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WNC Original Music show

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Original music from Western North Carolina musicians, including live performances, studio and remote recordings with interviews, buskers, and anything else I can think of. But the best part is you can listen to it wherever you are.

By WNC Original Music

Cheap Talk with Trick Chat show

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"Ooh, it's so good to see you, I couldn't wait another day"

By Cheap Talk Staff

Calm Pills - Relaxing Uplifting Music show

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Calm Pills are peaceful atmospheric mixes designed to help you completely relax your mind and body so you can tune out the noise and tune in serenity.

By Uplifting Pills

New Music Friday show

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Podcast by Kevin and Nick

By Kevin and Nick

“روضة البلابل” - “Rawdat al-Balabel” by AMAR show

“روضة البلابل” - “Rawdat al-Balabel” by AMARJoin Now to Follow

Since we launched the “Foundation for Arabic Music Archiving and Research”, our first priority has been to spread the rare musical heritage in our possession. Since 2009, we have decided to resort to the periodic publishing of CDs. We have started this as we have also decided to produce and to conduct a research for broadcast programs on the Internet drawn from our archives. These broadcast programs remained projects until our foundation reached an agreement with the Sharjah Art Foundation to work in partnership in order to conduct the execution of this project. This is how our broadcast will start, with two weekly programs, throughout the year, uploaded simultaneously on the Sharjah Art Foundation’s and our Foundation’s web sites. Each program will be 30 minutes to 45 minutes long and will be available to all as every person can listen to the programs or download them on his personal computer. It is also possible to read the programs in Arabic or their English translation. The subjects are defined and use the treasures of our archives, treating every subject as required. All these programs -two a week- will always be available on both Foundations’ web sites: two music libraries from which music amateurs can take what they like. منذ أن أطلقنا "مؤسسة التوثيق والبحث في الموسيقة العربية" كان همنا الأول نشر الإرث الموسيقي النادر الذي في حوزتنا، ومنذ 2009 قررنا أن نلجأ للإصدار الدوري للسي دي، وقد باشرنا بذلك، كما قررنا إنتاج وبث برامج أذاعية على الشبكة اللألكترونية مستقاة من أرشيفنا. هذة البرنامج الإذاعية بقت في صيغة المشروع الى أن اتفقت مؤسستنا مع مؤسسة الشارقة للفنون للتعاون من أجل وضع هذا المشروع حيز التنفيذ. وهكذا سينطلق مذياعنا ببرنامجين أسبوعيين، على مدار السنة، يُرفعان في نفس الوقت على موقع مؤسسة الشارقة للفنون ومؤسستنا. وكل برنامج سيدوم بين نصف ساعة وخمسة وأربعين دقيقة، وسيكون بتصرف الجميع إذ يمكن لأي شخص أن يستمع للبرنامج أو أن ينزله على حاسوبه الخاص، وبالإمكان أيضاً قراءة البرنامج باللغة العربية أو بالترجمة الإنكليزية. أما المواضيع فهي محددة تستعمل كنوز أرشيفنا وتعالج كل موضوع بما يستحق من معالجة. وكل هذه البرامج أي أثنين في الأسبوع ستكون دائما متوفرة على موقع المؤسستين بحيث يصبح الموقعين خزانتي موسيقى ينهل منهما محبي الموسيقى ما طاب لهم.


All Our Favorite People show

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The All Our Favorite People podcast is a place for longtime friends and Nashville-based media personalities Ashley Eicher and Hunter Kelly to share with you all about the music, movies, books, TV and whatever else they’re loving that week. Drawing on their respective backgrounds at ABC News and Rolling Stone, the show also features in-depth conversations with Ashley and Hunter’s favorite artists and celebrities where you will hear things you aren’t going to hear anywhere else. They also know how to have fun, and you can expect a lot of laughs in every episode.

By Ashley and Hunter

Conic Section show

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Frankie Volo ( Dj, Remixer, Records Producer, Frankie Volo has a long experience in the electronic music scene, using a bunch of influences in his eclectic live set: house hypnotic groove techno electro dirty sounds. Over the past decades Frankie caught the attention of many promoters around the world from Miami to Spain, playing regularly at festivals and parties, supporting the legendary names of the underground electronic music scenes such as Miami Music Week, WMC, Amsterdam Dance Event, IMS Ibiza, clubs such as The Bunker 1829, The Space, LIV Club, Twist and Rumi, Salt & Papper, El Hotel Pacha..and many others His label Conic and to share his passion with around the world. The aim is to provide a platform for emerging artists, especially those using quality and innovative sounds. Frankie wanted to tear down the barrier between artists and labels, and as a result Conic became internationally known for showing the hottest new talent in the scene. Frankie Volo brings the atmosphere to a boil, he fills each room with real robust and impetuous sound; Music from the heart but also for the mind. ********************************** Worldwide Bookings:

By Frankie Volo

Digital Society Podcast show

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The Official Weekly Digital Society Podcast

By Digital Society


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INTO THE WOODS ist die mitreißende, moderne Verfilmung einiger der beliebtesten Märchen der Gebrüder Grimm und verknüpft komisch und gefühlvoll zugleich die klassischen Erzählungen von Aschenputtel, Rotkäppchen, Hans und die Bohnenranke und Rapunzel zu einer ganz neuen Geschichte. Basierend auf dem Broadway-Erfolg „Into the Woods“ inszenierte Rob Marshall, Regisseur des Oscar®-prämierten Filmmusicals CHICAGO, den musikalischen Welterfolg mit einem fulminanten Starensemble darunter Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Emily Blunt, Chris Pine und Anna Kendrick.

By Disney

The Prodcast with Chris Punsalan show

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Nerding out about music by myself or with a guest. Most of the time i'm by myself.

By Chris Punsalan / Anchor