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The 500 stories of Mr. Neill show

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This podcast features Mr. Neill of fame telling his trademark anticlimactic stories. New episodes feature 5 rambling stories. Following each story is a scratchy 78 RPM record. Who is singing/playing on these records? A hot mix of obscure/dead people. The 41-year-old podcaster has mad generation-x street cred. After 10 years of teaching high school Math in Chicago, Mr. Neill has spent the last 6 years in Pittsburgh “working” as a stay-at-home dad. While his kids are at school, Mr. Neill tears apart and rebuilds his fancy house. In Pittsburgh fancy houses cost next to nothing.

By Mr. Neill



The best in underground death metal, powerviolence, hip-hop and everything else that doesn't suck interspersed with oddball comedy and the musings of a drunken misanthrope named Hideous.

By Hideous

Massey's Music Productions show

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A musical representation of the Church on your corner, with a varied collection of locally based independent Christian Artists. No big names here!! Just great music. ``

By Rick Massey

libertyjamz's Podcast show

libertyjamz's PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Half Rock. and Other Various Independent Artists, Half Political Liberty Related Articles, Humor, Parody, General Dialogue relating to issues of, individual Liberty Freedom Related topics. Like Free Talk Live, but with music, featuring and promoting the ideas od self freedom while promoting OUTSTANDING UP-AND-COMING artists.

By Donald Wratten

Radio KSCR show

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Screw Pop Culture is a weekly show dedicated to independent music. Join us every week for the latest in independent rock, rap whatever. Full play list available at

By Jowanna Lewis

All Time Urban Music Favorites show

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Rap, Hip-Hop, RnB, Dancehall Reggae, Slow Jamz Music

By Mayumi Tatsuya

Papa Juke Podcast show

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Live origianl tracks and video from Papa Juke. Swampy down home music out of the box.

By Mad Dog

The Madisons show

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The Madisons Live at DanElectros every Wednesday night. Join us for the very best in original Texas Blues, Rock and Swing.

Side Road USA show

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Blues music and more.. indie artist with your host "dA cAt" / Blues Cat

By Blues Cat

Renditions Of Soul Show show

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Showcasing the cream of new release independent & contemporary soul, gospel, RnB, smooth jazz and soulful house. Every Sunday, the "Renditions Of Soul Show" airs on Future Beat Radio. The 2hr show begins at 4pm GMT and is hosted by DJ's Paul Goldsmith & Mark Jordan with regular guest contributions. Please visit the site at for more information and to listen live.

By Renditions Of Soul