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Castle of Horror Podcast show

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On Facebook at, a panel show on horror movies, vampire movies, and all around awesomeness. With "Alex Van Helsing" and "Ben 10" comic creator Jason Henderson, "Halloween Man" comic creator Drew Edwards, "Psy-comm" and "Clockwerx" manga creator and "Deserts of Mars" frontman Tony Salvaggio, and attorney Julia Guzman. (Formerly "Castle Dracula Horror Movie Podcast.") This Podcast was created using


Light FM Lebanon show

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Catch the recap of all your favorite shows.

By Light FM

Terry & The Pirates show

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Terry & The Pirates was a action-adventure drama featured realistically drawn adventures in the far east and had a serious bent to it, unlike many of the comics of the day. Terry Lee grew up in the strip opposite characters such as Pat Ryan, the soldier of fortune and "two-fisted journalist", Connie, the coolie and interpreter, and his nemesis, the Dragon Lady. Join us as we listen to every exciting episode of the great radio adventure.

By Humphrey Camardella Productions

The Word Nerds show

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A podcast about words, language, and why we say the things we do

By Dave Shepherd, Howard Shepherd, Howard Chang, Barbara Shepherd

British Accent Training: The 1,000-Word Challenge show

British Accent Training: The 1,000-Word ChallengeJoin Now to Follow

Want to master your English pronunciation? Join 3,000-lesson vocal coach Matt Pocock (MA in Voice) on a pronunciation challenge: can you pronounce the 1,000 most common words in the English language? Every language is made up of sounds, and Matt takes you through every single sound in the British Accent, using the phrases you'll use every day.

By VoiceHacker

World of Pencils Podcast show

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The official podcast of World of Pencils. Sharing stories and the work of artists from all over the world. Stay True to the Art

By World of Pencils

Latitude: The Travel Photography Show show

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Latitude is a podcast hosted by Brian McGuckin and Brent Bergherm where they talk about travel, photography, and making epic photography while traveling. They highlight the best places to go when traveling to get good shots, tips and tricks for photography while on the go, and more.

By Brian McGuckin and Brent Bergherm: Travel Photography Pros

Jack Rabbit Radio Hour show

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From the cornfields of East Central Illinois, your host Bill Poss and a revolving cast of singers, songwriters, and musicians bring you a glimpse into the thriving music scene of Effingham, IL and the surrounding area.

By Bill Poss

3 Gigs show

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3 Gigs is a podcast about performances and the stories of the 3 shows that define a performers life and career. Their first performance, their best performance, and their worst performance. Each episode is a series of stories showcasing the moments of inspiration, triumph, and utter disaster that can happen while performing live. You've been to the show, now find out what it was like on stage on 3 Gigs hosted by Dominic Davi @dominicmdavi. Follow the show @3gigspodcast

By Dominic Davi

ALOUD @ Los Angeles Public Library show

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ALOUD is the Library Foundation of Los Angeles' award-winning literary series of live conversations, readings and performances at the historic Central Library and locations throughout Los Angeles.

By Los Angeles Public Library