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TMBC Comics & Movies Show show

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Each week we cover the latest news in the geek entertainment world, and review some of the best comics and movies available to the world. If you like superheroes, you'll love us!

By That Might Be Cool

The Badge Podcast show

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The Badge is your ticket to geek culture! Every week Josh and Grant have a guest on the show to do two things: 1. Discuss recent news in TV, Movies, and Video Games. 2. Earn a new merit badge! How do you earn a badge you might ask? By watching/playing whatever Josh and Grant have for this week's episode! Can you collect them all?

By Grant and Josh

PantSeatPodcast show

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Chase Smith highlights charities, ministries, bands, organizations, and other leaders in the community ending each interview with a comedy sketch-writing exercise.

By PantSeatPilots

Total Cults show

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Join your hosts Doctor Gogol and James Trick as they romp through all manner of culty things. Horror, science fiction, bizarre lost movies and half-remembered childhood terrors... This is the only entertainment podcast you need. Providing you only care about really obscure stuff.

By Doctor Gogol and James Trick

Thegamingadvisory's podcast The Geek Life show

Thegamingadvisory's podcast The Geek LifeJoin Now to Follow

An upcoming Podcast project that will explore, gaming, music ,movies, tv, and more.

By The Gaming Advisory

HorrorSexy Podcast show

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HorrorSexy is a collection of horror journalists, podcasters, artists, genre enthusiasts, and more. We aim to bring you a continuous flow of updates on upcoming movies, comics, TV shows, video games, as well as music and events. In addition to the exclusive content, HorrorSexy will also create a community of journalists, aggregating content from their individual sites as well. We have some great things planned, so enjoy watching our little experiment grow. This is the home of the official HorrorSexy podcast and SoundCloud page that will feature retrospectives, reviews, news updates and a variety of discussion topics for your audio pleasure. Turn yourself on to HORROR! Much thanks to Karissa for her SEXpert vocalization used in the HorrorSexy introduction and Videogram aka Magnus Sellergren for the use of the track "Regina dei Cannibali End Titles" off his first release entitled Videogram. You can purchase the full release of Videogram here:

By HorrorSexy

HoopleCast show

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An introcast for HBO's Deadwood. Featuring Matt A, Carol, Matt H & Mel. Send feedback to Visit our website at

By Seth Bullock

Exposure With Stefan Mcmillian and Justin T. Watson show

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Stefan and Justin Interview various online content creators and we talk to them about their goals and how they are succeeding or plan on succeeding. We also talk about various online phenomena.

By Slowlist Network

Bennett Brothers' Agents of Shield Podcast show

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A weekly review of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC. Like our Facebook page at

By Jerry and Joel Bennett

Who Put This On? show

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Listen as we tackle the best and worst of reality TV and try to answer the eternal question, "Who put this on?"

By Who Put This On?