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Comics Therapy show

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A Weekly* Podcast with @andreashock & @aaronmeyers talking about the bigger issues in life using comics as the starting point.

By Comics Therapy Show

Frag Tag Radio show

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Explosive Xbox 360 & Video Game Podcasting. Resistance is futile.

By Frag Tag Radio

++Good Games (Double Plus Good Games) Podcast show

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++Good Games is based on the concept of "Newspeak" proposed in George Orwell's book "1984." Newspeak stemmed from idea that there were simply too many words to describe the same thing. The basic concept behind Newspeak was to remove all shades of meaning from language boiling dialog down to simple dichotomies: pleasure and pain, happiness and sadness, good and evil. ++Good Games believes that the Dystopian (often post-apocalyptic) "1984″ premise is not only being used as a graphic backdrop for today’s games (Half Life 2, Bioshock, Fallout, et al) but it is also being used in the industry's game reviews system. reducing the need for deep thinking and conversation about games. This ever-expanding games industry shows no signs of slowing down. New gamers are coming onboard every day and older gamers are spreading the gamer-demographic across five (or more) decades. With iPhones, 3DS and downloadable games lowering the barrier for entry into this pastime, we are absolutely in a Golden Age of gaming.

By Bauer Graphics, Inc.

Cross the Streams Radio Show show

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What happens when you mix a theme being that of Ghostbusters with elements of a late night talk show? You get…The Cross the Streams Radio The objective of our show is to pull Ghostbuter fans and to share a few laughs along the way. The show is made by Ghostbuster fans, for Ghostbuster fans, as the show deals with anything Ghostbusters related, either it is news about a new film or if it’s remembering the old cartoons, or even about the video games based on the franchise. On the show we say what is on our mind, and with every show there is a table discussion with other enthusiastic Ghostbuster fans from all over the world. However, we do warn you we can occasionally let a swear slip here or there, so please enter at your own risk. Any questions or concerns can be addressed to the following email address:

By Brendan Mertens, Matt Prov with Robin Shelby and Ghostbuster Fans

Click's Plumbing Information show

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Providing general plumbing information for the general public. We are the best plumber for your emergency plumbing, toilet repair, water heater, tankless water heater, kitchen sink, bathroom, plus many other plumbing services. Our plumbers treat you with respect.

By Click's Plumbing

Shauncastic! show

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Shauntastic! is nerdiness made cool! We know you’re out there, and Shaun and his guests are here to bring you to the front with irreverent discussions on everything geeky and nerdy. Love video games? Movies? Roleplaying games? Sci-Fi? Fantasy and all those other geeky things? We’ll bring them to life with discussions that will challenge you and humor that will make it hard to hold your bladder. We’re all adults here and we’ll use adult language, so make sure the young ‘uns aren’t close by. Stand proud and listen. NOW you nerd!

By Shauncastic!

Great Podcast Banzai's Podcast show

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An epic audio adventure about all things Manga and Anime hosted by Mikey, Andy, and J-Rub. Tune in every Saturday as they recap and discuss the new issues/episodes of the Big Three in addition to monthly, lesser known, and their favorite series.

By Great Podcast Banzai

Legends Podcast show

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Here we discuss Movie Legends, and Legendary Movies. Cult, Classic, New, Old, Original, Sequels, Reboot, remake and more, for better, or worst.

By Gonna Geek Network

That Gamer Podcast show

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That Gamer Podcast is a weekly video gaming show hosted by two broke college graduates. Brandon and Ben put a twist on the traditional gaming format with personality-based banter, mildly offensive behavior, and everything you kind of wanted to know about video gaming and its culture. Delivered straight to your door every Friday and jam-packed with the only the hottest scoops, latest releases, and nerdium that is video gaming, all in beautiful HD.

By That Gamer Podcast

Formula 1 feed show

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The Journal of F1 Opinion. If you like F1, Podcasts and sharing you opinion with decorum and civility, then is for you.

By Formula 1 Blog.Com