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the paradise paradox show

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We're two Australians living in Guadalajara, Mexico - a beautiful country with a bad reputation. That's the Paradise Paradox. We're knowledge soldiers, educating the masses, or at least asking uncommon questions.

By Aaron Battle & Kurt Robinson

Your Fifteen Mikes show

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"Why would I ever need Fifteen Mikes?" To speak to everyone listening. This podcast was designed to get to know you, the listener, better. What do you love? What do you hate? What do we all need to know? Tell me and the rest of the world. You've got Fifteen Mikes, for goodness sake's! Express yourself here. Talk is not cheap, folks. It's free.

By Alan Sledge

drkenchristian's podcast show

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Making change can be difficult. If you’ve ever changed your mind at the cusp of taking a new project, or assignment, you get what I’m talking about. It can be bewildering. My job is to break down barriers that keep high achievers like you from making the most of their talent and opportunities. I can help you get back on task, with passion, creativity and purpose. I not only steer you past stalemate, but also get you reengaged in a stronger way. As a result, you achieve more with less struggle and stress. This not a quick fix. It’s permanent shift to a new level of mastery. You gain new boldness, poise and nerve. With the right guidance, you avoid crash-and-burn scenarios completely. Drawing on 20 years’ experience, I’ve created a training process. It taps brain science and research on what forges lasting transformational change. To learn more go to

By Dr. Ken Christian

The Mental Overload Show show

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Your hosts Jay and Ace discuss random topics and put our ridiculous views and opinions out there for you to enjoy. Our goal is to bring fresh random topics, that you will never hear on any other show, and run your brain into Mental Overload. We are the crude branch of the family.


Burps Radio show

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This is a weekly podcast with Jeremy Boyd and Robyn Smith It's a conversation between two friends We talk about everything from spirituality, philosophy technology, politics and pop culture.

By Jeremy Boyd & Robyn Smith

The Middle show

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A little audio rowboat where Grant Burkhardt talks to creative people about their lives and other interesting and sometimes significant things

By Grant Burkhardt

She Does Podcast show

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SHE DOES podcast, hosted by Elaine Sheldon and Sarah Ginsburg, showcases conversations with women making their mark in media. Going beyond their current career status, we explore each woman's past to understand how their personality, background and philosophy informs their work. Writers, producers, directors, technologists, designers, cinematographers, animators, musicians, and journalists share their knowledge and personal stories every other Wednesday.

By Requisite Media

Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast  show

Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast Join Now to Follow

Thoughtful debate on politics in place of dueling talking points! Join Nanophysicist Mike Stopa, Immigration Attorney Marisa DeFranco and Radio Talk Host Todd Feinburg for compelling conversation that will make you smarter as they debate the big political issues of the week. Recorded Tuesday afternoons.

By Todd Feinburg, Marisa DeFranco, Mike Stopa

The Grace Gone Wild Podcast (The Grace Gone Wild Podcast) show

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Grace, everyone gets exposed! The Grace Gone Wild Podcast is dedicated to discussion without boundaries, with Methodist Pastors, Zeke Allen & Bill Sardin

By Zeke Allen and Bill Sardin

The Eternal Skunk Show show

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The Eternal Skunk Show is a podcast that tackles any and all topics. Nothing is off limits here. We discuss current events, sports, entertainment, politics, and everything in between. This show is not for the easily offended.

By The Eternal Skunk Show