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I find myself fascinated with the stories of how companies got started – not just the glamor stories but what they did when things did not happen as planned and things did not go well. I also think that those types of stories help to not only motivate me to start something that is similar but also helps get me through the same hurdles that other companies went through. So that’s it – was created. To start, this is simply going to be a documentation of creating my podcasting company and all the fun stuff along the way. The goal is not to try to sell myself as some great podcasting consultant, just to share my adventure with you…


Tower of Technobabble show

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Three geeks from different, but often overlapping, perspectives talk about pop culture, bigfoot, things they just don't get, and things that make them so happy that someone should slap them.

By Dave Davis, Ben Schneider, Paul Moeller

SolderSmoke Podcasts show

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Ham Radio QRP Kit building

By Bill Meara

Tradestreaming Podcast: The Business of Finance show

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Tradestreaming Radio is where investors learn directly from experts. Exploring tools, tips and technologies to help investors make better -- more profitable -- decisions.

By Tradestreaming

Intellectual Icebergs show

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Sure, you already know all about computer science, physics, mathematics, yadda yadda yadda. But can you explain it to your boss in terms that won't explode his managerial head? More importantly, can you use your big, bulging brains to land dates? No, seriously? Okay, then. Intellectual Icebergs is for you. Join us, semi-weekly-to-monthly, as we explore topics ranging from cryptography and subatomic physics to geek dating tips and partyology. Intellectual Icebergs: helping to reveal the geek god inside of you!

By Ankh Infinity Productions

Videogames and Sushi show

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"Videogames and Sushi" is a podcast produced by two gamers living in Japan. We will mostly cover what we find interesting in the gaming world, what games we are playing, our gaming lives and pasts, as well as what it is like to live in Japan or any other topics that happen to come up. We will have a new episode up every Saturday night JST unless something happens like an earthquake (which might happen very soon). We appreciate all feedback and criticism as long as your not trying to be a meanie poo poo head.

By Videogames and Sushi

Feel the Heat - Podcast show

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David Heat Podcast (House, Deep, Tech-House & Electro Mixes)

By David Heat

The Lazy Geeks Network show

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Two friends, Sapien and Nomad, give you the latest and greatest news. Covering television, movies, gaming, politics, tech, and whatever we feel is interesting. Not to mention comedy and rants. We're incredible and we thought we'd share. You're welcome.

By The Lazy Geeks

Zeilsteen Radio on iTunes Alternative Rock and Latest Tech news show

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Zeilsteen Radio transmits the best Alternative Rock and Indie Pop. This is the podcast of the daily tech and music news.

By Herman Zeilstra

jessicaparker's Podcast show

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A place for getting all necessary information relating to Magento.

By jessicaparker