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minimal show by john smthg show

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minimal house and techno playlists, mixed by john smthg.

electrOne Podcasting show

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electrOne (www.electrone.net) is a webradio dedicated to electronic music in its various styles (techno, house, drum'n'bass, trip hop, minimal...) with radio shows, artists and Dj's from allover the world. With this podcast we would like to share the parties we broadcasted since the beginning...hours & hours of fine tunes. ENJOY !

Trance Life Podcast show

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With subscribers in over 100 countries in the world, the TRANCE LIFE PODCAST is now a reference in the trance and progressive community. Every month, you'll find the hottest tracks of the moment in an exclusive by Phil Rich. Enjoy!

By Phil Rich

JVonD Radio show

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Music from the heart and soul. Listen to JVonD as he accompanies great artists with his Trance/Ambient electronic sounds. Featuring detailed discriptions of the session along with the guest artists co-hosting the show on Thursday evenings. The co-hosted shows will be videocasted also. The other cast is on Monday nights where you can hear influences and great memories from my life. enjoy.. Thanks for listening! ~JVonD

By JVonD

The Research Deluxe Podcast show

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The Research Deluxe podcast consists of the latest releases, promotions, and live events from the Research Deluxe artist roster. With musical styles ranging from raw breaks and beats, to hip hop, funk, soul, blues, ambient, experimental, and various world fusions, it is sure to be what you\'re looking for.

By Research Deluxe

kev-dacorker's mixes show

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This podcast contains some funky house, techno, progressive beatz dj sets are always varied with some great underground flavours to keep on the street. Nu music, Best Music.. enjoy

By Kev Dacorker

Matter and Motion's Podcast show

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This cast includes live sets from DJ Wiggle & DJ Allai. Between the two primary DJ's, and the guests, almost every electronic genre and sub is represented: Electro House Breaks DnB Progressive Tech Minimal. Any person digging on quality mixes will enjoy the podcast. Wiggle and Allai have been playing out for 19 years. At this point and this podcast is a representation of, and includes recordings from, the many events they have performed at throughout the years. They have played to crowds as far away as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney, London, and Manchester. Between the two of them, they have also been lucky enough to play in almost every State in the US...including Alaska and Hawaii. The right music always finds it's way to the right listener...sometimes it just needs to be presented properly & other times you need to trick people``Enjoy

By Matter & Motion

Singularity Tribe  show

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Singularity Tribe Remix project is a musical prayer to encourage positive vibe and hope for humanity. Genres remixed include Ambient, Binaural, Downtempo, Goa, Psychedelic, Dubstep, Triphop. This is a Non-Commercial remix project that use Creative Common Licensed Sounds.

By Singularity Tribe

RSAudio show

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Real Synthetic Audio is the most listened to Industrial and EBM net-radio show.

By DJ Todd

New CD Release - Azure Introspection by Cold Warning show

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Azure Introspection is the latest Dark Ambient release by Cold Warning. Combining organic and electronic elements, Cold Warning creates landscapes painted with sound.