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Transform From Fat To Fit show

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Are you frustrated with weight loss? Stop trying to lose weight. Transform your body for life.

By Mark Dilworth

The Jillian Michaels Show show

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Jillian Michaels, America's Health and Wellness guru, brings you the Jillian Michaels Show. An entertaining, inspirational, informative show that gives you tools to find health and happiness in all areas of your life.

By Jillian Michaels

HHMI's Holiday Lectures on Science show

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HHMI's Holiday Lectures on Science The Howard Hughes Medical Institute is a philanthropy that supports biomedical research and science education. As part of its mission to strengthen science education, the Institute presents the Holiday Lectures on Science, an annual series that brings the latest developments in a rapidly moving field of research into the classroom. These lectures are videotaped and technical, but even the lay person can learn from them. Audio files are available, but you do lose the visual aids. However, they are still useable. Previous subjects have included, dengue, RNA, and the idea of quorum sensing which is how bacteria decide when to attack, or fireflies coordinate their flashing sequence.

By Howard Hughes Medical Institute

The Bi-Quarterly Women's Social Club show

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STARRING: Chris Wilding, Natasha Yorski, Harry Cosenza and Alex Gauthier. The Bi-Quarterly Women's Social Club, a new podcast and all around variety hour of the strange and obscene is ready to be unleashed on a set of headphones near you. Listen and get ready to be engaged as young, nubile 20-somethings openly discuss their sex lives, observations on society, love and everything in between.

By The Bi-Quarterly Women's Social Club

The Mind of a Trader show

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Trading isn't easy money; it's about the will to succeed and the discipline to become rich. Join Steve Croft, weekly as he discusses the motivations and psychology behind a trader.

By Trading Metro

Because Nutrition Matters! show

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Hi, This is my first podcast and I thought I need it make it worth of your time so I will pick up topics like Women Health issues and how Right Diet can fight them, Different Types of Diet, Case Studies, Power of Nutrition Recipes, Recommendations and lots more. I am Dietitian Ankita Gupta Sehgal and with an experience of 12 years and making 10000+ client move to a healthier lifestyle, I thought it's a right time to help others with my knowledge and experience. ____ Do Listen, Subscribe and Share it with your friends. Visit my blog: For Personalized Diet Consultations, Whatsapp:

By Dietitian Ankita Gupta Sehgal

The Most Trusted Eye Care Center in Delhi, India - The Sight Avenue show

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The Sight Avenue Hospital (From the founder of Spectra Eye) is one of the most reliable names in the field of ophthalmology and eye procedures. Our state of the art eye center in Delhi offers a wide range of services. Team of doctors is led by Dr. Suraj Munjal, an eye surgeon in Delhi with an unparalleled record in refractive surgeries and cataract surgeries, The Sight Avenue hospital offers expert ophthalmic care services across top 10 eye hospitals in Delhi, India and abroad. For more details please contact us. Website-- Address- E-82-A, Ground Floor, Greater Kailash-1 New Delhi India - 110048 Call us at- +91 8883330799 Email id-

By The Sight Avenue- From the Founder of Spectra Eye

Myths and Facts Related to Glaucoma- The Sight Avenue show

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Glaucoma is a set of eye diseases that affects millions worldwide. Also known as the silent thief of the eyesight, it silently creeps up on the patient, damaging the eye and causing vision loss. Most people are unaware of the existence of glaucoma and its effects on the eye until it’s already too late. Let's be aware of some common myths and facts related to Glaucoma explained by Dr. Pradeep Aggarwal Consultant Ophthalmologist at The Sight Avenue Hospital. Visit The Sight Avenue Eye Hospital in Delhi. Website-- Address- E-82-A, Ground Floor, Greater Kailash-1 New Delhi India - 110048 Call us at- +91 8883330799 Email id-

By The Sight Avenue- From the Founder of Spectra Eye

Sheamroo Horizons- 'Live an Inspired Life' by Mrs. Jaya Row (Managing trustee, Vedanta Trust) show

Sheamroo Horizons- 'Live an Inspired Life' by Mrs. Jaya Row (Managing trustee, Vedanta Trust)Join Now to Follow

Shemaroo Entertainment Limited has introduced a webinar series – 'Shemaroo Horizons.' The platform discusses lessons from the Bhagavad Gita through veterans from the industry who not only preach but practice these teachings in their daily lives. Shemaroo Horizons is a knowledge-sharing platform with the central focus on learnings from Shrimad Bhagavad Gita and its multiple effects on various aspects of life. The sacred script has been accepted as a universal life coach by all of humanity and promises to bring in positivity and calmness in the daily lives of the individuals during tough times. Shemaroo Horizons is one such platform that helps understand the various ways where Bhagavad Gita teachings can be understood and practiced. Last year Shemaroo Entertainment introduced a unique offering - Shemaroo Shrimad Bhagavad Gita audiobook which helps in attaining peace and positivity in one's life is available in 3 languages English, Hindi and Sanskrit. The device encompasses the life lessons of the Bhagavad Gita and has been the most sought-after solution for all spiritual cravings. This episode is dedicated to 'Live an Inspired Life' – Speaker:- Mrs. Jaya Row (Managing trustee, Vedanta Trust).

By Shemaroo Entertainment

Sick Addictions with Joclyn Stone show

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Joclyn Stone talks about the fetish world and educates the vanilla public with interesting educational alternative lifestyle material. You will be fascinated with Joclyn's twisted mind. Sit back and get ready for this crazy ride into the fetish world with her co-host Rebecca Love. [LEARN ABOUT FETISH]

By Adult Film Star Network