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Baitjet show

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Welcome to baitjet podcast I will be uploading freestyles, written verses and anything that i think you will enjoy

By Juan Santos / Anchor

SongVersation  show

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I am India.Arie / India Arie and SongVersation is a podcast where I choose one of my songs, we listen to it, and I riff on it! Simple as that! #songversationpodcast #indiaarie

By India Arie / India.Arie / Anchor

Radio Africa Online Mixes show

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"FIVE STARS. Superlative. If other podcasts were held to the standard established by Radio Africa Online, there could be no other podcasts. It is consistently that good. The dj has a talent for finding and mixing some of the most interesting music that you will ever hear, sing along with or dance to. Do you have speakers and need a party to break out at your location and last until sunup tomorrow? Get this subscription, clear space to dance and turn it up loud. Everything else will happen." -Michael McNicholas, iTunes Store, Nov. 18, 2013

By dj.henri

Brooke & Jubal show

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Catch Brooke & Jubal weekday mornings on NOW 96.3 from 6am-10am. Here's what you can expect on the show... Jubal’s Phone Taps – Jubal brings you hilarious prank calls with unsuspecting targets. Listeners can submit requests to prank their friends and family. Second Date – Brooke & Jubal take calls from listeners who went on a date, and are getting blown off for the second date. Brooke & Jubal call their prospective listeners to find out why they are not getting the call back. Loser Line - When CREEPERS hit on you, at the club or even at your family reunion, don’t give them your REAL PHONE NUMBER… give them the Loser Line Number. They’ll call us and leave us a nice weird little message that we can play ON THE AIR! Awkward Tuesday Phone Call – If you need to have an awkward conversation. Brooke and Jubal will give you their advice, just as long as you agree to have the awkward conversation on the air!

By Brooke & Jubal

Painting the Roses Red show

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"Celebrating 7 years of my album, Red Roses. Special guests includes producer Jesse Barrera, Tori Kelly, and the original band who recorded on the album. Join us as we reminisce about 2011 and why this album meant so much to us." - AJ

By AJ Rafael

Music History Monday show

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Exploring Music History with Professor Robert Greenberg one Monday at a time. Every Monday Robert Greenberg explores some timely, perhaps intriguing and even, if we are lucky, salacious chunk of musical information relevant to that date, or to … whatever. If on (rare) occasion these features appear a tad irreverent, well, that’s okay: we would do well to remember that cultural icons do not create and make music but rather, people do, and people can do and say the darndest things.<br>

By Music History Monday

Subduction Audio: The Mixes show

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Podcast by subductionaudio

By subductionaudio

Musician's RealTalk show

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Add a description here.

By Glenn Douglas

Battiti show

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Other music

By Rai Radio3

Kdave Speaks show

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A podcast made for us, by us! Raw truths and facts only. Sugar coaters not welcome!

By Kdave Speaks