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Summary: Gay Savvy is a youthful gay friendly radio show based in Brisbane, Australia. It provides a mix of local and community events, politics and current affairs, entertainment and music. It is also freakin' hilarious, and may just change your life!


 Gay Savvy Episode 109 - The Girl who sings! Special Guest Brianna Carpenter | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This week featured so much stuff! It was amazing! Straight Michael was off sick for the night, Boo! But we had Michael James, Kat & John, Yay! To top it off we had special guest, LIVE in the studio, Brianna Carpenter and she even sung us a song! She gave us a great insight into her music, talks her latest album and also gives us a really interesting take on what it was like being part of the Australian Idol machine all those years ago. Despite some gentle technical hiccups it was an amazing interview and worth listening for this lovely lady alone! On top of that we had the amazing Stephen Carmichael call in to chat about his upcoming performance with his new band "YouthFire". All of that plus all our regular segments, including You know what I love? (J-Lo anyone?), Freak of the Week (Hello IKEA!) and What's got Johns goat this week is ever so interesting. Listen in for the whole show! Facebook: Twitter: @gaysavvy

 Gay Savvy Episode 108 - Where no Straight Man has gone before... | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This weeks episode of Gay Savvy is a very very special one, we take straight Michael to a place no straight man has been before... Grindr! As part of their challenge to him Michael James & Kat have set straight Michael up on the infamous dating app to see what sort of reaction he gets, will he get as much interest from the boys as he does the girls? And more interestingly, what sort of men will he attract? We do of course have our fabulous regular content. We check out the latest Mardi Gras poster SCANDAL and we catch up with Spencer to chat about his latest music love, Youthfire! Included in this weeks podcast we play you the new track from Youthfire, "World on Fire". Plus of course we have all of the wrap up and the goss from this years Queens Ball! All that and so much more! Tune in, grab a glass of bollie, sit back and relax! Of course, don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter! @Gaysavvy

 Episode 107 - The Power is yours! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

There's some very special content this week as not just 3 presenters join our panel but you get a mix up of all 5! That's right Michael James, Kat & Straight Michael lead the charge this week, taking us through a tumultuous journey with one couple and their battle with one very special film. We take a look at the very special people behind the voices of everyone's childhood favourite, Captain Planet and other secrets stars in your childhood favourite shows! Straight Michael needs to be educated again this week, and this time, Otters and cubs and bears, oh my! Plus John takes the reigns and tells us what's got his goat in his very own segment as he transforms from Scottish John, to Angry John! Spencer also joins us with his latest music knowledge, that boy knows his music! It's here, it's queer, grab yourself a light beer! Don't forget to keep up on all the discussions online on our Facebook Page or Follow us on Twitter! @gaysavvy

 Gay Savvy - Episode 106 - The one with that guy, from Hanson! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This week Michael James, Kat & Straight Michael return and we have an incredibly special guest. All the way from Tulsa in the US or A we play Michael's interview with the one and only Taylor Hanson! We get a taste of some of their new music, have a chat about just how many children they all have and how a group of international teen heart throbs land themselves sane and rational wives. Be sure to listen in for part one & two! Plus we have our usual "Educating the straight man" and "You know what I love?". Our talking point this week is all about movies, those classic movies we love, with ridiculously obvious gay undertones, X-men, Lord Of the Rings and many more! Tune in and make sure to catch us online. @gaysavvy

 Gay Savvy - Episode 105 - The Important Stuff | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This week we have 4 amazing panelists taking you on another fabulous and glittery adventure into all things queer! Michael James, Kat, John & Straight Michael take the reigns and tackle all the hard topics this week, some of the really important stuff. Most importantly we discuss the important Wang vs Boobie exposure in Game of Thrones, Straight Michael wants our advice "How do you help someone you are fairly sure is gay, out of the closet? We of course delve into our minds to discover both what we love and what has our goats. It's all pretty fabulous. Tune in, listen! Stream here or subscribe to the podcast! Don't forget to tweet us! @gaysavvy

 Episode 104 - Return of the Straight Man | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

It's been many moons since Straight Michael last graced us with his presence, but this week he returns to the panel with Michael James to deliver another amazing episode of Gay Savvy. Gracing us with their usual sass and style the team delve into this weeks topic, exploring what irks us all with PDA's. Straight Michael brings back "Educating the straight man" as he explores Michael James & Kat's experiences with Homophobia and of course we find out what we all love and what's got our goats! Sit back, grab the popcorn and listen in! Don't forget the Facebooks and the Twitters! @gaysavvy

 Episode 103 - Michael James, Kat & John! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Gay Savvy returns again this week with Michael James, Kat & John! No Spencer again!? There's a conspiracy in the air, are Spencer and John in fact the same person? Is John the new Tyler Durden? Who knows? This weeks talking point is "Is it ok for straight actors to play gay for laughs?" Not to mention our usual segments, Freak of The Week, You know what I love and What's got your goat? Plus this week, our weekly Top 5, Top 5 reasons why you should shut down your Instagram! A Great show, fun times, jump on board! Join us online, Gay Savvy on Facebook or @gaysavvy on Twitter! And check out Michael's updates at

 Episode 102 - Michael James, Kat & Spencer | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This week on Gay Savvy we have more interviews than you can throw your handbag at. Kicking of the night we chat with Robert Cavallucci, member of the LNP and State member for Brisbane Central, he joins the show to talk about his GLBTIQ Safe Night Out Forum. We also have the lovely Dan Gough to chat about his upcoming show "Monster" as well as Kathryn Cramp for the UQ Union about their upcoming event, the Queer Ball! Not to mention, Michael James, Kat & Spencer causing havoc again! Kat learns the hard way, never go through a gay mans phone and get all the latest goss on this years Queens Ball! Don't miss a thing, catch us online @gaysavvy Be sure to subscribe, rate and review the podcast!

 Episode 101! Michael James, Kat & John! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Gay Savvy is a full house again with Michael James, Kat & John. Joining our usual favourite segments of "You Know what I love?" & "What's got your goat?" this weeks talking point is "Can you choose to be gay?". Our special guest this week is writer Simon Copland who joins us to speak about his article discussing the concept of choosing to be gay or not. It's a great discussion point and makes for another interesting episode. Join us for that and much much more on @Gaysavvy

 Episode 100! Michael James & John! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This week Michael James and John are running the show, all on their lonesome! But Fret not, all is still as fabulous as ever! This weeks special guests are the boys from Nic Laube Short Films who have created the short film "A Better Place" to help raise awareness for depression and anxiety. They tell us all about the film and what inspired them to make it. It's another great episode, don't forget to jump on social media and follow us online! @gaysavvy

 Episode 99 - Michael James, Kat & Spencer, Featuring The Amazing Tim Campbell! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

That's right, this week in the studio Scottish John takes the night off and Spencer returns! It's business as usual with our standard fabulous calamity, What's Got Your Goat & You know what I love? Plus our Gay Savvy news headlines and this week our special guest is none other than the amazing Tim Campbell! Tim joins us to talk about his new album High School Disco! Tune In, check it out, subscribe, rate and review!

 Episode 98 - Michael James, Kat & John! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This weeks Gay Savvy is FABULOUS! Join Michael James, Kat & John as we explore all the greatest questions in the world! Our topic of the week explored whether or not Polyamorous rights should be included in the QLBTIQ fight for equality or not? We have wonderful interviews with Mark Troon about the Brisbane Queer Film Festival Closing night party and Eamon Flack from the La Boite play, Cock! It's all here, it's queer and it's Fabulous! Check us out on Twitter and Facebook @Gaysavvy

 Episode 97 - Michael James, Kat & John | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

It's a week out from the opening night of the Brisbane Queer Film Festival and we are starting to get excited! Kat took some time to go and catch up at the media launch for the event with some great interviews! We catch up on the latest and greatest from around the world and we find out what we love and what's got our goat! Check us out on Twitter! @Gaysavvy

 Episode 95 - Michael James, Kat, Drew & Spencer & Tom Ballard! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Gay Savvy continues to turn a corner in 2014 with our Sassy new format and string of new panelists helping take control and bring you a brilliant new show! This week we introduce new Panelist Drew and welcome back Michael James, Kat & Spencer. We feature our newest segments, Freak of the Week, You know what I love? and everyone's favourite, What's got your goat? Also featured in this weeks show is the hilarious Aussie comic and former Triple J Breakfast host, Mr Tom Ballard! He joined us on the phone to chat about his new show UnAustralian-Ish! Be sure to subscribe, rate and review our show and don't forget to join us on Twitter & Facebook! @Gaysavvy

 Episode 96 - Michael James, Kat & Scottish John! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This week on Gay Savvy Michael James & Kat are back and return with everyone's latest and greatest Scottish man, Scottish John! We wrap up this years Big Gay Day and we have an amazing interview with Julie Kalceff the creator of new lesbian Web Series "Starting From Now". Plus we continue our regular segments with Freak of the week, this week exploring the crazies who think Disney's Frozen is corrupting our children and turning them gay! Plus You know what I love? and What's got your goat return! Be Sure to subscribe, rate and review the podcast! In the meantime follow us on Facebook and Twitter @GaySavvy


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