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The Music Journal Podcast show

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The Music Journal Podcast is a show that documents trending musical events and topics as they happen. Our host, Wes Yee, is a music producer and artist himself. He’s found himself in many different facets of the music industry – From writing and producing jingles, licensing, teaching and to being an artist releasing his own music. Because of this he’s been able to build an extremely broad network of amazing artists, musicians and people in the industry. On this show, he brings some of them on to chat about not only the trends, but also how you can apply them to your own career if you’re an aspiring music producer or artist.

By Wes Yee

BOOM TIME with Flula Borg show

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<p>Hallo! It is me Flula Borg and this is my Podcast BOOM TIME! What is BOOM TIME, you are asking? Please guess it! Is it a new Cereal with only Raisins and no Flakes? Is it the middle name of Mikhail Gorbachev's nephew Yuri? No to these wonderful Guessings!! Because in BOOM TIME I shall speak with interesting Artists, Actors, Creators, Musicians from the Earth Planet! (sorry Jupiter citizens) In BOOM TIME my Guest and Me shall take a Journey of Words and Musik and Spirituality but probably mostly Words and Musik. And before you ask it, let me reassures you: I will NOT be speaking with Horses or Piranhas on BOOM TIME! Humans only! (mainly because I do not speak Horsesian or Piranhese...YET!) So please now, join me for...BOOM TIME!</p>

By Flula Inc. and Cadence13

The Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show show

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Wake up with Christian O'Connell and Jack Post every weekday morning on Gold104.3 from 6-9am.

By Australian Radio Network .

Beat On The Street show

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Have you ever wondered what stars were like before they were stars? Hosts DJ Shawna and Jojo talk to up and coming musicians about their hustles, struggles, and triumphs in the music industry. DJ Shawna is a very successful DJ who has worked with the NBA, NCAA and Pridefest just to name a few. With 25 years of Program and Music Directing under her belt, Jojo has the pulse of the music scene down to a science.

By EDGE Podcast Network

Big Boy On Demand show

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Never miss a show again with Big Boy on Demand. Listen to our show Big Boy's Neighborhood on your schedule.

By iHeartRadio

SONiC 102.9 Band of the Month Podcast show

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Each month Edmonton's Modern Rock Radio Station SONiC 102.9 shines the spotlight brightly on our local music scene with SONiC Band Of The Month. Each band receives regular airplay on our station, are highlighted with a huge presence on our website, and are given their own headlining showcase at a local club. New to Band Of The Month is our SONiC Session Podcast. Download, listen, enjoy and support your local Edmonton music scene.

By SONiC 102.9 - Edmonton's Modern Rock

Jaywalking show

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Jay Nordlinger is a senior editor of National Review and the music critic of The New Criterion. Since 2001, he has written a Web column called “Impromptus.” It touches on a great variety of subjects, including politics, foreign affairs, human rights, travel, language, music, and cultural quirks. His “Jaywalking” podcast is essentially an audio version of Impromptus -- with added touches.<br> <br> N.B. The most recent ten episodes of this podcast are available on this feed. Full archives are available at

By National Review

The Official Bonnaroo Podcast show

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Get ready to Roo with The Official Bonnaroo Music Festival podcast! It's exclusive content you won't find anywhere else. Veteran music reporter John Norris brings you all the fun from the farm in Manchester, Tennessee with artist interviews, festival insiders and highlights from the scene that showcase what makes Bonnaroo so unique!

By Collisions

Little Fires show

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Welcome to Little Fires ~ the podcast that asks artists "why?" #LilFrsBrn


Masked Gorilla Podcast show

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Masked Gorilla is an underground rap blog, concert series, and record label that has been introducing you to your favorite emerging artists since 2009, now in podcast form. You can also watch these interviews on Masked Gorilla's YouTube channel.

By Masked Gorilla