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The Phoenix Podcast show

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This show has an uncut and raw opinion on all things movies, Music, TV, & Videogames. Tune in every week for new episodes from your host Marc "Phoenix" Washington, Eddie and Dio.

By Phoenix Project

PopQuizzical show

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A pop quiz on subjects you want to know more about, or should have paid more attention to in school. Voice actor Bob Ball brings fun to learning on every episode of PopQuizzical!

By Bob Ball

Gamerland Podcast show

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“Gamers, this is the second funniest thing you’ll ever hear.” Hang out with comedian Justin Worsham (Showtime and Blue Collar Radio) and actor Kevin Miller (the voice of Sly Cooper) as they discuss games with game developers, voice talent and each other. We love video games, pc games and sometimes board games and promise to give you the second funniest podcast you’ll ever hear.

By Justin Worsham and Kevin Miller

WWPD News From the Front show

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Miniature gaming, painting, and modelling discussed by several solid dudes. Mostly Historical, but not limited in scope.


The Pace Motorcycle Podcast show

The Pace Motorcycle PodcastJoin Now to Follow

We talk motorcycles, riding, touring, tech, maintenance and everything else you can think of.

By James Reazor and Chris Hornberger

Knitting Rose Podcast show

Knitting Rose PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Where I talk a little about knitting, family and anything that interests me.

By Lise Wilson

Sanspants Radio show

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A comedy podcast run by a group of Melbourne based 20somethings covering a variety of ideas from hypothesising if the Imperial Army is kinda racist (it is) to wondering how long at sea you'd have to be to try and have sex with a dugong (not very). If you've ever wanted to listen to people ​stand by their poorly researched "facts" while discussing the wider implications of a multiple-man, then this is the podcast for you.

By Sanspants Radio

Talking Scuba (HD Video Edition) show

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Talking Scuba is an entertainment and educational HD video netcast covering the sport of recreational scuba diving. Providing in-depth interviews, news commentary, reviews, and fun adventure stories.

By Evolving Creativity, LLC

Tome Show Productions Prime show

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Get the entire Tome Show Production line-up of shows including D&D reviews, interviews, advice, and con coverage, the Book Club, Dice Monkey Radio, Gamer to Gamer, and more...

By Tome Show Productions

Manga Out Loud show

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Manga discussion hosted by Ed Sizemore & Johanna Draper Carlson of

By Ed Sizemore