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시사게이트 show

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김보협 한겨레 기자, 이철희 시사평론가, 표창원 전 경찰대 교수가 진행하는 시사 프로그램

By 한겨레TV

Intellectual Icebergs show

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Sure, you already know all about computer science, physics, mathematics, yadda yadda yadda. But can you explain it to your boss in terms that won't explode his managerial head? More importantly, can you use your big, bulging brains to land dates? No, seriously? Okay, then. Intellectual Icebergs is for you. Join us, semi-weekly-to-monthly, as we explore topics ranging from cryptography and subatomic physics to geek dating tips and partyology. Intellectual Icebergs: helping to reveal the geek god inside of you!

By Ankh Infinity Productions

The Loopcast show

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Podcast series covering various topics in security and technology

By Sina Kashefipour and Chelsea Daymon

North Point Church - Sunday Sermons show

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Not leaning right and Not leaning left... We're just speakin' truth! Not Politically Correct Radio... Can you handle the truth?


Inside Minnesota Politics show

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Get a perspective on Minnesota politics that you just can't get from the dry words in the newspaper or a blog. Get the depth you just can't get from broadcast TV and radio news. Hosted by Peter Idusogie--former candidate for Congress in Minnesota's 2nd CD. He continues to remain politically active, offering non partisan solutions and, bringing honesty by speaking the truth with unshakeable resolve on matters that affect our nation.

By TimeScape Productions Inc.

The Public Square - PodCast with David Zanotti show

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The Public Square is a daily news and commentary hosted by David Zanotti. The Public Square offers an inside look at government and encourages listeners to become activite in their communities.

By David Zanotti

Wizbang Podcast show

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This is a podcast blog. It's designed to be listened to on an iPod or MP3 player. The blog is only here to list the URLs referred to in the Podcast. The Podcast is a quick read of what the political bloggers are talking about today. I recommend you subscribe to the Podcast using RSS and iPodder or Dopper, and the Podcast will show up on your iPod or MP3 automagically.

By Charlie Quidnunc

Royal College of Nursing show

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The RCN represents nurses and nursing, promotes excellence in practice and shapes health policies.

By Royal College of Nursing

ClandesTime show

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ClandesTime is a regular film review and cultural research show focusing on the relationship between the intelligence agencies and popular culture. Features high quality guests and discussions as well as dedicated research episodes hosted by Tom Secker.

Chat With Dr. Pat show

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Come listen in on a Chat with Dr. Pat. Diverse chats that deal with the realities of life. Reality that you can understand. Listen and get caring help to overcome the challenges of life that we all face. Listen to Dr. Pat discuss outreach to women, children, family.. the nations. Learn ways that you can help reach the Nations right from your very own home. Visit her today at

By Producer: Timothy Jones