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The Obsolete Gamer Show  show

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Where the gaming world comes to talk about subjects important to them and to you. We love to hear from our community and will continue to bring you interviews and discussions that are entertaining, intelligent and informative.

By J.A. Laraque

Grown Ass Men show

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We are men without maturity. A group of people who have been given the oppurtunity to grow up and said "nah we're good."

By Grown Ass Men

Matt In The Man Cave show

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We review, talk, make fun of, and sometimes speculate on Video Games. Brook Hubbs and Matt Howes along with an assortment of gamers and friends get together to see what's going on! Tune in weekly to get the latest info, some nostalgia about older games and our opinions without filter.

By Matt In The Man Cave

Co-Opticast show

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Listen as the folks from discuss the latest news in the world of video games as it pertains to co-op gaming.

By Co-Optimus Staff

Dos Games Hub show

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A working guy plays dos games and talks about them

By Dos Gamer

RuneScape show

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Welcome to the official home of our fabulous podcasts! Now you can listen to hours of interesting talks and endless discussions about the game.

By Jagex Games Studio

We Hate Bards Podcasts show

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Podcasts of role playing sessions

By admin

The Tangenter Podcast show

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Ever wonder how you get to those seemingly random conclusions in conversations? NO. We don't either join us on our journey through, movies, music, games and more in our monthly podcast. We don't know which tangent is next, do you? Follow @thetangenter on twitter, like, comment, subscribe!

By Matthew

The Avenging Hour show

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Jason and John present this podcast as your ultimate guide to Earth's Mightiest Heroes: The Avengers. We'll cover each issue of the Marvel Comics mainstays from 1963 to present - explaining plots, documenting membership, outlining adversaries, and placing it all in the politics of the times. Face front, True Believers, and enjoy The Avenging Hour!

By Jason & John

Under the Crossbones - The Pirate Podcast show

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Join comedian, musician, and pirate geek Phil Johnson as he explores the history and pop culture of pirates. Interviews with leading historians, actors, artists, writers, musicians, pirate festival organizers, and more. From Captain Charles Johnson’s “A General History of Pirates” to JM Barrie’s Captain Hook to Errol Flynn’s swashbuckling cinematic adventures to Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean juggernaut, pirates have captured the world’s imagination for hundreds of years. This show dives deep into the pirate community to talk to the people that bring the stories and history to vibrant life. You’ll also find they us that history of criminals and cutthroats to make the world a better place through charity work and a sunny outlook on life. Whether you’re an old salt with your own cutlass or a someone who just thinks Johnny Depp looks cool with a braid in his hair, the colorful characters in Under the Crossbones are sure to take you away from your day to day and drag you kicking and screaming out to sea.

By Phil Johnson: Comedian, Musician, and Pirate Geek