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Two Cups Of Joe with Joey Fatone & Joe Mulvihill show

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Singer and actor, Joey Fatone, is joined weekly by his manager and friend of 25 years, Joe Mulvihill, as they discuss everything from parenting and raising a family to television, film, music, and sports with some of their famous friends. From his time in N'Sync to film roles like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," hosting tv shows, and performing on Broadway, Fatone brings a unique viewpoint of the entertainment industry to the table. Combined with his humorous perspectives and Mulvihill's access to the business, you're sure to have fun and learn a lot about what's behind the pop-culture news out there.

By PodcastOne

Jugglers International show

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Trinidad and Tobago's Immortal Jugglers! For Bookings: or 868-681-2409 Podcast link! Subscribe

By Jugglers International

Soulful Conversations with Ash Grunwald show

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Welcome to Soulful Conversations with Ash Grunwald. The idea for this show came from Ash's book "Surf by day and Jam by night' where he interviewed prominent musicians and surfers across the globe.  Soulful Conversations with Ash Grunwald goes in deep with inspiring people from around the world; musicians, surfers and experts in, mindset, creativity, health, wellbeing and making the world a better place.  Ash has been a professional musician for almost 20 years, is a dedicated surfer, travelled the world with his family and along the way has been lucky enough to have some amazing Soulful conversations which have had a huge impact on his life!  If you're stuck in any kind of rutt, or just ready to improve your levels of happiness success and wellbeing. Get ready to hear all about growth mindset, rock 'n' roll spirituality, health and wellbeing and how this can shape your life.

By Ash Grunwald

Radiounderground show

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Used to Pirate the FM band but got caught by the FCC and haven't done the show in 12 years. Looking to have some fun on the new platform, brand new to podcasting. We're just a normal gang of people the like to talk about various subjects and have fun. Can't wait.

By Radiounderground

One Girl One Mic  show

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This podcast will cover a vast of topics, from music to life lessons and everything in between

By Nicole

Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS) Stanner show

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BTS is a South Korean boy band. It consists of 7 members. These amazing human beings can’t be compared. If you like k-pop or listen to BTS, this is for you! C’mon A.R.M.Y!! “You got no jams” kekeke

By Destiny

Beyond the Patch show

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This is Beyond the Patch: the podcast about synthesizers: modular and otherwise hosted by Karl Vorndran and Jon Sonnenberg. Each episode we talk about techniques, theory, history, and gear relating to synthesizers and electronic music. We aim for this podcast to help and inform both beginners and enthusiasts alike. Regular episode segments include: Patch of the Day Module Review Experimedia Track of the Week Synthesize This! Sound challenge. Breaking Patch Habits Patch in 60 Seconds And much more! Logo by Hannah M Haugberg

By Karl Vorndran and Jon Sonnenberg

Unlabeled: The Podcast show

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I don’t know about you, but I'm tired of all of the elephants in all of the rooms. We live in a world where we project this image of perfection and happiness, while all we do is compare ourselves. Deep down we know there is no such thing as perfect, so why are we obsessed with it? Through my music I get to share things that are very personal. Here, I’ll get a chance to share my thoughts and feeling with you through discussion, and I'll address things happening all around us that are usually swept under the rug. Get ready for intimate conversations with special guests who will open up to you and talk real-life issues, and we'll discover just how important perspective can be. This is all about exposing that what we feel on the inside is often so opposite of what we project on the outside. This is raw, this is uncensored, this is Unlabeled. Instagram: @Isabellemusic Facebook:

By Isabelle

WUNC's Songs We Love Podcast show

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A sampling of stories and songs from our music discovery stream, WUNC Music

By North Carolina Public Radio - WUNC

The Evolution of a Snake  show

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A podcast detailing the life and times of the world's most famous reptile - grammy award winning artist, Taylor Swift. Madeline and Zack are long time stans with strong opinions and a steadfast belief in the gospel and word of their lord Tayjesus Christ. This podcast delves into each year of The Swift Life (rip) and analyzes award show appearances, performances, tours, the juicy personal life of Miss Taylor, fandom drama, and most importantly - the music. We can't believe we're doing this, y'all! Follow Zack on twitter @reputationsss and Madeline @swiftserpens.

By The Snakes