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omelete show

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O maior e mais completo site sobre entretenimendo do Brasil. No ar desde 2000 falando sobre Cinema, Histórias em Quadrinhos, Música, Séries de TV, Games e outras "popices".

By Omelete

Overkligt » Podcast show

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Overkligt är en podcast om de parallella världar och alternativa verkligheter vi ständigt flyr till i spel och film. Av och med veteranrösterna Victor Leijonhufvud, Christer Engström och Johan Hallstan.

By Overkligt

Knit.Spin.Cake show

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A podcast for people who like to knit, spin and eat cake!

By Knit.Spin.Cake

Under The Radar (Games) show

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Under The Radar (Games) is a weekly podcast that covers new and old games that slip through the cracks of other games media outlets. Our three step process is designed to emulate the typical player's experience. First we discuss our expectations for the game based on how much or little we know before playing it. Second, after a ten minute play through, we discuss immediate first impressions. Finally, if we think the title is worth a deeper look, we go in for the long haul and play long enough to provide a broader description of what the game has to offer. Hosted by Blake Leftwich of Salute Games and formerly of Gamebot Online, Matthew Taylor of The Robot Gamer and Stephen Smith of and Video Game Collector. New episodes released every Thursday. Contact us at mailtheradar[at] or follow us at


Couch Potato Podcast show

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A podcast devoted to the rants and raves of a couple of couch potatoes. Jeff and Joe talk about whatever is on their minds. Discussion is usually about TV, movies, video games, tech gadgets, etc). Visit us at or give us a call on the SPUD line: (949) 436-SPUD (7783).

By The Couch Potato

Staggering Stories Podcast show

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A fortnightly podcast, featuring random thoughts from the Staggering Stories team. Mainly featuring discussion on television Science Fiction such as Doctor Who, Firefly, Star Trek and so many more. Also general randomness on MMOs and all manner of other geek topics! Come and join in on the insanity! NOTE: This feed aggregates all of our podcast output, that includes our regular fortnightly podcasts, our audio commentaries, our musings podcasts, etc. See our website for individual feeds

By The Staggering Stories Team

Cross the Streams Radio Show show

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What happens when you mix a theme being that of Ghostbusters with elements of a late night talk show? You get…The Cross the Streams Radio The objective of our show is to pull Ghostbuter fans and to share a few laughs along the way. The show is made by Ghostbuster fans, for Ghostbuster fans, as the show deals with anything Ghostbusters related, either it is news about a new film or if it’s remembering the old cartoons, or even about the video games based on the franchise. On the show we say what is on our mind, and with every show there is a table discussion with other enthusiastic Ghostbuster fans from all over the world. However, we do warn you we can occasionally let a swear slip here or there, so please enter at your own risk. Any questions or concerns can be addressed to the following email address:

By Brendan Mertens, Matt Prov with Robin Shelby and Ghostbuster Fans

OutDPS! » Hunting Party Podcast show

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Frostheim, Darkbrew, and Euripides get together each week to discuss the hunter class in World of Warcraft

By Frostheim, Darkbrew, and Euripides

Model Railcast Video show

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Model Railroad and Model Trains Talk, News and Reviews, How Tos, and much more. Join Hosts Ryan Andersen, Craig Bisgeier and John Gardiner IV and the gang as they discuss the many fascinating aspects of the greatest hobby in the world, know as Model Railroading. Created By: Ryan Andersen Produced By: Ryan Andersen Copyright (c) 2007 - 2011 - All Rights Reserved

By Ryan Andersen

友的聊播客 show

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2011 年有一天,友藏问 JLee,我们是不是可以聊一个胡来的播客?从裸婚到儿时的动画片,从苹果发布会到邀请科技圈的各种朋友做客嘉宾,《友的聊》默默的更新了超过 2 年,超过 230 期节目。播客的名字叫做“友的聊”,在这就像一个朋友的聊天播客,聊每个人每天听得见看得到能明白的话题。两年我们的声音不经意间让数以万计的人听见,收到了几百张来自世界各地飞来的明信片。2012 年获得苹果 iTunes 中文播客“最佳社会与文化 ”科技脱口秀播客推荐,我们也遵循初衷把友的聊做的更好玩儿。改变一两个人,传播互联网正能量。 ||||【官网】【微博】@友的聊播客【微信号】ydlbkcom

By 友的聊播客