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王俊凯KING记左耳电台 show

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原名:王俊凯左耳电台 2016年2月26日正式隶属于王俊凯KING记工作室。 欢迎关注新浪微博:@TFBOYS-王俊凯 @王俊凯KING记电台-左耳倾听 QQ交流群:193883909 节目更新:每周六 长期招收策划、主播、文编、美工、后期

By 王俊凯KING记左耳电台

Songcraft: Conversations with Great Songwriters show

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In-depth interviews with the creators of lyrics and music that stand the test of time. You probably know their names, and you definitely know their songs. We bring you their stories.

A History of Jazz show

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Launching on February 26, 2017, the hundred year anniversary of the first Jazz recording! A podcast telling the story of jazz, through the evolution of the music.

By Arik Devens Podcast show PodcastJoin Now to Follow was founded in 2015 by guitarist Aram Bajakian. Having spent more than a decade as an active member of NYC's scene, and performing with a diverse range of artists (Lou Reed, John Zorn, Diana Krall, Malcolm Mooney from Can) Bajakian wanted to find a way to give back some of what he had learned to the music community. Thus, the online guitar masterclass, was born. The podcast allows subscribers to ask questions to guitarists that play outside the norms of "conventional" guitar playing (Marc Ribot, Paul Rigby of Neko Case). Each conversation is unique and filled with insights. The podcasts contain about half of each lesson. To hear the full lesson, and to ask questions to future featured guitarists, subscribe at By subscribing you'll not only gain access to the lessons on OutsideGuitar, you'll also be supporting the musicians in the podcast: each of them is paid for their time.

By Aram Bajakian

The Kid Stuff Podcast show

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Whether you're a parent, a kid, a caregiver, someone who aspires to make kid-friendly content, or someone who's just curious about the creative process, The Kid Stuff Podcast is for you. Learn how the people who make the stuff that you and your kids love work, how they got where they are, what inspires them, and more. Thanks for checking out The Kid Stuff Podcast!

By Mike Bradecich

Out of the Blocks on WYPR show

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From WYPR 88.1 FM. One hour. One block. Everybody's story. This is the simple concept at the heart of WYPR's documentary series, Out of the Blocks. One block at a time, radio producer Aaron Henkin and electronic musician Wendel Patrick are sharing the stories of Baltimore in a way that's never been heard before.

By Aaron Henkin

The Chaise Lounge: Interior Design show

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Talking the business of interior design. Each week, Nick May interviews successful interior designers from around the world to find out how they have grown their successful interior design business. We talk marketing, client management, staff management, and all the little things that go into creating a great design business.

By Nick May / Mammoth Enterprise

BmoreOpinionated Podcast show

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Two Baltimorons discussing sports, culture, food, and giving some much deserved love to their hometown. Irreverent stories, offbeat interviews with stars, and the best sports coverage. A weekly series.

By Jason La Canfora & Jerry Coleman

Noir Factory Podcast show

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The Noir Factory Podcast is created for the mystery reader, noir movie goer, or true crime buff who wants a closer look into the genre. Mystery writer Steven Gomez looks at crime history, pulp stories, noir films, and the men and woman who made them. Every other week we will examine an event or figure in crime history, a pulp or noir writer, or a piece of detective work, both fictional and in real life. If you have an interest in crime of any kind, THIS is the podcast for you!

By The Noir Factory investigates mystery, pulp, noir, and true crime with the eye of a hard-boiled detective. Everything from Al Capone, Humphrey Bogart, Sherlock Holmes, to Mickey Spillane and Alcatraz. Nothing escapes us when the game is afoot!

Jazz Piano School show

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Have you tried learning jazz piano before and felt frustrated? I created Jazz Piano School to provide a roadmap that would enable to learn jazz piano with ease and success. Learning jazz piano can be like navigating through a dark forest without light. In this podcast I will educate you using Jazz Piano School's learning category system of, Technique, Theory, Repertoire, and Improvisation. I also include interviews from well known jazz pianists such as Eric Reed, and provide analysis to solo's. Jazz Piano School is dedicated to bringing you the highest and most structured jazz piano education so that you may learn and progress with ease. Feel free to visit our website at for more!

By Brenden Lowe : Professional Jazz Pianist and Jazz Piano Educator