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Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast show

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Interviews with the top people in the Bitcoin world about blockchain technology. Your host is Trace Mayer, J.D. recommended Bitcoin around a nickel and has invested in key infrastructure such as (1) Armory - the most secure Bitcoin wallet, (2) Bitpay - the largest Bitcoin merchant processor, (3) Kraken - the largest Euro and best Bitcoin exchange and (4) Bitcoin Magazine where he is on the Editorial Board. He has helped many people profit by demonstrating a significant documented foresight and prognostication ability in the money, currency and payment markets and developments. Gold, Bitcoin, blockchain, silver, finance and economics. Monetary science applied to current events. This wrapup will teach you about sound money and cutting edge technologies to help you protect, preserve and grow your wealth during The Great Credit Contraction holders of capital are increasingly seeking safety and liquidity. Mr. Mayer has degrees in accounting and law and has studied the Austrian school of economics. He has authored several books including The Great Credit Contraction and How To Vanish, operates two popular blogs RunToGold and HowToVanish, speaks internationally at investment conferences like the industry leading Cambridge House and is involved in many entrepreneurial ventures. Gold has been the penultimate safe haven throughout millennia and will remain the Ancient Metal of Kings. But the new decentralized peer-to-peer censorship-resistant blockchain technology, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, has set a new standard for liquidity. Bitcoin allow users to send any amount of money to any other person instantly without a fee to anywhere in the world without any restrictions whatsoever. Because bitcoins are a sterile asset, like gold, any rise in price functions as a wealth transfer from other assets in the economy to holders of bitcoins on the blockchain. For the past decade the fiat currency collapse has continued unabated with all major fiat currencies falling relative to gold. But at the same time over the past couple years gold has completely collapsed relative to Bitcoin; gold’s performance relative to Bitcoin is worse than the Argentina Peso against the USD. The market has a way of financially rewarding the solutions, instead of refuges, because they add more value to society. And that is what gold’s currency collapse relative to Bitcoin is signaling; a massive wealth transfer has started from holders of assets in the traditional fiat currency system, gold, silver, etc. and other assets to holders of bitcoins. To learn more:

By Trace Mayer, J.D.

The Startup & Marketing Podcast - From Devology show

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Rob Wilson and Michael Glazebrook share their experiences running their own bootstrapped startup, Devology Ltd. They are specialising in Software-as-a-service (SaaS) product development and are new to marketing. This podcast covers their journey, they share their highs and lows of product development and marketing. If you need bite-sized marketing tips or suggestions for developing your own product, then this is the podcast for you!

By Rob Wilson, Michael Glazebrook

Linen Company show

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Managing a restaurant means a lot more than just food to prepare! Click this site for more information on linen company.

Linen Company show

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Managing a restaurant means a lot more than just food to prepare! Click this site for more information on linen company. It is not only serving tasty food to your customers but there are many other factors that make a restaurant popular. To maintain the reputation of the restaurant you must hire the best linen company. Follow us

By Linen Company

BMWUSA VODCast - All Videos show

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Power and efficiency. Innovation and style. Racing and heritage. Everything that goes into a BMW is about to go right into your hand. The BMW vodcast videos will bring it all to your mobile device—from news about concept cars and upcoming models to technology demonstrations and vehicles in pulse-pounding action. Subscribe for free, hit play, and give your adrenaline the rush it deserves.

By BMW of North America

Sell Yourself Online Podcast with Jane Copeland show

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Jane Copeland, author of Boardroom to Baby and founder of, Fairy Blogmother and Online business strategist helping women establish their businesses online and become famous to their audience, chats to thought leaders and business leaders and tried to deconstruct how some of the most successful emerging business have created, positioned and packaged their businesses online and share their success tips with you.

By Jane Copeland

Commercial Hard Money Loans' Podcast show

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Visit this site for more information on commercial hard money loans. A commercial hard money loan is a non-conventional commercial real estate loan that is not made by a traditional bank. The primary rationale for a small business considering a commercial hard money loan is that traditional commercial financing options are not viable. Therefore acquire the best commercial hard money loans. Follow us:

By Commercial Hard Money Loans

Optometrist redondo Beach show

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Visit this site for more information on optometrist Redondo Beach. Optometrists are those who are in a line of work that concerns with the eyes including the vision of the eyes, visual systems. They are the ones who prescribe your glasses, treat eye diseases and vision problems. Although they are not allowed to perform surgery, they are the ones who offer pre or post surgical care to the patients. Henceforth, choose the best optometrist Redondo beach. Follow us :

By Eye Doctor In Torrance

Eye Doctor in Torrance show

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Check this link right here for more information on Eye Doctor In Torrance.

Teenage Entrepreneur with Jordan Agolli show

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Have you ever thought that you don’t have what it takes to start a business? Have you ever wanted to be part of a community that is filled with positive, like minded entrepreneurs? If you’re anything like me, then you’re in the right place. Teenage Entrepreneur features rockstar entrepreneurs sharing their stories from when they were your age, experiencing the same struggles and jumping over the same hurdles. Get ready to inspire, educate, and take action with your host, Jordan Agolli.

By Building a community that inspires and educates teens to pursue entrepreneurship.