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Natalie Flowers  show

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Helping people LIVE their BEST LIFE from the INSIDE OUT! Thoughts turn to Vision, Vision turns to Action, Action turns to YOUR FUTURE. #ChooseWisely for more info on our course to help YOU LIVE FIT from WITHIN! Follow me on Instagram @ natalieflowers Facebook @ Natalie Flowers

By Natalie Flowers

Fittr Podcast show

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How well do you know your food? Did you think soaked almonds make you smarter or that men should not have Soya? Is Batata (potato) really a Marathi word? Are these true facts or just ‘chronic’ myths circulated for ages? Fittr Podcast looks at food through the lens of science, history, culture and its unrevealed impact on our bodies. Host Jitendra Chouksey will realign the facts and stories we claim to know about everyday foods and help you demystify delusions about how you eat. Each episode will look at the evolution of a specific food item from its origin to how we know it today.

By AudioHop Podcasts

Stotra Happiness Studio show

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Stotra Happiness Studio is a journey to discover the many colours of life, through conversations that inspire and unravel its unlimited possibilities. It is an experience that tries to strive, to seek, to find the endless ways we can craft a beautiful life and not yield to its difficult twists and turns. Written and narrated by voice actor and life coach, Subha Sankar Chatterjee, popularly known as 'Sankar', this is a journey of self-discovery, incorporating the art of storytelling and the practice of unique meditation experiences that give us a different lens to look at life. You can get in touch with Sankar at or


Neaux Nonsense show

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A lifestyle and culture podcast, minus the B.S. She's a psych-head from Chicago and he's a legal-minded nerd from New York. They're two opposites that tackle the topics that you care about, with 100% realness and humor. Listen in as they say what you're thinking in this funny & drama-free positivity zone.

By Neaux Nonsense Podcast

Self Care with The Mindful Tech Lab show

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Actionable self care tips for the body and mind in 10 minutes or less. Subscribe for new episodes! Produced by The Mindful Tech Lab - a husband and wife team of wellness technology entrepreneurs. Sarah-Kate is an Ivy League educated nurse practitioner who uses her unique experience from working with high stressed Wall Streeters on mental health in NYC to award winning actors on their diet and fitness in LA to bring you tips that work. Eric discusses the positive psychology techniques he uses to improve both his business and personal life. More at Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By The Mindful Tech Lab

The Optimal Prime with Ray show

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A 2-5 minute podcast where you can Prime yourself to have a mindset that attracts happiness, positivity, and success.

By Ray Forrester

Natural Allergy Relief show

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Natural Allergy Relief. Most sufferers rely to much on those chemical allergy relief products that promise so much and leave you no better off. Furthermore, people tend to overlook their own personal and living circumstances, where there are several effective ways to reduce those annoying symptoms that are both cheap, and will benefit you and your family's health in the long run.

By AJ Pipkin,

Senior Care Corner® Podcast show

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Solutions, tools and information for families, caregivers and other who care for and about senior adults. Our mission is to provide information and resources to help family members and other caregivers of senior adults to improve the quality of life of the seniors in their lives.

By Kathy &amp; Barry of Senior Care Corner

muscle building Podcast show

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Intresting and informative site about weight lifting,Gym, working out, bodybuilding and fitness for the over 40 year old

By kevin redman

Starseed Radio with Jonah Bolt show

Starseed Radio with Jonah BoltJoin Now to Follow with Jonah Bolt - STARSEED ENERGY RADIO with Jonah Bolt is a cosmic radio show developed to connect all starseeds, lightworkers, indigos, crystal and rainbow children. Stay updated with the 2012 Shift, World Events, News, 5D Galactic updates & more! Take this opportunity to raise your vibration every week with other beings of your light family. HEAR THE COLORS & SEE THE MUSIC! Awaken, The Time is NOW!

By Starseed Radio