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Bizarre stream-of-consciousness industrial comedy music, voicemail art, stuff from Negativland, and other such fun. From Phineas Narco, Ronald Redball, Alexander T. Newport and others! In .mov format.

By National Cynical Network

Toe on the Trigger Clips show

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Toe on the Trigger (TotT) is a collaboration of three friends who try to find the humor in some of the more tragic points in this world. A perfect cocktail: One part morbid, two parts cynical, but fully flavored with good-intentioned laughter. TotT is an attempt to question societal norms and to make those who feel ostracized by their “deviant” beliefs feel warm and safe in this fucked up world. They gather personal experience from odd circumstances they find themselves in, as well as events that have happened throughout the world. No matter what the event, there is comedic value in it. There’s Daniel, the boistrous one, who always has something to say – whether he’s right or wrong. Most of his life revolves around sex and root beer. He’s been accused many times of being an insufferable asshole, and I would like to think he embraces that and wears it proudly like stuffed head in a hunter’s cabin. He goes on wild tangents about politics or points out the pointless sensitivities of societies. He’s kind of a jackass. Mike is a bit more rational, he has his opinions and expresses them; but he’ll actually form an opinion based on fact unlike his neurotic co-hosts. He might be seen as the balance at times. He’s very dark though, deriving most of his comedy and personal experiences from pretty morbid places in his mind. He enjoys candle-lit dinners, long walks on the beach, and long jack off sessions with bald, centaur amputee porn.tottlogo2000blk And then there’s Nugget, or Heather if you prefer her slave name. What can be said about Nugget? Her ass looks nice in jeans. She’s also the loving yet irritating of the crew. She is always quick to chime in and can often be seen with a confused look on her face as Mike and Daniel give visible and auditory signs of disapproval. It’s not quite known why the powers that be allowed these three to get together in one time and place; or better yet, why they were allowed to talk into open microphones. Their friendship spans the course of over four years. They have seen eachother through times both happy and sad; comedic and tragic. They have supported each other and had the courage to tell the other they were being fuckin’ idiots. They have gathered together to share with you their opinions and their “feelings” – yeah, feelings, who would’ve thought – about the world around them. ‘Cause let’s face it, no one should keep that shit inside. One day Mike got a brilliant idea “Hey, we should start a podcast!” and the idea has since spiraled out of control. The goal of TotT is to both let out their thoughts on things and to gather an audience of people who are just sick enough to laugh at their weird senses of humor. TotT contains many movie references, song lyrics (mostly from Daniel) and a lot of very insensitive opinions.

By TotTP

Toe on the Trigger show

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Toe on the Trigger is a podcast dedicated to giving you the permission to laugh at anyone for any reason. We know that no matter how bad the situation, you can laugh at it, just don't let anyone know you laughed . . .

By Toe on the Trigger Podcast

Sofa King Podcast show

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The Sofa King podcast is a weekly show dedicated to popular culture, recent events, and whatever topics the hosts find interesting. From conspiracy theories and technology to the mass media and the future, this show explores two major issues per week in way that is simultaneously informative, critical, and humorous. The hosts have big ideas, big opinions, big mouths, and give their take on weekly topics in a way that is both cynical and educational. By the end of each episode, this show will make you stand up, open a window, and scream to the world with lungs full of vigorous air: Sofa King…Awesome! Adult content, themes, and language.

By Sofa King Podcast

SmartNFunny Podcast show

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Sports with a humorous twist - 50% sports, 50% comedy, 10% whatever the hell we want to talk about - that's right we give you 110% every time we step up to the mic!!

By SmartNFunny

The Beech Boys show

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Come debate with a group of friends as they sit at a roundtable with an unfiltered view of trending topics that are sure to keep you intrigued. The Beech Boys! Come join the fun now! Subscribe on iTunes here: If you want to suggest a topic or just to talk to us, you can leave us a comment here:

By Marc iLL

The Absurd Podcast show

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The Absurd Podcast is hosted by writer and comedian Sir Chase Hooper, who discusses the tough issues like which celebrities look like rodents and whose farts smell like vegetables. New every Monday.

By Sir Chase Hooper

The Eric Paul Johnson Radiotrola Program show

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Eric tells stories, and has fun. A new show every Friday.

By Eric Paul Johnson

Radio Rebooted show

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Radio Rebooted is an online talk/variety show hosted by Ryan Maloney, each episode featuring a different guest host in a friend, colleague, or celebrity. We drink, play games, and crack tasteless jokes, all inspired by the world around us – news, movies, pop culture, anything and everything. We pledge to provide as little valuable material as possible and contribute no enlightenment whatsoever to your day…just a good time.

By Ryan Maloney

The Whormones Podcast's show

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Want two completely different opinions on sex and life that (somehow) work into one great show? Awesome! The Whormones Podcast is hosted by comedians Alia Janine and Jaqi Furback. This dynamic odd couple dives into all the topics that are associated with their lady parts, and why people care so much. From feminism to porn, there is no subject left behind (no matter how hard Jaqi tries). The ladies want to show and teach you that the wildest whores can be modest, and the quiet mouses can be closet freaks, and it is all wonderful!

By Alia Janine and Jaqi Furback