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Fairly Critical show

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Two lifelong friends breaking down everything in entertainment. From new and classic: movies, TV shows, video games and more.

By Luke Cruser & Leo Mainville

The Kriya Gangiah Show show

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What happens when you put an outspoken, opinionated, radical and slightly crazy individual in studio and give them freedom of speech? The Kriya Gangiah Show...

By Jacaranda FM

TV Source Podcast show

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Join TV Source Magazine editors, staff writers and special guests for discussions about the week in TV and pop culture.

By TV Source Magazine

Top Chef Season 15 RHAP-up Podcast show

Top Chef Season 15 RHAP-up PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Weekly recaps of Top Chef Season 15 on Reality TV RHAPups

By Judges Table Antonio Mazzaro, Mike Bloom, Curt Clark, Josh Wigler

Theoreticals show

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<center>Narratives from the Theoreticals War. Science fiction audio drama in first person, non-linear narrative format with music by Brokenkites. <br> Cast:<br> Melissa McBride as Hemingway "Emi" Vance<br> Joe Zeija as "Coppertop" Summers<br> Chip Wood as London<br> Matthew Kendrick as Thomas Vance<br> </center>

By brokenkites

Thinkergirl: The Podcast show

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The Thinkergirls are talking all the thoughts chicks are thinking but not saying! Made up of radio besties Stacey June and Kristie Mercer and joined by a Hot Set Hottie (a celebrity gal pal guest) to talk their favourite gems (topics) each and every week! Why don't boys want to wear condoms? Is Instagram depressing you? To travel or to buy a house? Friendship breakup's and how do I have acne as an adult? The girls will have you giggling the same way you do with you besties through their videos, radio show or through The Thinkergirl's successful weekly column. Originally creating content that wasn't suitable for their breakfast radio shows, the girls have started their own online girl group through podcast Thinkergirl: The Podcast. Watch out for their live recordings at a city / town near you. For enquiries / bookings, please contact

By Thinkergirl &amp; Co

Faces For Radio show

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3 men and a baby, without the baby or Ted Danson... A comedy broadcast by three friends, hosted by Ex-Comedian Danny Lenihan, with Phil Close &amp; Tim McEwan.

By Faces For Radio

				National Cynical Network Archives

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Bizarre stream-of-consciousness industrial comedy music, voicemail art, stuff from Negativland, and other such fun. From Phineas Narco, Ronald Redball, Alexander T. Newport and others! In .mov format.

By National Cynical Network

The Jurassic Park Podcast show

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Your source for Jurassic Park / Jurassic World / Fallen Kingdom news and discussion with host Brad Jost. Journey to the island with us as we hear the sounds of John Williams, Don Davis &amp; Michael Giacchino and discuss the sights of Steven Spielberg, Joe Johnston, Colin Trevorrow &amp; J.A. Bayona. @JurassicParkPod

By The Jurassic Park Podcast

Talk Toomey: The Metal Nexus Podcast show

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In the world of music podcasting, there are basically two categories - podcasts by fans, and podcasts by famed musicians that have reached the pinnacle of success. Somewhere in the middle of that is the Talk Toomey podcast. Hosted by Joshua Toomey, who previously was a member of national recording artists Primer 55, Talk Toomey avoids the pitfalls of fandom and the backslapping glad handing that comes from successful bands shamelessly talking to each other. Instead, you get focused, powerful and real looks into “the inner circle” of being a hard rock/heavy metal band, complete with questions most are too afraid to ask because their experience doesn’t meet or exceed the level needed to ask and relate. Talk Toomey has been regularly hailed as a top show since the onset, being highlighted on sites like Blabbermouth, Brave Words, etc. Talk Toomey is released for music fans free every Thursday!

By Joshua Toomey