: 1,287, Paul: 0). Paul also interviews A-list celebrities, major newsmakers and the world's power brokers ... who are we kidding, he interviews whoever will talk to him.

By Paul Mecurio

The Gamut with Steve Belanger show

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A wide-ranging weekly show featuring an assortment of one-on-one interviews with celebrities, experts, writers, comedians and anyone else with a good story to share. Steve is the quintessential jack-of-all-trades, master of none. He has been a corporate executive, stand-up comedian, professional actor, author and stay-at-home dad. He has worked with Oscar-winners, written countless scripts and performed comedy on the country’s most celebrated stages. He also spends a lot of time changing diapers.

By Steve Belanger

The Comedy Mixtape show

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A daily audio podcast which showcases the best in stand up comedy. Hosted by a ragtag group of comedy nerds, The Comedy Mixtape is the modern day version of the video store’s staff pick shelf.

By Sideshow Network

The Bob Zany Show show

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Join legendary comedian Bob Zany and his co-host Erin O'Connor every week as they sits down with the biggest names in comedy. You can't get much better than this, Bay-Bee!!

By Bob Zany & Erin O'Connor