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Comedy Film Nerds show

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Movie reviews by stand-up comics and filmmakers Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini

By Comedy Film Nerds

Lofi Hip Hop Radio / Podcast // chillsky show

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Essential downtempo chillout tunes for your audio delight. The essential chilled podcast. Chilled since 2006.

By Lofi Hip Hop Radio / Podcast // chillsky

That Voiceover Podcast show

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That Voiceover Podcast is the show for and about the voiceover industry. Each week, we feature interviews with people from across the voiceover spectrum, from top talent to coaches, agents, casting people, and more. Whether you're a beginner looking for tips on home studios, microphones, or how to break into the business, or a seasoned professional who's just looking to keep up the latest trends, TVOP has something for you!

By Stephan Cox and Michael Greco

The Interdependence Project : 21st Century Buddhism show

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Hosted by Ethan Nichtern The I.D. Project Podcast features weekly lectures and discussions by I.D. Project Teachers, Interviews with Well Known Authors and personalities and talks given as a part of our "Sit Down, Rise Up" Guest Lecture Series. Recent Guest Lectures have included: Senator Eric Schneiderman, Sharon Salzberg, Brad Warner, Acharya Arawana Hayashi, David Nichtern, Author Susan Piver, Roshi O'Hara, Acharya Eric Spiegel, Author Sera Beak, Sustainability Expert Jane Poynter, Eco-Journalist Simran Sethi, Filmmaker John Ankele, 2012 Author Daniel Pinchbeck, What Would Jesus Buy's Reverend Billy, Daniel Goleman, Purna Steinitz, Robert Chender, David Loy

By IDProject

Podcast – That DJ Podcast show

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“That DJ Podcast” revolves around the profession and art of our creative and unique industry. This show was created to give the beginners, the bedroom hobbyists, and even the grizzled veterans a space to combine our knowledge and experiences in order to advance our profession in some small way. Our industry is a deep and complicated mess of lights, sounds, wires, and paperwork, which when brought together can spark a sense of excitement and energy that is difficult to explain. However, achieving this takes skill, practice, and guidance from the people who live it every day. This is not a one way street however; we live off of your comments, your criticisms, and your own advice and experiences in order to create a resource that inspires, guides, and informs the up incomers all the way to the road warriors. Our show discusses the latest music trends, important industry news, helpful business advice, interviews with professionals, and most importantly, your thoughts and ideas. Website:

By That Podcast Network

Alterati: The Inside Scoop on the Outside Culture show

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Alterati – The Other Culture This is a statement, not an appeal. Most great art movements, like surrealism, dada, or situationism all started with a manifesto, a statement of position. Here is our position: We are already here. The proscenium has been breached, disbanded and dismantled. Information networks span the globe, and cultures, ideas, and realities are converging and being redefined minute-by-minute. This revolution will not be broadcast, although it may be televised, on demand, portable and configurable— but it will be your choice. Possibly, it will be your creation. Remember the Future of “no future”? Well, this is it. That’s not a statement of doom. It’s an expression of freedom. Kill your clocks, burn your calendars, and hang out. Alterati has built the platform. All you need do is show up.

By Alterati: Joseph Matheny show

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A selection of the best stories from



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Montreal Canada's Award-Winning FM-Radio/Web program – Jazz Boulevard – produced & hosted by Moz Taylor. A weekly 2 hour show of the best music from around the corner to around the world. Visit for archived interviews, podcasts, playlists, links and more.

By Mozmedia

Creative Living with Jamie show

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Creative self-development coach Jamie Ridler brings you tips, strategies, stories and interviews to help you bring your creativity to life!

By Jamie Ridler

WRMusicReview: The Finest Independent Female Musicians show

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Join WomensRadio Music Review for a guided tour through the Finest Independent Female Musicians Worldwide in every style & genre!!

By WomensRadio