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Decibel Geek Podcast show

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In a sea of rock and metal related podcasts, a new one comes forth that is steeped in sarcasm, self-loathing, and an unhealthy obsession for Aqua-Net. The Decibel Geek Podcast is sure to amuse some and revolt others. If you dig hard rock and metal from the 70\\\'s, 80\\\'s, and 90\\\'s, you\\\'ll dig this show. If you love bands like Nickelback, Breaking Benjamin, or whatever garbage is headlining Coachella this year, you will surely want to kill us after listening to an episode. We hope you\\\'ll take time to listen to us jabber back and forth with each other as well as occasional rock/metal celebrities as we try to kill time while you listen to your audio device thingy.

By DBG Productions

The Tour Bus Music Show show

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This will be a bi-weekly audio podcast about the Local and Regional Touring Artists that will be performing in Louisiana in the near future. Our show will usually be about an hour or so in length…depending on just how interesting the conversation gets, remember we are talking about rock groups…and you can bet it’s going to be revealing. We may also occasionally feature some in-house acoustic performances that you won’t hear anywhere else and we’ll typically be featuring 1 band or up to several musicians per show. We will be interviewing these groups and musicians in depth to give you the inside story on their successes and failures and have them speak to what makes them unique and worth your attention. We will also be playing tracks from their CD’s and Demos and live tracks to really give you a feel for just how hard they rock.

By T. Mic

Tim van Duin show show

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Tim van Duin: life long DJ and initiator of a number of local pirate stations in the Netherlands in the 70s and 80s. Took a sabbatical decade! in the 90s but is now back in the new millennium using new technology to do radio...

The Ongoing History of New Music Minute show

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Welcome to the Ongoing History of New Music Minute --- the 60 second condensed version of the hour-long Ongoing History of New Music. The Ongoing History of New Music is the longest running music documentary program in Canada. Since its inception in 1993, Alan Cross has written and produced 500 one hour episodes. This show is syndicated on rock stations across the country through Deep Sky including: 102.1 the Edge Toronto, 99.3 the FOX in Vancouver, Power 97 in Winnipeg, FM96 in London and Y108 in Hamilton. Each station's website proudly offers The Ongoing History of New Music microsite which has expanded to include Podcasts, text archives and now a B-Channel which allows listeners to catch the weekly hour long shows any time online. This docu-series profiles musicians and bands, musical trends, the history, the future and the evolution of alternative-rock. Fans of all ages tune in week after week, for Alan's behind-the-music take on music's most influential moments. While The Ongoing History of New Music airtimes may vary across the country on the radio, the series of short-form dailies allow you to listen anytime you want.

By ExploreMusic

La Revelacion del Alebrije show

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No es un podcast de musica aunque a ratos lo parezca, documentales compartidos a una buena seleccion de musica juvenil, fresca y de ataque.

By Gustavo Rivera

ExploreMusic with Alan Cross show

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This is the official, free weekday podcast of the The ExploreMusic Radio show with Alan Cross. Built on the foundations of Canada's two top music documentary programs, The Ongoing History of New Music and The Legends of Classic Rock, ExploreMusic combines the power and reach of radio with the unlimited potential of the Internet, connecting fans with new music, and with each other. This podcast features the latest music news, interviews with big stars and emerging artists, and much more. Visit us online at

By ExploreMusicCasts

ExploreMusic TV Audio Podcast show

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This podcast contains the audio portion of ExploreMusic's TV show.

By Alan Cross

The Legends Of Classic Rock Minute Podcast show

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The Legends of Classic Rock is one of Canada\\\'s two leading nationally syndicated music focused programs. Hosted by long time Classic Rock programmer and host Jeff Woods, Legends gives listeners the stories behind the music that defined a generation. Combining a mix of interviews and information along with album tracks, rarities and live recordings, Legends provides the colour and content that will deepen your appreciation for some of the greatest artists, and best songs, of the past 40 years. The show comes in two forms: The weekly hour-long program and the daily minute long snapshot feature each syndicated through Deep Sky, a Division of Corus Entertainment. The Legends of Classic Rock can be experienced on the following finer Rock Stations throughout Canada: Q107 Toronto, Y108 Hamilton, The Hawk London, Q107 Calgary, Rock 101 Vancouver well as the world-wide on-line through the custom Legends of Classic Rock micro site accessible from each of the aforementioned radio station websites. While Legends airtimes may vary across the country on the radio, the series of Legends short-form dailies allow you to listen anytime you want.

By Jeff Woods

The Fifth Riff show

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A weekly podcast about music. Each week, the two hosts review an artist/band, and usually an album. The insight about the music and in depth analysis of the music is made for music fans and lovers, as well as non music fans. Usually, the two hosts go off on a tangent or a rant, and hilarity ensues. An excellent podcast for a person getting into music.

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The Clash magazine podcast features exclusive interviews with some of the biggest names in music, as well as live performances from legendary artists and up and coming musicians.