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The Negative One Podcast show

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Welcome to the Negative One Podcast! Have you ever felt left out of a conversation about a piece of pop culture because you've just not bothered to consume it? Hosts Thomas and Matt have! They got so tired of exclaiming "how have you not seen this?!" that they decided to force each other to catch up. They each pick a movie, comic, album, or the like, and talk about their exposure to said piece every week, getting that item out of their Negative One column. Join them!

By Thomas and Matt

Jay and Dee's Podcast show

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Every week Jay and Dee do what they love, talking about a geek television or film topic while drinking alcohol!

By Jay and Dee

Strangers to the Multiplex: Movie, TV & Pop-Culture Chat show

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Join Rob, Rob, Katie and Darius on an exploration of the geeksphere. A bi-weekly podcast for fans of movies, tv, pop culture and witty banter! Each episode is hosted by a different member of the team, who sets the theme for discussion. Get involved by suggesting a theme at

By Stangerprime

Totally Pretentious:  A Podcast About Great Movies » Podcast Episodes show

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Totally Pretentious is a movie discussion podcast hosted by two movie dorks who would rather spend their weekends watching and talking about movies than taking out the garbage or just about any other mundane task. Of course, dorks though we may be, we’re still of the mindset that there are far too many great films that never get the awards recognition they deserve. Each month, we discuss one feature film, exploring its historical context, themes, legacy, and/or its artsy-ness.

By Shaun Duke and David Annandale

Everything is RAD! show

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Tim and Jarrad talk about RAD things like comedy, film, TV, sports, beer, video games, you know, RAD stuff... and attempt to be occasionally funny.

By RADelaide Media

Complete Sentences Podcast show

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Complete Sentences is a humorous window into the minds of regular dudes with a taste for the obscure. We interview artists of all types and provide a platform to introduce their craft to our "Ambassadors of the Future". We pick the brains of independent musicians, authors, film makers, painters, comedians, bloggers, podcasters and all around interesting people...and make time for crackin' wise. If you like to think, listen and chuckle, this is the show for you! Ambassadors of the Future Unite!

By Ty and Rocky K.

Digital Burrito Podcast Network show

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You asked for it, you got it: A master feed for all of the Digital Burrito podcasts -- including podcasts for The Walking Dead, Orphan Black, Technology News, Games of Thrones and more.

By Digital Burrito Network

Zombie Jamboree! A Walking Dead Podcast show

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A podcast dedicated to all things related to AMC's "The Walking Dead" series.

By Digital Burrito Network

The OrphanCast: An Orphan Black Podcast show

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The OrphanCast: An Orphan Black Podcast: A podcast that focuses on all things related to The Orphan Black series.

By The Digital Burrito Network

Manic Puppy show

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Weekly gaming news featuring some crazy dogs who get together to chat about video games and the other awesome nerdy things we love! New episodes posted every Friday. Hosted by Justin Giangiuli, Ryan Giangiuli, Mic Fortuna, Sean Wiggins, and Brian Hock.

By Manic Puppy