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Drinkin' With Lincoln show

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Drinkin’ with Lincoln is a new podcast from WNIJ Northern Public Radio that looks at Abraham Lincoln’s life, land and legacy through the eyes of the people who know him best: Lincoln presenters (commonly known as Lincoln impersonators, a term many Lincoln presenters avoid). Each episode, a Lincoln presenter joins host Clint Cargile as he explores sites significant (and sometimes not-so-significant) to Abraham Lincoln’s life in Illinois. Then Clint and his guest Lincoln find the nearest brewpub or brewery to quaff a beer (sometimes two) so we can get to know the man behind the beard: where he comes from, why he does what he does, what makes him Lincoln. Learn more at:

By Clint Cargile

Worst Firsts with Brittany Furlan show

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Brittany Furlan (American Meme/former Vine Star) has seen it all when it comes to dating and relationships. She has stories for days about the worst first dates and experiences she's had to endure. Each week she'll talk with her friends and guest as they share their own stories about their worst first experiences. These stories will make you ask how anyone finds love at all.

By Studio71

Maya's Collection of Love Stories and More show

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In this podcast I will reading love stories as told to others. I want to tell stories of all kinds of love, romantic, family, friends, pets, and more. If you have a love story you want me to read on my podcast feel free to email me at P.S Also feel free to look and listen to my other podcast Upcycling as Both Art and Function at Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By Maya Rodriguez

The Realness show

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When the rapper Prodigy suffered a sickle cell crisis after a Las Vegas concert in 2017, his friends didn’t think much of it at first: they were used to him getting sick. But a few days later, he died. The Realness goes behind Prodigy’s music to reveal his lifelong struggle against his own body, and how that struggle informed his lyrics and fueled his success. The Realness by Only Human is produced by WNYC Studios, a listener-supported producer of leading podcasts including Radiolab, Snap Judgment, Death, Sex &amp; Money, Nancy and On the Media.

By WNYC Studios

The Stickbow Chronicles show

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Traditional bowhunting has been our passion for several decades. In our journey we have met and continue to meet some amazing folks. Join us as we introduce you to these characters and share knowledge and hunting stories along the way.

By Rob Patuto

Unapparenthood: Millennial Parents, Actual Advice. show

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Two partners (in life, work, and parenthood) document their pregnancy journey after having a miscarriage. They dive deep into the world of being millennial entrepreneurs, mixed-race, and experiencing pregnancy loss while talking about the [pregnancy] fads like placenta encapsulation and cake smashing.They're trying to figure out how they'll survive the next phase of their life - parenthood.

By Aminah + Bryce

TOCradio's podcast show

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Military themed podcast with a Tactical level guest interview and a Senior Leader guest forum discussion. Topics will range as widely as our guests range in their experience. Co-hosts are LTC Matt Schoenfeldt and CPT Wyatt Harper. Contact us at

By Matt Schoenfeldt and Wyatt Harper

Chicks in the Office show

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<p>On “Chicks in the Office,” Ria and Fran discuss the biggest stories in pop culture. New celebrity relationships and breakups, TV show recaps, answering fan submitted questions and special celebrity guest interviews. Just two chicks keeping you informed and up to date on the hard hitting pop culture news you didn't know you needed. </p>

By Barstool Sports

The Opperman Report show

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Join Ed Opperman with expert guests and authors as they discuss true crime stories in the news, conspiracy theories, issues of social injustice and NWO resistance.

By The Opperman Report

Fashion in Threads show

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A weekly podcast for the responsible fashion lovers, conscious thinkers and creative entrepreneurs.

By Fashion in Threads