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LongDistance Podcast show

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He’s a computer science student at Brown University. She’s a cheerleader at SUNY Stony Brook University. High school sweethearts of four years starting the next chapters of their lives in different cities, Ryan and Danielle discuss everything from technology, to college life, to Disney Parks, and more.

By Ryan Hecht & Danielle Berger

The FWOT Show show

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All the news you need to know, and probably some you don't. All in about 10-minutes. Need something to educate you and cheer you up at the same time. That's what I'm here for. When the show is done, you will know more and probably even have a smile on your face! Trust me. It's something you'll want to share with your friends!

By Rob Steele

The Minutes with Mel and Patience show

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Comedian Mel Buttle and Patience from The Grates talk about life and make each other giggle.

By Mel Buttle & Patience Hodgson

Drunken Movie Mashups! - Who Spiked The Puns? show

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Three similar guys, take two disparate films, and douse them in good drinks & bad jokes.

By Who Spiked The Puns?

The Pod Delusion show

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The Pod Delusion is a weekly news magazine podcast about interesting things. From politics, to science to culture and philosophy, it's commentary from a secular, rationalist, skeptical, somewhat lefty-liberal, sort of perspective.

By James O'Malley

CatFish Show show

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A "more than once a week" short talk show about Cat and her life around her. A Canadian perspective from a SAHM and her husband, discussing just about anything!! Cute, sweet and funny.

By Cat

Hippojuice show

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This is an explicit yet hilarious comedy podcast. Topics usually focus around pop culture, movies, TV, video games, actors, comics, and anything else geeky or nerdy. We do phone interviews with celebrities and visual stunt gags (there is a live version you can watch and chat with us on Wednesday nights from 7-9pm EST). Nothing is off limit when it comes to jokes. We ponder the things you've always been thinking about.

By Hippojuice

El Podcast De Luis Castilla show

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Humor, política y análisis de fenómenos sociales contemporáneos que fundamentalmente afectan nuestra vida cotidiana

By Luis Castilla

The Brothers Streep Podcast show

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The official podcast of South African acoustic comedy duo, The Brothers Streep.

The Young Turks Video Podcast show

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The Young Turks is an edgy, funny, and informative talk show, which includes topics ranging from politics to pop culture. Whether you need an update on current events, or just a quick laugh, the Daily TYT Video Podcast will always give you just what you're looking for, and keep you entertained. Catch the live show Monday through Friday, 7-10 ET on *Winner 2009 Best Politics Podcast Award **Winner 2009 Mashable Open Web Award for Best Political News Site

By The Young Turks