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Comics Squared with Magen Cubed show

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Welcome to Comics Squared with Magen Cubed. Here me, my meat-shield Blaine, and our cast of nerdy friends discuss comics, movies, TV, and anything else that strikes our fancy. So sit back, relax, and pop open a cold one. Here's to crime.

By Magen Cubed

Magayzine show

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Magayzine es un programa de entrevistas a personajes del mundo del ocio y la cultura LGTB (lesbianas, gais, transexuales y bisexuales).

By Magayzine

Monster-Mania Radio show

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Horror themed podcast, in association with the Premier Horror Convention on the East Coast - Monster-Mania Con. Hosts Dave Hagan & Rob Dimension interview guests, talk Horror news & share inside information dealing with Monster-Mania

By Dave Hagan, Monster-Mania Con

Living Room Theatre show

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Keith and Rachel try to save couples from fights over what movies to watch. Movies get reviewed (with as few spoilers as possible) and broken down into four groups: His, Hers, Ours, and Theirs. Before you navigate Netflix, Redbox, streaming, or the last remaining video stores, be sure to check in with them. No one should sleep on the couch over a Michael Bay movie.

By Keith Bodayla & Rachel

Nerd Optimal show

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Nerd Optimal is a podcast that is determined to maximize discussion of nerd topics for a minimal amount of effort onto you, our listener. Join hosts Albert, David, and Ricky every week as they dive into questions of sci-fi, society, games, the mind and the universe.

By Nerd Optimal

All Range Mode show

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Four grown men banter about Movies, TV, Gaming, and Current Events out of Windsor, Ontario.


Vlog Digest Videoblog Video Podcast with Clark Saturn show

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A video podcast about videoblogs, vlogs, video podcasts, aggregators, web sites, etc. Featuring the latest, the greatest and the stuff you need to enjoy them. Hosted by Clark Saturn and feauted on

By Clark Saturn

L'impostore Podcast: Transito di Musica e Cinema show

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L'impostore è un transito di musica e cinema originariamente veicolato attraverso modulazione di frequenza da più di quattro anni. La versione Podcast è un'adrenalinica trasmissione di montaggio che si serve del cinema e dei suoi suoni per parlare di colonne sonore, e di colonne sonore immaginarie. In lingua Italiana L'impostore is a cross between music and cinema, it starts his activities in FM 5 years ago, and now is approaching Podcast. L'impostore is a Radio program about cinema, music, sound-trax and immaginary sound-trax.


HomoMicro - Podcast Gay Francophone show

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Homomicro, l'emission qui se prend au mot. Emission de radio Lesbienne Gay Bi Trans sur Paris. French gay radio show in Paris Toutes les news sur

By Studio6 - RFPP

The Theater of the Mind show

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The Theater of the Mind combines musical theater, old-time radio, and the internet. The phrase, Theater of the Mind, is borrowed from old-time radio, where it was used to denote the idea that radio, because it is an invisible medium, engages one's imagination more actively than staged theater. In other words, such performances are thought of as playing upon the stage of one's imagination. The pieces featured on The Theater of the Mind are one-person shows that Daniel H. Foster has adapted, scored, and performed. Tune in on the ifrst of each month for a new show.

By Daniel H. Foster