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The Trail Talk Podcast show

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The Trail Talk Podcast is the first podcast dedicated to adventuring with dogs. Join us as we blend passion for the outdoors with a love for dogs, all in order to educate and inspire our listeners. The Trail Talk Podcast was started purely based on one life-changing year spent with one life-changing dog and a personal mission to keep his purpose alive. Together we will dive into interviews, adventure tips, gear reviews and more as we explore the incredible world of adventuring with a dog.

By Anthony Fanucci: Trail Dogs Founder

HER With Amena Brown show

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HER With Amena Brown is a podcast centered on elevating the voices, stories, and experiences of women. Spoken word poet and author Amena Brown invites her guests to share their successes, mistakes, lessons, laughs, and triumphs around each season’s theme.

By Forth District

Adopting and Fostering In FaithAdopting and Fostering In Faith show

Adopting and Fostering In FaithAdopting and Fostering In FaithJoin Now to Follow

Inspiration, information and resources for Christians desiring to care for orphans in their own backyard (and beyond!).

By Robert Gelinas

Missing Pieces show

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Missing Pieces, a FOX 5 True Crime podcast, shines a light on the cases that have left us with more questions than answers. In The Mansion Murders series, host Sarah Fraser explores a story that captivated the nation for three months in 2015, after the Savopoulos family and their housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa were brutally murdered. Then, FOX 5 reporter Bob Barnard examines the disappearance of young Maryland siblings Sarah and Jacob Hoggle, a case which has mystified and frustrated their father, police, prosecutors and the community for more than three years-- while their mother, who faces murder charges, remains hospitalized with a mental illness.


Gruhn's Vault: Conversations With The Masters show

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In 1970 George Gruhn opened Gruhn Guitars in Nashville, Tennessee. Since then, his client list has grown to include the likes of Eric Clapton, Lyle Lovett, Emmylou Harris, and many of the greatest performers of the last fifty years. Now, George sits with some of his famous friends to chat music, guitars and life.

By 650 AM WSM

Shadowlight: Transformation and Healing, From Shadow to Light show

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This podcast is all about the funny human experience that we call life, and everything that entails: the shadows, the light, and all of the grey areas in between. In this podcast, I interview people who I consider to be lightworkers—people who shine their light on this world by facing their own shadows, standing in their truth, and using what they have learned to make the world a lighter place. We have authentic, vulnerable conversations about what they have learned along the way and about how, oftentimes, it is the darkest night of the soul that is the catalyst for our brightest expansions and our deepest connections. Along the way, I also share my own story and holistic healing journey. Come join me and add some light into your life! NOTE: While we do approach our conversations with a light heart and lots of love, this podcast gets REAL. It contains adult language and topics that may be triggering. --------- “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” -Carl Jung

By Bryanna Dee

Tech Me to The Moon show

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Rien n'est permanent, sauf le changement !<br> Dans ce podcast, David Melki, entrepreneur et auteur, confronte les innovations techniques et technologiques qui bouleversent notre monde aux sciences humaines, aux sagesses d’hier et d’aujourd’hui.<br> Ce podcast, destiné à toutes et tous, emploie un langage clair, pédagogique, les notions complexes y sont définies. Il donne des clefs de lecture de notre monde en mutations.<br> Dans cette première saison, David Melki convie trois chroniqueurs, Coralie Comblez, sociologue, Sébastien Bourguignon, influenceur, et Julien Muresianu, spécialiste de l'intelligence artificielle, à partager cette exploration.<br> Des experts partagent régulièrement leurs échanges; ensemble ils essaient de dessiner les contours de ce qui nous attend tous.<br> Partagez leur cheminement et embarquez dans ce nouveau rendez-vous !

By RastherMind Productions

Tae Love &amp; London Love  show

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In these series we discuss several topics relevant to daily life sharing from our experiences and inspirations! We wish you all peace, love and abundance. ♡∞

By Tae Love &amp; London Love

Rush: Holy Spirit in Modern Life | A Practical &amp; Prophetic Podcast for Men and Women  show

Rush: Holy Spirit in Modern Life | A Practical & Prophetic Podcast for Men and Women Join Now to Follow

Rush, created by Justin and Jennifer Camp, authors of the popular devotionals WiRE and Loop, and co-founders of Gather Ministries, is the resource you need to galvanize your relationship with God. It's designed specifically for men and women who want to encounter the breath of God and practice responding to Him in their lives. Practical and prophetic, simple and counter-cultural, each episode will include (1) a hook designed to grab your attention, (2) a portion of Scripture to challenge, encourage, and energize you, (3) a prophetic message of wisdom filled with fresh perspective, and (4) a contemplative exercise that will inspire, provoke, and invigorate you. Rush is an opportunity in the middle of the busy of your day to slow down, even if just for a few moments, and consider what God is saying to you. Each episode, inspired by Biblical truth, is between 11 and 12 minutes long and goes live on Tuesdays and Fridays.

By Gather Ministries

BlockHead Gabs : About NKOTB show

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Long-time fan of New Kids On The Block talks about current NKOTB topics and chats with other fans.

By Gabrielle Navas