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Soul of Innovation show

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On the "Soul of Innovation" podcast, I discuss how to innovate you. I tell intense personal stories and give advice through my own life experiences, success and failures. I truly hope you find my voice and opinions trustworthy and insightful. I'm proud of being overly passionate because I am really having fun and loving life. Thank you for using your valuable time to listen to me and my thoughts to help you. (Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer)

By Thomas F. Anglero

FoodGyaan with Beautifoooodie show

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Taking Food to another level. Know more about the origins of what we eat and how it binds us as a society in this audio journey through different cuisines

By Ananya

Road2Beauty - Our Favourite 2019 Fashion Trends show

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This is my first podcast, please have fun listening and give feedback :)

By Anshulika

Popkast with Garima show

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First interactive pop culture podcast. An unapologetic and badass show, where we talk the taboo, break the Stree-o-type and opine on everything. From everyday millennial drama to social norms, from 90’s music to all things woke. Hosted by self proclaimed know-it-all and expert of nothing, PopKast with Garima, will ensure that you get your weekly dose of sass and everything that your parents forgot to teach you about life!

By Garima Surana

Talk Truth with Mario Evon show

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Medical Doctor, TV Host and Reggae-Soul Singer/Songwriter, Mario Evon, takes you on a uniquely Jamaican journey through a non-conservative, honest space created to allow his truth, and the truth of others to set them free to grow, laugh, learn and prosper. From relationships, inspiration, sex and sexuality, to the ins and outs of entrepreneurship; In this space, we speak candidly about almost anything, with the intention to inspire, educate and entertain (‘Inspir-Edu-Tainment’), and create a fair and balanced space where your truth shall become your power. This is TALK TRUTH.

By Mario Evon

The Turnaround Is Real show

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My podcast is about survival, springing back, recovery and finding myself all over again. I hope my experiences will uplift many who are struggling. We will discuss about the rise of the Phoenix and how it's not a myth.

By A Walk Into The Woods


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This is my first podcast, please have fun listening and give feedback :)


Kahaniyan nai nai show

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This is my first podcast, please have fun listening and give feedback :)

By Sangeeta

Down to a sunless sea: memories of my dad show

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This podcast is about my dad, and me, and our relationship. It's also about death, old age, care, love, history, change, mental health, science, medicine, art, dementia and friendship. It brings together memoir, clips from over 10 years of recordings of my father, sound design, and interviews with experts. It takes you on a journey down to a sunless sea. This podcast includes content funded by the British Podcast Awards Fund and the Wellcome Trust.

By Dave Pickering

Range & Slope show

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Range & Slope is an audio journey through Colorado. It is a show best listened to on headphones on a snow-capped mountain peak, a wide-open prairie, or a dust-painted mesa. We represent Colorado brilliantly in sound, telling stories that shine a light on Colorado life. Each episode opens and closes with an intriguing soundprint from somewhere in the state. Episodes also feature an audio story creatively produced by one of the devoted audio storytellers who make up The Range and Slope Collective. Our members make immersive, engaging work in a collaborative, non-hierarchical atmosphere. Visit us at

By Range & Slope Collective