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The Nik Ingersoll Show show

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Nik Ingersöll is a self-made serial entrepreneur, award-winning designer and Forbes Under 30 inductee. Nik explores the eclectic and eccentric minds of some of the world's interesting homo sapiens and gives the advice, tools and actionable tactics to start and grow your business. Ingersöll is also well known as Co-Founder & CMO of Barnana, a DEMO Launchpad Alumni of Silicon Valley and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Practitioner.

By Nik Ingersöll

Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival 2019 show

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The Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival was held between the 9th and 12th of May 2019. The festival hosted 36 events over four days, and these are a few of the highlights.

By Various

iksvy art talks show

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We sit down with and dissect the minds of the overlooked artists & art professionals who create in, or have called Eastern Europe home.

By iksvy art talks

The Speaker Station Podcast show

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Being a persuasive public speaker can be rewarding, yet it can also be extremely daunting. Learning from others who have walked the path you're on helps you overcome the challenges you're facing. Listen in to The Speaker Station Podcast where we share ideas, techniques, and advice that help you more effectively speak in front of others — whether you’re presenting in meetings, speaking on stage, or selling to prospects. If you're a veteran speaker, just starting out on your speaking journey, or use presentation skills in your chosen field, you're going to love The Speaker Station podcast.

By Peter George

Photography Podcast show

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“Expand your Photography Knowledge” Photomission Exposure: we talk to photographers from all different backgrounds each episode we bring you their stories, each guest offering something for us to learn. Photomission Focus Discussing Photography hosts Terri and Stephen short 20min discussions about different photography subjects where we all learn something new.

By Photomission

My Marriage Podcast show

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MyMarriage podcast address the issues and challenges faced in marriage by couples and provide tips and advice on how to resolve it. Each episode leaves a stong inspirational message to couples which can be applied to enhance their marriage.Host Uche has over a decade marriage experience and so deeply understand the issues and struggles couples face daily to sustain their marriage. Marriage is filled with ups and downs but with the right advice you can enjoy and have a successful marriage. Join our Patron Membership here: MyMarriage podcast is available on all podcast App. You can subscribe here and remember to share with friends and family. For enquiries both personal and business you can reach me at

By Uche

Sardonicast show

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We're Sardonicast! A podcast featuring the "talents" of Ralph (RalphTheMovieMaker), Alex (I Hate Everything) and Adam (Your Movie Sucks).

By Sardonicast

Brotherhood Without Manners - A Game of Thrones reread Podcast show

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Brotherhood Without Manners is a full spoiler reread podcast that analyzes and discusses the Song of Ice and Fire book series written by George R.R. Martin. A podcast by Game of Thrones fans, for Game of Thrones fans. Edited, but not censored.

By Brotherhood Without Manners

Let's talk about Electric Vehicles show

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A sound mixture of science and passionate vision will introduce the audience to market dynamics, infrastructure challenges, raw material scarcities, and many more electric car related topics.With the rising popularity of electric mobility comes along a vast number of uncertainties. Statements of profit-driven manufacturers contradict those of change refusing conservatives, leaving basic questions open. Let’s talk about Electric Vehicles provides unbiased and factual information about electric cars in an easygoing explanatory manner.

By Teresa Rennhofer and Theo Michel

Ask Me About My Wood show

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Arturo Sosa The Chop Master, PJ Fetscher from the Evolution of Tables, and Chris Giffrow from Cow Dog Craft Works, are three woodworkers, makers, and content creators talking about important topics in the space while littering in a mess of jokes and nonsense.

By Arturo Sosa The Chop Master, PJ Fetscher from the Evolution of Tables, and Chris Giffrow from Cow Dog Craft Works