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		 Making Waves: A Freshwater Science Podcast

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We disseminate current research in the aquatic sciences to a general audience through a semi-monthly podcast. Our goal is to frame recent high-profile research papers or career achievements in the broader context of current environmental and scientific issues and discuss how the guests arrived at these discoveries. We interview a wide variety of scientists ranging from graduate students to tenured professors from a diversity of countries and backgrounds.

By Stephen Elser, Julie Kelso, Erin Larson, Eric Moody

The Tiara Talk Show show

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THE TIARA TALK SHOW is a Disney-themed podcast that includes interviews with those who have worked for The Walt Disney Company.

By Tammy Tuckey

Marvel's Runaways After-Show Podcast show

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Recapping every episode of Marvel & Hulu's RUNAWAYS, Jason, Cass, and Scott will unofficially dive to the depths of teen angst, relationship drama, superpowers, and more! New episodes every Wednesday.

By TMBC Productions/Dueling Genre: Marvel, Hulu, Runaways, Comics, MCU, Brian K. Vaughan, Adrian Alphona, comic books, afterbuzz, recap, post show, marvel movie news, after show, avengers, defenders

The Cryptocurrency Investing Podcast show

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Welcome to the official podcast for Cryptocurrency Investing. In these podcasts we cover interviews with ICO founders, breaking news and events, and all other topic related to crypto including our regular livestreams. Click subscribe to stay up to date on all the latest developments across the cryptocurrency space

By Cryptocurrency Investing

PropSwap show

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PropSwap is the first marketplace for people to buy and sell sports bets. Before PropSwap, your bet either won and you got everything, or your bet lost and you got nothing. But now with PropSwap, you have a third option! Bets no longer need to win in order to make money, they just need to improve. The PropSwap Podcast will help you learn how to use PropSwap Marketplace effectively. Each week we will break down good Buy Lows (teams you should bet on because their odds will improve) and good Sell Highs (teams you should get out of before it's too late). We'll also recap interesting stories from the week and interview industry experts.

By PropSwap: marketplace to buy & sell sports bets

NBA + Stuff show

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Similar to his youtube channel, FunkyDiabetic discusses NBA teams, players, and coaches. Unlike his youtube channel, he touches on movies, tv shows, music, and any other media that interests him.

By FunkyDiabetic

Mighty Men of Mouse: Your Unofficial Walt Disney World Podcast show

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The Mighty Men of Mouse Podcast is a high adventure show dedicated to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Topics other than Walt Disney World include general travel tips and stories. Started in 2011, this podcast focuses on unique and interesting WDW topics and games that help to shed light on our favorite vacation destination. If you enjoy whacky hypotheticals, the business of tourism, and a critical, but fair analysis of all the happenings in Walt Disney World, MMOM is the show for you. Come join us and have fun!

By Mighty Men of Mouse

Mountain & Prairie Podcast show

Mountain & Prairie PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Interviews with innovators of the American West. Guests include ranchers, writers, athletes, artists, adventurers, conservationists, entrepreneurs—anyone who’s doing important work and has an interesting story to tell. Through informal yet substantive conversations, Ed Roberson introduces you to these fascinating characters, giving you a better understanding of their careers, influences, and outlooks, as well as a deeper appreciation for life in the American West.

By Ed Roberson

Butterfly Story Collective Podcast: stories of immigration and immigrant experience show

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The Butterfly Story Collective is a network of local storytelling projects produced by immigrants and about the immigrant experience in the United States. This podcast features stories shared by participants in those local projects from all over the country.

By Butterfly Story Collective

How to Survive the End of the World show

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The Brown Sisters are learning from the apocalypse with grace, rigor and curiosity. Autumn Brown is a queer science fiction writer, a theologian, a mother of dragons, and healing justice facilitator for social movements living in rural Minnestoa. Most recently she has been published in Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements and Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines. adrienne maree brown is a writer, facilitator of black liberation work, auntie extraordinaire, doula and pleasure activist. She is the author of Emergent Strategy and co-editor of Octavia's Brood.

By The Brown Sisters