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We Couldn't Help But Wonder - A Journey Through Sex and the City show

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Mike Jensen has seen the Sex and the City series many times. Elise Castle has never seen a single episode. "We Couldn't Help But Wonder" what would happen if these two went on an episode by episode journey through the whole series. Join us as Mike watches for the (insert embarrassing number here) time and Elise is watching for the very first. We will discuss how the series holds up almost 20 years later, our own experiences living in NYC, and the debate over too much cranberry juice in the Cosmopolitan.

By Elise Castle and Mike Jensen

The Deconstruction Workers show

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A bi-weekly adventure into popular culture. Join Dr. Christopher Bell and his guest workers as they deconstruct everything from toys to Hamilton.

By Dr. Christopher Bell

Millionaire Millennial Podcast show

Millionaire Millennial PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Join pro Amazon sellers Jacob Hatfield and Jordan Kilburn as they talk about business strategies, building your Amazon business, and the many pitfalls to avoid along the way.

By Jordan Kilburn

Mostly Nitpicking show

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A weekly podcast where Nando and DJ analyze a pop culture thing by looking exclusively at the details.

By Mostly Nitpicking

Talking Monkeys: The Official 12 Monkeys Podcast show

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<p>Talking Monkeys is the official podcast for SYFY's original series, 12 Monkeys. Featuring co-creator and showrunner Terry Matalas as well as various cast members, each installment of Talking Monkeys dives deep into a specific episode with discussion, revelations, backstage secrets, things you didn't know, funny stories, questions answered and more. Warning: Spoilers abound! </p>


Comics In Motion Podcast show

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Weekly Podcast Reviewing Comic Book Based Media; TV, Movies and Games. Both hosts are passionate about the Media, with one coming from the Media side and one from the Comics. Filled with Spoilers, unless otherwise stated, we'll step through the reviews and give our thoughts, and of course have a few laughs along the way. Hosted by Dave Horrocks and Chris Phelps Enquiries:

By Whatever Entertainment

Puppet Tears show

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A new puppetry podcast bringing you interviews with all the stuffing.

By Adam Kreutinger

Jurassic Park Minute show

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Podcast by Jurassic Park Minute

By Jurassic Park Minute

The Horror Virgin show

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What’s your favorite scary movie?  Are you a fanatic or a fraidy-cat?  Love them or loathe them?  Either way, we’ve got you covered.  Each week, horror fans Clint and Jennifer will take horror virgin Todd through the encyclopedia of horror one movie at a time.  We’ll discuss classics like the Exorcist and Poltergeist as well as fan favorites like Urban Legend and Freddy vs. Jason with the occasional new release thrown in for good measure.  Clint will make us watch a Child’s Play sequel, Jennifer will gush over Stephen King, and Todd will scream like a little girl at every jump scare.  Every. Single. One.  It’s hilarious.  We won’t be providing running commentary of the movie, and we do promise to tell you how many times Todd pees on himself. Prepare yourself for spoilers, tangents, and lots of irreverent fun. Subscribe to The Horror Virgin to get your new episode every week Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @HorrorVirgin And make sure to join us as we tear Todd’s soul apart.

By The Horror Virgin

BUCKiT with Phil Keoghan show

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Phil has been sharing his adventures with television audiences all over the world and he has been lucky enough to hear fascinating stories from everyday and extraordinary people who refuse to take no for an answer -- unlikely heroes who have overcome obstacles and have taken on big challenges to pursue a life rich in experience.

By Phil Keoghan