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Social Anxiety Resolved  show

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Jonathan Berent, LCSW, ACSW, has pioneered psychotherapy for social and performance anxiety, including public speaking, blushing and sweating, selective mutism, shyness and related disorders. His podcast presents one-of-a-kind interviews with real patients who have successfully resolved their social anxieties. For more information, visit

By Jonathan Berent, LCSW, ACSW

The Zone Show show

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The Zone show explores how we can get in and stay in the zone where we perform at our peak. It's hosted by author and creative catalyst Tom Evans. The shows cover a whole range of enlightening topics and touches on many eclectic themes. If you want to

By Tom Evans

Blacks in the Scriptures Audio show

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Welcome to the new Blacks in the Scriptures audio. Tune in for questions and answers on Blacks in the scriptures, testimonials of the new DVD series and special announcements.

By Marvin Perkins

Simplegrowth's Podcast show

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What we do is install and implement a system in your business that gives you more control over growing your practice without requiring you to divide your time between delivering care and struggling to manage your marketing.

By simplegrowth

Self Improvement Brain's Podcast show

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Learn How To Pick Up Vital New Skills For Self-Improvement So You Can Work Smarter, Not Harder! You Truly Deserve The Best! Self Improvement is the most important life skill for correcting your mistakes, and it’s one of the most challenging and rewarding abilities that anyone can learn. So, How Can You Do This? However, rather than having to go through life making the same mistakes and going through the same traumas, you can make a significant change to your future with the help of our website at Check it out for more self improvement ideas and tips!


Porn Addiction Newport Beach show

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Try this site for more information on Porn Addiction Orange County.

Dental Advice's Podcast show

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The Yonge & St. Clair Dental Smile Centre provides excellent dental services in Toronto, Canada. They have certified Doctors who are there to help fix your dental and oral problems. Their dental services includes: Dental Implantation, Cosmetic Dentistry, Sedation Dentistry, Teeth Whitening, Dentures among other dental services. The Yonge & St. Clair Dental Smile Centre also offers Emergency Dentist services in Toronto, Canada. They provide excellent family dental services at an affordable cost. They offer high quality dental care to help you smile and enjoy life.

By Dental Advice

The Whormones Podcast's show

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Want two completely different opinions on sex and life that (somehow) work into one great show? Awesome! The Whormones Podcast is hosted by comedians Alia Janine and Jaqi Furback. This dynamic odd couple dives into all the topics that are associated with their lady parts, and why people care so much. From feminism to porn, there is no subject left behind (no matter how hard Jaqi tries). The ladies want to show and teach you that the wildest whores can be modest, and the quiet mouses can be closet freaks, and it is all wonderful!

By Alia Janine and Jaqi Furback

Two or More to Tango show

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We're just your normal next door neighbors, very happily married for a LONG time, who kinda accidentally stumbled into the swinging lifestyle! We are sharing our adventures as we explore this sometimes unpredictable lifestyle, sharing the ups and downs and experiences (good and bad! - though mostly good!) and mistakes and surprises of our adventure! We'd love for you to come along with us!

By Mr. and Mrs. Tango

Bangin' Your Business show

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What do exploding sausages, building successful businesses and high-performance health all have in common? Tune in each Wednesday to find out! Each week, Corbin tackles business, health, and productivity topics head on. Sample topics include how much to charge for your services, harnessing the power of blueberries and gravity, supercharged productivity tools, how to work remotely when clients don't want you to and much more. Bangin' Your Business is founded on the concept that health and business are NOT mutually exclusive. You'll receive a heavy and actionable dose of both, each and every episode. So hit that "Subscribe" button and let's roll!

By Corbin Links: Business IT Consultant | Nutritionist | | Health Warrior | Blogger | Speaker