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Practical NLP Podcast show

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NLP demystified for personal development and business success! English NLP trainer Andy Smith shares with you useful tips and principles from NLP that you can use to get clear on what you really want, accelerate your success, and be more effective in your work, life, and relationships.

By Andy Smith

TPSR Strength-Power Hour show

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The Strength-Power Hour, hosted by Dr. Jose Antonio and Dr. William J. Kraemer is the first radio web and podcast that explores the science and real-world application of strength and conditioning. This show is for those with an appetite for cutting-edge information delivered in an entertaining format.


Medscape Dermatology Podcast show

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Latest medical news and features from Medscape Dermatology

By Medscape

Japan Booze Blind show

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Hosted by Christopher Pellegrini, Japan Booze Blind explores the exciting world of Japanese drink. Whether it's sake, shochu or Japanese made beer, Chris is more than happy to assist viewers in their own 'research'. Questions for Chris? You can reach him via email:

By Japan Eats

The Spiritual Peak Center show

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The Couples Spot- Dr. Janelle Alex & Dr. Rob Alex share with you how you can combine the sacred and the sensual and experience more powerful, playful, passion in your lives.

By Rob and Janelle Alex

(((☼~LIVING HERO~☼))) show

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Multidisciplinary conversations with contemporary thought leaders: scientists, artists, psychologists, authors, analysts, contemplatives and innovators contributing to a saner, healthier world.

By Jari Chevalier

Walk Breaks show

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no show description found

By Norman Rosenberg

ProdPod, a Productivity Podcast show

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The Podcast of Personal Productivity Lessons in Two Minutes or Less

By Ray Sidney-Smith - - Your Productivity Guide

Finding Your Voice for Life Direction show

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We all want to be more, earn more, and contribute more; but somewhere along the way, we get hung up, asking ourselves questions like - what’s special about me, can I really make a difference, and what do I do next? Life coaches Joel and Dr. Pei bring inspiring stories, fresh ideas, and practical steps for your life’s journey. Get in touch with who you really are, what excites you, and what you stand for - learn to believe in yourself again, so you can live the life for which you are destined.

By Be more, earn more, and contribute more (By Joel Boggess and Dr. Pei)

The Personal Development Is Fun Podcast show

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How can life be better today? How do you live a happier, more fulfilling, meaningful, life of your choice? That is what this podcast will talk about. I will come up with some cool tips to make your life better, happier and to get you to rock the world!

By Meghashyam Chirravoori