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Nocturno en whisky show

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Noche de whisky para disfrutar y reflexionar sobre actualidad, pasiones, crónicas y por supuesto, whisky.<br><br>Calendario de invitados:<br>3 de abril (pregrabada): Néstor Serenelli (La Alazana, Chubut)<br>14 de mayo: Dr. Eduardo Siqueira (Salud pública, UMass Boston)<br>21 de mayo: Verónica Tomaghelli (La dama del whisky, Buenos Aires)<br>28 de mayo: Carlos Gutierrez (Cinema Tropical, Nueva York)<br>4 de junio: Adán Calderón Sánchez (Sexy Fish Bar, Londres)<br>11 de junio: Fernando Ruíz Lorenzo (Artista plástico, Nueva York)<br>18 de junio: Perro Loco (Ingeniería en destilados, Buenos Aires)<br>25 de junio: Edición especial <br>2 de julio: Mariano Wechsler (Tecnología, Buenos Aires)<br>9 de julio: Emma Briones (Todo Whisky, Barcelona)<br>16 de julio: Alberto Vasallo, III (Boston y los medios, Boston)<br>23 de julio: Tito Whisky (Buenos Aires)<br>30 de julio: Edición especial<br>6 de agosto: Dr. Benjamín Arditi (UNAM, México)<br>13 de agosto: Hernán Padial (Whisky en Buenos Aires)<br>20 de agosto: Edición especial<br>27 de agosto: VACACIONES EN EL CAMPO<br>3 de septiembre: Andres Sanchez (Whisky Malt Colombia, Bogotá)<br>10 de septiembre: Arturo Savage (Johnnie Walker, República Dominicana)<br>17 de septiembre: Víctor Patiño (coleccionista, Ciudad de México)<br>24 de septiembre: edicion especial.

By Catador Itinerante

Rebel Meddler's In Your Face show

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Come see what we have to say! You just think it.. We ain't afraid to say it! We talk about issues that others avoid and are afraid to talk about. No BS! No Holds Barred!<br><br>Rebel Meddler's In Your Face Radio Show is broadcast live at Tuesday's 2PM ET on W4CY Radio (<a href="" rel="noopener"></a>) part of Talk 4 Radio (<a href="" rel="noopener"></a>) on the Talk 4 Media Network (<a href="" rel="noopener"></a>). This podcast is also available on Talk 4 Podcasting (<a href="" rel="noopener"></a>).

By Talk 4 Radio

Through The Grapevine | 
Wine &amp; Hospitality  show

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Sommelier Jeremy Troupe-Masi &amp; Winemaker Collin Cranor are joined by chefs, farmers, winemakers, and more. TTG strives to be leaders in bringing you closer to the California Food &amp; Beverage scene. Working alongside the many movers and makers of the industry. Jeremy &amp; Collin use their experience and passion for community to push this historic wine-growing AVA into regional maturity. We invite our guests and listeners to join us for a drink and one hell of a conversation. Covering all of the Food &amp; Wine industry news.

By Jeremy Troupe-Masi

Drinkin' With Lincoln show

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Drinkin’ with Lincoln is a new podcast from WNIJ Northern Public Radio that looks at Abraham Lincoln’s life, land and legacy through the eyes of the people who know him best: Lincoln presenters (commonly known as Lincoln impersonators, a term many Lincoln presenters avoid). Each episode, a Lincoln presenter joins host Clint Cargile as he explores sites significant (and sometimes not-so-significant) to Abraham Lincoln’s life in Illinois. Then Clint and his guest Lincoln find the nearest brewpub or brewery to quaff a beer (sometimes two) so we can get to know the man behind the beard: where he comes from, why he does what he does, what makes him Lincoln. Learn more at:

By Clint Cargile

The Healthy Hustlers Podcast show

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Hello and welcome to The Healthy Hustlers podcast. Created and hosted by Madelyn Carafa, self-proclaimed health enthusiast and full-time hustler. Join Madelyn and Tegan Martin, Former Miss Universe and Presenter, every Tuesday for a new episode of Hustlers Healthy Hacks where we bring you a raw and honest conversation that will empower you to live a healthier, happier life. Then on Thursday, Madelyn will be back in your ears to bring you a healthy conversation with an inspiring hustler. Through storytelling, my aim is to combine health, wellbeing and business with a fresh perspective to share the stories of some of our countries most influential and inspiring people who are dedicated to making their hustle healthy. Whether you're looking for advice and guidance for leading your best life, an engaging easy to digest pep talk OR a boost of healthy enthusiasm to fuel your health and wellness goals, The Healthy Hustlers podcast is your go-to for kicking butt in work and play! Follow along on Instagram: Madelyn, your host: @thehealthyhustlers Tegan Martin, Hustlers Healthy Hacks co-host: @tegan.martin

By The Healthy Hustlers

Med Mad i Munden show

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Med Mad i Munden er en podcast fra Samvirke som ser nærmere på madens rolle i et samfund, hvor mad er ikke bare noget vi skal blive mætte af. Maden er blevet en slagmark, hvor vi udfolder vores identitet, vores passioner og vores værdier.<br><br>I hver episode besøger Andreas Grubbe Kirkelund et menneske, som har fundet sit ståsted i madens verden. Emnet bliver ikke nødvendigvis belyst fra alle tænkelige vinkler, men du får en bid af en person med klare meninger om hvad madens rolle bør være - og forhåbentlig bliver du lidt klogere.

By Samvirke

Cooking with an Italian accent show

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Ciao, I am Giulia Scarpaleggia, a Tuscan born and bred country girl, a home cook, a food writer and a photographer. I teach Tuscan cooking classes in my house in the countryside in between Siena and Florence. I’ve been sharing honest, reliable Italian recipes for 10 years now, through my cookbooks and our blog Juls' Kitchen.<br><br>If you love everything about Italian food, big crowded tables and seasonal ingredients, join us and follow our podcast “Cooking with an Italian accent“.<br><br>Visit: <a href="" rel="noopener"></a><br>Instagram: <a href="" rel="noopener"></a>

By Giulia Scarpaleggia

Beer, Bros &amp; BS show

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Each episode we crack open a few bottles of delicious brew, shoot the breeze and let the conversation flow. We're mostly funny, we don't take ourselves too seriously and on a few occasions we'll record live from a brewery or bar! Be a friend of the pod and hit subscribe. From Miami, Florida.

By @BeerBrosBS

The Connected Table Live show

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Food and beverage industry insiders Melanie Young and David Ransom connect you to the <br>people and stories in the world of eating, drinking, hospitality and travel. Hear from chefs, <br>restaurateurs, vintners, farmers, sommeliers, mixologists, authors, educators and more. Discover <br>new places and go behind-the-scenes. Melanie and David are an insatiably curious culinary <br>couple who bring a delicious new approach to exploring the pleasures of the palate. <br>#connectedtable @connectedtable <br><br><br>Wednesdays, 2 p.m.ET./11a.m. PT. on W4CY Radio <br><a href="" rel="noopener"></a>. The show will be available on demand at <a href="" rel="noopener"></a> and <br>everywhere the iHeartRadio app is available under the Shows &amp; Personalities section.<br><br>The Connected Table Live Radio Show is broadcast live at Wednesday's 2PM ET on W4CY Radio (<a href="" rel="noopener"></a>) part of Talk 4 Radio (<a href="" rel="noopener"></a>) on the Talk 4 Media Network (<a href="" rel="noopener"></a>). This podcast is also available on Talk 4 Podcasting (<a href="" rel="noopener"></a>).

By Talk 4 Radio

The Connected Table SIPS! show

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The Connected Table SIPS! gives you a taste of something delicious. Hosts Melanie Young and David Ransom taste and talk about wine, spirits, beer, coffee and more with leading winemakers, distillers, brewers and growers from around the world. We like to Eat, Drink &amp; Explore and want to share our discoveries with you. Listen to our short SIPS! anywhere, anytime.<br><br>The Connected Table SIPS! Podcast is brought to you by Talk 4 Podcasting (<a href="" rel="noopener"></a> on the Talk 4 Media Network (<a href="" rel="noopener"></a>.

By Talk 4 Radio