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This Past Life NYC show

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What began as a month living technologically in the 1950s in New York City evolved into webseries and now weekly podcast. In its third year, This Past Life NYC's Adventure to Civility is back exploring vintage radio advertisements, mid-century ideals, retro lifestyle challenges and interviews with long-standing mom-and-pop shops, storytellers and Makers in America. Created in the form of an old-fashioned radio broadcast and capturing a more polite life, I am pleased to bring to you this incarnation of This Past Life NYC's Adventure to Civility.

By This Past Life NYC

The History Bomb show

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Let us tell you a little something about history... each week Steve and Brian (and a Lonesome Guest) bring you an entertaining and educational look at a subject in history.

By The History Bomb

Christianity: The First 1000 Years show

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A series of classes about the first millennium of Christian history, as taught at Epic Church in Fullerton, CA.

By Epic Church / Michael Huang

The Daily Evolver show

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Tired of the same old left /right arguments? Want to throw your shoe at the shouting heads on cable news? Then join Jeff for a look at current events from an integral perspective. Each week he explores emerging trends in politics, economics, science and spirituality, all with an eye toward spotting the evolution and up-flow of human consciousness and culture.

By Jeff Salzman

Travel Hacking Podcast with Kevin Le: Travel Strategist | Lifestyle Design | Personal Development show

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The Travel Hacking Podcast with Kevin Le is a weekly show designed to empower you to travel smart, save money and see the world in style. Thing is, I didn't always travel. I don't come from wealth. But with a few mindful steps and a pocket full of dreams, I've been able to visit over 20 countries and 40 different cities around the world. I've stayed in 5 star hotels as well as couch surfed my way around. So what are you waiting for? Fasten your safety belt and tune in to the next episode! Each episode begins with our Spotlighted Destination segment, where I take you to the ground level about a major city that I know you'd want to visit. I then segway to our Travel Hacking Tip of the Moment, where I feature one easy to learn tip that will get you one step closer to saving money on your next travel destination. And I end the show with a featured guest, who will share their travel journey that will inspire you to grab your passport and get moving. Got a question about travel hacking? Feel free to personally message me. I'd be honored to help. #TravelHackingWithKevinLe

By Travel Hacking | Lifestyle Design | Careers | Inspiration | Personal Development | Self Help show

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Weekly Tao Meetings by Derek Lin and Bill Bunting

By Derek Lin, Bill Bunting - Podcast managed by William Murray

김어준의 KFC [AUDIO] show

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김어준 딴지일보 총수와 김보협, 송채경화 〈한겨레〉기자가 진행하는 시사 토크쇼.

By 한겨레TV

Black Man With A Gun Show |Urban Shooter | Kenn Blanchard show

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Rev. Kenn Blanchard has touched the world with his pro-gun variety show. He helps you “survive another week,” by sharing positive people, products, and news with the wit and humor of the gun rights activist known as the Black Man With A Gun®. Shalom Baby!

By Kenn Blanchard

The Great Education Struggle show

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A weekly podcast on America's education system from a Biblical Christian worldview.

By Trowel and Sword Enterprises, LLC.

Evergreen Wisdom - Create Your Ultimate Lifestyle show

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Matt Wolfe & Joe Fier are online entrepreneurs and success coaches. Through multiple online endeavors and being involved in several startup companies, the two have gained a lot of wisdom and an amazing network of very intelligent people. This podcast was create for 5 main reasons. 1) To help people understand why they are not farther along in business and in life. 2) To help others explore opportunities that are available to everyone through the stories of guest experts. 3) To help others understand that everything they want revolves around making and keeping commitments. 4) To teach others how to design their ultimate lifestyle. 5) To give action steps that anyone can take to achieve their business and life goals.

By Evergreen Profits