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The Nashville Nobody Knows show

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29 minute interview and performance featuring Great music outside the mainstream radio machine. Sponsored by Tower Records and Mailsteward, for archiving your email on the``quotes from listeners: "I love this podcast!" " This is the best podcast I 've found yet!"" I never would have known about this weeks artist without the Nashville Nobody Knows. Thank you, Candace"

Dark Meat: Music For Depressives » DarkMeat show

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Not all pop music makes you feel good… some makes you feel really bad. Some just reinforces the rotten mood you were already in. Sometimes that’s just what you need. Here then is the soundtrack of your dampened existance, your medicated time here on Earth. If you have a friend, tell him/her about it!

By Daniel K.



The best in underground death metal, powerviolence, hip-hop and everything else that doesn't suck interspersed with oddball comedy and the musings of a drunken misanthrope named Hideous.

By Hideous

TalentWatch Radio show

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TalentWatch Radio features the hottest emerging, independent music artists on - where fans decide who deserves to be discovered, and industry professionals play a role in their rise to fame. TalentWatch Radio is hosted and produced by Hugh Hession. For consideration, register with today!


Cursive Script Podcasts - Kingston Writing School - Kingston University London show

Cursive Script Podcasts - Kingston Writing School - Kingston University LondonJoin Now to Follow

New fiction, poetry, drama and the occasional literary-themed interview and essay, read by authors and actors, and mixed with music and sound. Produced by the Kingston Writing School, London.

By Kingston Writing School

The Deucecast show

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A comedy podcast with pop culture repercussions, we record our weekly show on Wednesdays 9PM CDT. Join live and chat or tweet with us, or subscribe to the podcast and leave us phone messages with your questions as you listen at your leisure. The more the merrier, so thanks for tuning in!

By The Deucecast

Milk of Minutia Podcast show

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A podcast featuring musings between two "brothers from different mothers" on all facets of current events, entertainment, social observations and the like.

By Milk of Minutia Podcast

The 500 stories of Mr. Neill show

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This podcast features Mr. Neill of fame telling his trademark anticlimactic stories. New episodes feature 5 rambling stories. Following each story is a scratchy 78 RPM record. Who is singing/playing on these records? A hot mix of obscure/dead people. The 41-year-old podcaster has mad generation-x street cred. After 10 years of teaching high school Math in Chicago, Mr. Neill has spent the last 6 years in Pittsburgh “working” as a stay-at-home dad. While his kids are at school, Mr. Neill tears apart and rebuilds his fancy house. In Pittsburgh fancy houses cost next to nothing.

By Mr. Neill

CJC Music Radio Network show

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On The Cutting Edge Of The Revolution``As more people are drawn to the Internet as a means of entertainment and information, the CJC MusicRadio Network is leading the way with new innovations in both. We deal with a multitude of subjects regarding the music, film, art and publishing industries. Whether it's how to get your career on track, contract negations, copyright information, how to use social media, introduction to new artists and their music or just pure's all on The CJC MusicRadio Network.````We Give You Factual & Actionable News You Can Use!``We don't have showcases with people sitting around pontificating and musing about various and sundry goings-on in the industry, we give you the information you need right now! Information you need to become and stay successful in the entertainment industry. From the performer who's just starting out, or hoping to break into, the entertainment business to the seasoned pro, the CJC MusicRadio Network has the essentials you need.````Knowledge Is Power!``The CJC MusicRadio Network gives you the knowledge to take control of your own destiny and shape your career with a wide variety of legal, music and business showcases. It's the fundamentals of the business you won't get anywhere else.````In Short...``No matter what level or aspect of the entertainment business you're involved in, the CJC MusicRadio Network has expertise and knowledge to share with you to help your career flourish.````Our audience and show hosts include, performers, artists, composers, comedians, managers, booking agents, marketers, designers, actors, authors, attorneys, film makers – anyone and everyone who is interested in, wants to be or is a part of the music and entertainment industry.````Our Showcases``Check the listings above for a list of our showcases. Click the showcase that interests you and find out more. It's exciting. It's compelling. It's entertainment. It's the CJC MusicRadio Network! We put it all together for YOU!````We encourage our listeners to call in and have a conversation with us!``CALL IN NUMBER: (347) 857-3477.``For more information on how you can become:`` A featured guest`` An advertiser`` A Showcase sponsor`` A Spotlight artist````Call 315-256-0601 or contact us.

By CJCMusicRadioNetwork

Unusual Sessions show

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Unusual Sessions podcast by Unusual music labels artists. Includes free downloads of full mix sessions of Unusual music and other artist and label music. Includes high quality mp3 single tracks unmixed (usually as 320 kbps). Unusual Sound emerges with mindfulness and awareness. Collectively we share the breaking of our own perceived barriers and limitations in celebrating beautiful and unusual sounds that are summoned for unison, a stream of expressive consciousness in fathomable and unfathomable forms of sound unfolding and manifesting. Our passion for aural expression compels us to create and perform electronic music for the world with a diversified perspective and approach.

By unusual sound