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The Gut & Bone Show  show

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I host an Internet Radio Talk Show every Monday at 7 PM EST. The title URL is where you can catch the shows live and join in the chat room with questions and comments. You also are given a chance to call in or join in on Skype. The RSS feed is to the archived shows. There are over a years worth of shows there and I am sure you will enjoy them all.

By Robert Bradbury

Fat Kid Rocks Podcast show

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An out of work rock radio DJ podcasts from his home. Funny stories, news headlines and angry white guy attitude.

By Fat Kid

Tin Foil Hat Times show

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The TFHTimes is a radio show from the Pacific Northwest airing on KYRS LP Spokane. ZAQ Flanary is the creator, producer and host of the show. All content is original each week and created by ZAQ, including the numerous voice personalities and music. Listen in and hear ZAQ perform over 99 different personalities and several parody music projects, as well as his band Sovereign Citizen!


Surrounded in Pittsburgh: Steel City Resistance show

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Two normal guys from Pittsburgh discussing national goings on

By Hutch Jr. & Ward Miller

The Audio Vault show

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The Audio Vault is a consistently funny 5 to 10 minute collection of hilarious audio clips narrated by national voice talent and impressionist Tim Rice. Belly laughs guaranteed!


Ricky Scardia's Podcast show

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Dj and producer, Ricky Scardia, started his career in Bologna city when he was fifteen. Thanks to his talent he performed at several events and many clubs of his home town (Contatto, Kinki, Kindergarten, Link & other…) where he gained notoriety and the respect of a large part of audience. He took his career to a new level becoming one of the most costant djs of the well known night club "Cassero arci gay lesbian center". Thanks to his great talent and ear for music, Ricky has always created energetic live dj sets keeping crowds on a costant explosion of vitality. From his debut till present day he has released some tracks on the labels Synestesya Rec, Irma, Qwick, Arteria Music Label. Ricky's aim, as artist, is an infinity aesthetic search of sounds, he only counts on his musical code and his creativity getting inspiration from tech house and deep house music, and also from minimal style. In a vortex of electronic loops his sound joins its top in a coherent sequence of beats enriched of intrumentals and vocals. Moreover, Ricky's job, as sound engineer, in an important national radio adds credit to his talent and enriches his musical background. In fact his mission is keep on learning at musical level, he admits "experimenting means growing, only in this way I can understand the preferences of my fans to satisfy them"

By Ricky Scardia

Real-Talk LIVE! with Families with Faith show

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"Approaching life, love, family, faith, trials and laughter through faith, friendship and fellowship - one day at a time." Families With Faith is the blogtalkradio show for Author, Minister and Host, Letetia Mullenix is joined by First Lady Terri Flowers, of Zech 8 Ministries, and the anointed and called, Sister Angela Claiborne as they offer encouragement, hope, insight and biblical instruction to families regarding the modern issues addressing Christian families of today. Join our hosts and very special guest hosts, every Saturday at 6pm for a lively, informative, intuitive and biblical examination of this week's "Real Talk' Discussion" and smoking 'Hot Topic'.

By Families With Faith

Sending Messages: The Podcast show

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Sending Messages was started in November of 2009. Students at a secure care youth corrections facility in Salt Lake City were given recording and editing equipment to create their own radio show. They have written, performed, recorded and produced personal narratives, poetry, short fiction, spoken word, and interviews that are then compiled into podcast episodes published on a biweekly basis. The individual stories and full episodes are available on this website. The full episodes are also available on iTunes.

By Spy Hop Productions



Welcome to Galaxy Moonbeam Night Site! Mike, Smitty, and Ian are three old-time radio and TV buffs who talk about the Golden Age of Commercial Communication. Topics include old-time technology, Radio/TV personalities, pre-Internet and Cable news, history, collectibles, collecting, and much more. If you plugged it in, turned it on, listened to it, or watched it, we talk about it on our show! Presenting the Golden Years of Radio, Television, News, and Film. A dedicated community of past and present industry professionals, fans, and buffs. Our mission is to educate, inform, and entertain visitors interested in all that was the Golden Age of Broadcasting. Visit our website to download and listen to our podcasts. All of our shows are available on our website and on Itunes. Also on our website you can read interesting articles, information and look at nostalgia-related pictures.

By Galaxy Moonbeam Nightsite

Common Man - KFAN FM 100.3 show

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The Common Man Progrum is hip and now, with it and wow.

By KFAN FM 100.3