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The Survivor Specialists: Phil and Will show

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The Survivor Specialists: Phil &amp; Will is your place to go for all things Survivor during the preseason, season, and offseason.<br> <br> For the preseason you are invited to play Survivor Fantasy games with us! After breaking down each player in our cast assessments we host the Bootlist Challenge and the Prop Bet Game. The winner of each of these games wins a Survivor Buff! Adam Klein, winner of Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X, has won two buffs from playing our games (no, he didn't use his reward steal).<br> <br> During the season we recap the episodes on Wednesday nights shortly after they finish airing. We always read comments from listeners and love getting their thoughts! On the weekend podcast we predict what will happen on the next episode and rank the remaining castaways. We are hoping to have some former Survivors join us for the weekend podcasts for season 34!<br> <br> Because we never want to stop talking about Survivor, we fill the offseason with interviews of castaways, season rankings, player rankings, and everything and anything Survivor related!<br> <br> We host all podcasts live on our YouTube channel:<br> <br> Be sure to subscribe so you can tune in live and participate in the conversation and preseason fantasy games!

By The Survivor Specialists: Phil and Will

WTF @ TFW – The TFW2005 Transformers Podcast show

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WTF @ TFW is a Podcast by Transformers fans from fan site Features topics related to everything in the Transformers universe. Includes news round-ups and discussion on the new Transformers movie, Transformers toys, talk and discussion on TFW2005’s 2005 Boards, and more!

By WTF @ TFW – The TFW2005 Transformers Podcast

Amanda's Picture Show A Go Go show

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The Oscars Are My Super Bowl is a podcast created by Amanda Iman. A long-time film buff, she discusses all genres of motion pictures (except horror), as well as award show predictions and results, with a variety of guests. Podcast produced by It's All Been Done Presents entertainment network.

By Amanda Iman

Comic Book Central show

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Written, produced and hosted by Joe Stuber, award-winning producer and lifelong comic book fan. In his guise as Stuberman, Joe has created the first podcast devoted exclusively to in-depth interviews with the legendary talents (actors, writers, producers, directors and more) who have brought comic book properties to life on TV, Broadway, film, video games, live events and beyond!<br>

By Joe Stuber

Talking Sheet | Pro Wrestling &amp; Wrestling News | WWE | Observer | PWTorch show

Talking Sheet | Pro Wrestling & Wrestling News | WWE | Observer | PWTorchJoin Now to Follow editor and journalistic virtuoso Les Moore and co-host Hugh Little dig deep into the world of pro wrestling insider news sites and newsletters with an unfiltered, uncensored view on the week in news, rumors and rehash. Join them as they go in-depth for analysis on all the coverage from popular news sources like Wrestling Observer, Figure Four Weekly (F4W), Pro Wrestling Torch and more!

By Talking Sheet | Pro Wrestling &amp; Wrestling News | WWE | Observer | PWTorch

History Personified show

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"History Personified" is a history podcast that takes listeners deeper into different historical stories and eras. From military, to politics, to film, television, and radio, to sports, and more, "History Personified" will help bring listeners closer to the stories behind interesting historical events and figures.

By Phil Lanides

Lake Clarity show

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Five teens head up to Camp Clarity to celebrate their last summer together, but little do they know they're about to stumble on dark secrets that surround the lake. Caves, concrete structures, and eerie coincidences are a common place around Lake Clarity. Before they know it, the teens find themselves face to face with an evil force that's been locked away for a long time. Join Seth, Ally, Mike, Erin, and Brandon as they adventure through the Lake Clarity area, and discover the past of the supposedly cursed campgrounds! Like the music? Find ItsTeeth on Bandcamp or Spotify!

By Midnight Disease Productions

The Grave Plot Podcast show

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An irreverent horror podcast digging up fresh horror news and rumors, movie reviews, special guests, and more. Covering all things horror including movies, TV, comics, video games, and more. New episodes every other Wednesday.

By Grave Plot Productions

El Peor Podcast, películas, series y mucho más show

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El Peor Podcast es puro hobby y entretenimiento, sin más guión que el tema elegido para cada programa, y una conversación distendida entre amigos. El Peor Podcast es un poco de todo, un programa para gente inquieta, curiosa, atrevida, que encuentra un punto de interés en cualquier aspecto que le rodea. El cine, los documentales y las series de televisión van a tener un gran protagonismo, pero tratados de forma muy diferente a como has visto hasta ahora; lo haremos de un modo transversal, es decir, escogemos un tema y lo trataremos a partir de producciones audiovisuales, por lo que cada semana dispondrás de un buen número de recomendaciones. Pero la propia naturaleza de El Peor Podcast nos llevará por innumerables derroteros: historia, ciencia, arte, literatura, política, cine... Queremos que te diviertas, que esperes con ansias un nuevo programa, que nos envíes tus sugerencias y que participes con nosotros. Por ello desde el primer momento hemos habilitado un correo electrónico,, y un perfil en Twitter, @ElPeorPodcast. Y por supuesto, nuestro blog: Anímate a seguirnos, a criticarnos, a sugerirnos.

By El Peor Podcast

Super Friends Super Show: Nights show

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Join your Super Friends for their THIRD line-wide reboot as they turn out the lights to get serious about superheroes &amp; friendship! Slip into something comfortable and prepare for some HOT news from the world of movies, TV, comics books and more ... And occasionally, pro-wrestling comes up ... And we end up apologizing a lot. Don't miss it!

By Super Friends Super Show: Nights