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Laughing with Cancer show

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On laughing with cancer Elvisrico talks about cancer, diet, exercise, and coping with the struggles of having cancer or any type of chronic illness. Through laughter and positive thinking I 'm hoping to make this a place where we can all come together and help one another

By Rick Ochoa

Social Anxiety Resolved  show

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Jonathan Berent, LCSW, ACSW, has pioneered psychotherapy for social and performance anxiety, including public speaking, blushing and sweating, selective mutism, shyness and related disorders. His podcast presents one-of-a-kind interviews with real patients who have successfully resolved their social anxieties. For more information, visit

By Jonathan Berent, LCSW, ACSW

Skip La Cour's Bodybuilding and Fitness Podcast show

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Six-time national champion bodybuilder, one-on-one peak performance coaching specialist, supplement company owner, and speaker, Skip La Cour, offers advice on training, nutrition, and motivation that will help you take your efforts to the next level and interviews the most interesting people in the bodybuilding and fitness world. (For more information, visit his web site at

By Skip LaCour

News Prevenzione Podcast show

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Ha inizio il progetto Podcast di Diario Prevenzione.Renderemo disponibile ogni sette giorni un file audio contenente un notiziario sugli eventi più importanti, interviste, interventi da Seminari e Convegni.E' un servizio nuovo che intendiamo sperimentare, saranno i lettori a valutare la validità di questa sperimentazione. Il Notiziario audio avrà una durata di norma non superiore ai 30 minuti. Buon Ascolto !!

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The purpose of is to create an educational resource on the Internet for those who seek credible information on the safe and effective use of herbs – especially liquid herbal extracts – to promote optimal health and well-being. It is not intended to medically prescribe or promote the sale of any product, nor to replace qualified medical healthcare.

By The official podcast of Ed Smith and

''A Moment of Yoga - Yoga Podcast show

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Uplifting and Inspiring discourses of the heart of Yoga as a Spiritual practice, not just as a form of exercise. Brought to you by Sam Geppi - Yoga teacher and Vedic Astrologer in San Francisco. Sam Has been a practioner of Yoga and the Vedic Sciences for over 20 years. Search itunes for "Astrology" to get his other podcast "Daily Horoscope" - also look for his book, "The Ascendant", in stores August 2005.


Bored Housewives | Funny Erotic Stories from Ladies who like Sex show

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Are you a bored housewife and is your husband always working and never spending time with you? Or maybe you're just going through a dry spell and are in need of some hot stories to shake things up. Either way, Bored Housewives are stories about women who decided to go out there and get their groove on, and boy they are not sorry. Oh and the best part this includes shopping, we have a sponsor Adam and Eve dot com who offers a generous 50% discount on almost ANY sex toy if you enter the offer code WIFE at checkout. But hurry act fast it’s a sale ladies.

By Dawn

Colette Baron Reid show

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The Colette Baron-Reid show: “Where intuition, practical spirituality, great advice, a little woo-woo, fun and fabulosity meet!!”

NSOL Radio with, Robbie Cornelius: Spirituality / Meditation / Law of Attraction / Consciousness / Life Coach show

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NSOL Radio is for those who consider themselves to be Spiritual But Not Religious." Spiritual Life Coach, Robbie Cornelius, is here to guide you to emotional, mental, & spiritual freedom. This show is dedicated to helping Spiritual Seekers around the world improve the quality of their Life experience. Sharing ideas on topics such as spirituality, meditation, consciousness, inner peace, mysticism, law of attraction, success, & much more. Contact Us / Ask Questions: or Call or Text 707-877-NSOL

By Robbie Cornelius

Matt Powell's Pramek Radio show

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The top instructors in the martial art, fitness, firearms, and personal development industries come on to talk with the coach's coach, Matt Powell about becoming a better teacher, instructor, student, and person.

By Matt Powell