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Bad Movie Night Podcast show

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An eclectic group of weirdos explore the vast cinema landscape of B movie horror and sci-fi Visit us at

By Bad Movie Night

snugglestorm's podcast show

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Snugglestorm is a weekly friendship advice podcast hosted by standup comedian Pete Lee. He is joined by his comedian friends and his psych nurse practitioner girlfriend, Jamie. They give listeners advice that ranges from comedic to clinical.

By Pete Lee

thismightgetweird's podcast show

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Grace and Mamrie talk nonsense, common sense and make jokes at their own expense all the while trying to provide you with 30+ minutes of your day you might not hate completely.

By Grace Helbig

The Brights show

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<p>They’re Essex’s liveliest family and now they’re inviting you to listen in to every aspect of their lives. Join Lydia Bright (star of TOWIE) and her sisters, brother, mum and dad for the real life low down from a family where life is lived at 11. A production from Somethin' Else and Insanity Group</p>

By Somethin' Else

Famous Monsters Podcast show

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The official podcast for Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine. Living up to our classic and nostalgic roots while staying current and ahead of the curve, every episode features entertaining genre pop-culture conversations and interviews with top artists, stars, and filmmakers. Horror. Sci-Fi. Fantasy. Fun! Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine is available to purchase at (

By Famous Monsters Podcast

				National Cynical Network Archives

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Bizarre stream-of-consciousness industrial comedy music, voicemail art, stuff from Negativland, and other such fun. From Phineas Narco, Ronald Redball, Alexander T. Newport and others! In .mov format.

By National Cynical Network

Podstafarians show

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Podstafarians is a comedy podcast by friends sitting in a dusty old garage, smoking a little Devils Cabbage and talking too much about subjects they know too little about. That mostly means we'll make fun of each other while talking about the latest in pop culture and whatever else our ADD &amp; THC fueled minds come up with.

By The Podstafarians

The Defy Life Podcast show

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The Defy Life Podcast is a contemporary lifestyle &amp; culture podcast covering sports, entertainment, current events and more! Hosts J.R. Glymph, Keyonne Small, Thomas Stephens, Alvin Glymph &amp; Gerald Hedrick deliver real talk on real life. The Defy Life Podcast airs Wednesdays at 8AM.

By Defy Life

The Villain Was Right show

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Comedians Craig Fay and Rebecca Reeds view Movies and TV from the villain's perspective and dare to ask if they were really all that bad. Podcast Produced by The From Superheroes Network.

By The From Superheroes Network

Time Bombs show

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Created, written, recorded, produced, and released in just one week, Time Bombs is a new audio drama podcast about the hilarious world of bomb disposal. From the team behind the Webby Award nominated sci-fi audio drama Wolf 359, ride along with EOD technician Simon Teller on the busiest night of the year for him and his team - when business is, quite literally, booming. Learn more at &amp; more about this and other creative experiments at

By Time Bombs