minimal show by john smthg show

minimal show by john smthg

Summary: minimal house and techno playlists, mixed by john smthg.


 July Playlist - Dancing In The Belly Mix 125 bpm | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all the dance of life is coming... So happy Enjoy! Playlist : 01 Maceo Plex, Sparks Of Life, Lone Romantic; 02 Dennis Cruz, Bad Behaviour, Suruba X; 03 Audiojack & Kevin Knapp, Implications, Crosstown Rebels; 04 Kyle Watson, Creatures, Dirtybird US; 05 Bulaklak, Leaving, Natura Viva; 06 Zoo Brazil, The Alarm (Marco Lys remix), Natura Viva; 07 Tini Garcia, Tous, BeatFreak Recordings; 08 Maksim Dark, Coneblower, SCI+TEC; 09 Barker & Baumecker, Cipher, Ostgut Ton Germany; 10 Los Reynoso, Destral, Frucht.   minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed  

 June Playlist - Be Quencer Mix 123 bpm | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello, sometimes you think you're the sequencer... enjoy! Playlist : 01 The Golden Filter, We Are The Music, Optimo Music; 02 Erase Me, Exolife, Traum Schallplatten; 03 Cioz, Lion, Monaberry Germany; 04 Dennis Cruz, Feeling High (Samu.l remix), Suruba X; 05 D-Formation, In Motion, Suara; 06 Carlo Lio, Technicolour Boogie (Chus/Ceballos remix), Suara; 07 Several Definitions, Be, Suara; 08 Maksim Dark, Montain, SCI+TEC; 09 Luigi Gori, Boh, Natura Viva; 10 Sian, Cobra, Octopus Recordings. minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed   

 May Playlist - Stop Hate Mix 125 bpm | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Because we must think to reinvent a sustainable future. Enjoy! Playlist : 01 Layton Giordani, Escalate, Drumcode Sweden; 02 Kiko, Onze, Noir Music; 03 Andre Salata, Running On Acid,  Noir Music; 04 Futur-E, Mycenaean Princess (Strinner Remix), Tulipa Recordings; 05 Harvey McKay, Never Forget, Suara; 06 Nico Cabeza, Nero (Macromism Remix), Tronic; 07 DJ Boris, Work That, Tronic; 08 & Juliane Wolf, Forever, My Favourite Freaks Music; 09 Daniel Boon, Memory, Advanced White; 10 Spartaque, Venus Express, Codex Recordings. minimal show on iTunes   minimal show feed    

 April Playlist - Walk Away Mix 123 bpm | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Sometimes it'll be better to... Cherish the people who take care of you. Love! playlits : 01 Piek & Fabel, Despertar, Sincopat Germany; 02 Andhim, Horse Society, Superfriends; 03 Frankey & Sandrino, Wega, Innervisions Germany; 04 Dalfie, Lunar Carnival, Gruuv; 05 Stefan Braatz, Mon Amour, Poker Flat Germany; 06 Mr G, Can't Stop?, No Idea's Original; 07 Tom Demac, Dave Saints, Hypercolour; 08 Oxia, Domino(Robag Ewel Xmohl Nb remix), Sapiens; 09  Smoke, Nuutri, 89:Ghost; 10 Walker & Royce, Fetish(Taran & Lomov remix) , Amber Muse. minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed    

 March Playlist - Love Cooking Mix 125 bpm | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello, I just love it...! Enjoy Playlist : 01 KiNK, Valentine's Groove, Clone Royal Oak; 02 Rodriguez Jr, La Guapa, Mobilee Germany; 03 Kiwi, Minke, Futureboogie Recordings; 04 Emanuel Satie, All The Time feat Sergy, Moon Harbour Germany; 05 Dense & Pika, Calf, Drumcode Sweden; 06 Riva Starr/DJ Sneak, In Da House Tonight (Detlef Remix), Snatch!; 07 Christian Nielsen, Need That Something, 8 Bit Germany; 08 Robert Owens, I'll Be Your Friend (Josh Butler Origins Dub), Origins; 09 Scurrilous, They Say We're Freaks, VIVa Music; 10 Hermanez, Abyss, Tronic. minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed    

 February Playlist - Horizon Incertain Mix 122 bpm | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, bring back love great again... please ! enjoy Playlist : 01 Nautiluss, Lonely Planet, Spectral Sound US; 02 Felix Leifur, Feels Like, Dirt Crew Germany; 03 N/UM, Abendrot, Duro; 04 Harry Wolfman/Loz Goddard, Uncle Buck (Brame & Hamo remix), Dirt Crew Germany; 05 Catz 'n Dogz, It's Happening, Pets Recordings Germany; 06 Gorge, It's Time, Mobilee Germany; 07 Audiojack, Get Serious, 20:20 Vision; 08 Nils Ohrmann, Le Funk Fatale (feat Karas Day - Jan Driver remix), Arms & Legs Germany; 09 Whitesquare, Chase, 20:20 Vision; 10 Red Rack'em, Wonky Bassline Disco Banger, Classic. minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed    

 January Playlist - Tape Nodes Mix 119 bpm | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello, I wish you a lot of love and happiness for this new year. I really hope good vibes will be stronger than bad ones! enjoy Playlist : 01 Aera, Running Hot, Innervisions Germany; 02 Mira (Berlin)/Christopher Schwarzwalder, Ayun (Jonas Saalbach remix), Katermukke; 03 Alex Under, Lolog, Kompakt Germany; 04 Ten Ven, Gandia, Sincopat Germany; 05 Olivier Giacomotto, Lovin Berlin, Global Underground; 06 Phil Kieran, No Life, Hot Creations; 07 Franca & Stomax, Bells Kitchen, Get Physical Germany; 08 Ruede Hagelstein, Fetzo, Upon You Germany; 09 Sei A, Space In Your Mind (Dj Tennis Miami Dub), Aus Music; 10 Christian Smith, Subzero, Tronic. minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed    

 December Playlist - Be True, Not The Truth Mix 126 bpm | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all,the important thing is not to believe in holding the truth but to be honest with yourself and the others. Enjoy ! Playlist : 01 D-Formation/Made In Riot, Walking On The Sky, Sinetic; 02 Lakosa/Rick Grant, Dusk, 20:20 Vision; 03 Moonbeam, Chaotic,  Per-vurt: 04 Michael Mayer, The Stickler, Kompakt Germany; 05 Wigbert,  No Plan, SCI & TEC Digital Audio Germany; 06 Extrawelt, Breaking Bricks, Halocyan; 07 Daniel Boon, Rainy Day, Natura Viva; 08 Black Acid, Firefly, Phobiq; 09 Marc Romboy, The Overture (Joey Beltram remix), Tronic; 10 Harvey McKay, The Mad Drummer, Drumcode Sweden. minimal show on iTunes   minimal show feed    

 November Playlist - Versant Sub Mix 125 bpm | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Because when it's hard you have to be stronger ! enjoy Playlist : 01 Billy Kenny & Abby Jane, I Operate, Dirtybird US; 02 Luca Donzelli/Mar-T, Disco Techno Revolution, Moon Harbour Germany; 03 Quenum, Solitaire, Cadenza Switzerland; 04 Fideles, Klopp, Solar Distance; 05 Roland Clark/Alexander Technique/Steven Mestre, The Last DJ On Earth (Marco Lys remix), Natura Viva; 06 Mathias Kaden, NoKick, Pets Recordings Germany; 07 Walker & Royce, ITB, Dirtybird US; 08 Douglas Greed, Front Tier, Voltage Musique; 09 Saeed Younan, Can Ya'll Really Feel Me (Haze-M remix), Smiley Fingers; 10 Wassermann, WIR (Sven Vath remix), Kompakt Digital Germany. minimal show on iTunes minimal show feed

 October Playlist - A Part Of Yourself Mix 124 bpm | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Isn't it ?! enjoy Playlist : 01 Dense & Pika, Vomee, Hotflush Recordings; 02 Solardo, Some Time, Snatch!; 03 Doorly,  Neanderthal, Dirtybird US; 04 Vitalic, Film Noir, Correspondant Germany; 05 Laika & Strelka & DirrtyDishes, Trippin, Get Physical Germany; 06 Dance Spirit/Audiofly, Angel Eyes, Mobilee Germany; 07 Harry Romero, Into The Groove, Material; 08 Tim Green, Only Time Remains, Get Physical Germany; 09 Florian Busse/Re You, Intersection, This And That; 10 Audiojack, Turya, Crosstown Rebels.   minimal show on iTunes minimal show feed

 September Playlist - Organic Lover Mix 114 bpm | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, let's love... enjoy ! playlist : 01 Soulphiction, Misty Roots, Musik Krause Germany; 02 COMA, The Sea (Alex Hentze mix), Kompakt Digital Germany; 03 Trummerschlunk & Ivan Capriles, Frau Boese, Audiolith; 04 Landside, Still There, Just This; 05 Satori, Days Without You, Underyourskin; 06 Weval, You Made It, Kompakt Germany; 07 Daniel Avery, All I Need, Phantasy Sound; 08 Nr&/Nomi Ruiz/Rampa/&Me, Taste Like, Keinemusik; 09 Leon Vynehall, Kiburu's, Running Back Germany; 10 Kerrier District, Robotuss, Hypercolour. minimal show on iTunes minimal show feed

 july playlist - present past future mix 122 bpm | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

So, do you know when are you living ? enjoy... playlist : 01 Mass Digital, The Wall, Upon You Germany; 02 Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Hour After Hour, Diynamic Germany; 03 Blunted Dummies,  House For All (Ruede Hagelstein Ecstatic dub), Get Physical Germany; 04 Enzo Siffredi/Xavier Montrier, Twenty Horses, Wired; 05 D-Formation, Balkia, Suara; 06 Affkt,  Pied Piper, My Favourite Freaks Music; 07 Onno, Some Mo (Martin Landsky remix), Upon You Germany; 08 Audion,  Mouth To Mouth(Dense & Pika remix , Spectral Sound US; 09 John Cravache, Le Desir De Rester Petit (Cubo remix), Versatile France; 10 Josh Wink, Denial (LB dub corporation mix), Ovum US.   minimal show on iTunes    minimal show feed

 june playlist - energy field mix 121 bpm | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, let's go deeper, nothing to prove, a lot to give. enjoy... playlist : 01 Smash TV, Nishiki, My Favorite Robot Canada; 02 Spirit Catcher, Blast From The Past, 20:20 Vision; 03 Petar Dundov, Before It All Ends, Music Man; 04 Rodriguez Jr, Mistral, Systematic Recordings; 05 Dave DK, Smukke Lyde, Kompakt Germany; 06 Nico Stojan feat Jaw, Blue Hour (Adana Twins remix), URSL; 07 Nils Nuernberg, Flame Trees, Hive Audio; 08 David Mayer & Sebastian Voigt, Voyage One, Watergate; 09 Marc Romboy, Hypernova (Stephan Bodzin remix), Systematic Recordings; 10 Magit Cacoon, Love Express, Upon You Germany.   minimal show on iTunes   minimal show feed    

 may playlist - the truth mix 123 bpm | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

So! Do you really wanna know ?!? Enjoy ! 01 Crazy P, Changes (Hot Toddy remix), 20:20 Vision; 02 Doorly, Lustfahrt,  Toolroom; 03 Catz 'N Dogz feat Tanika,  Get It Right, Pets Recordings Germany; 04 Coyu,  Sex Is Drama,  Suara; 05 Riva Starr, Velvet Zone, Snatch!; 06 Mat Joe, When You Hear That Sound, Snatch!; 07 Sidney Charles,  I Need You,  Truesoul; 08  DJ Le Roi feat Roland Clark,  I Get Deep (Late Nite Tuff Guy remix),  Get Physical Germany; 09 Pele/Shawnecy,  Better For My Brain,  Snatch!; 10 Sabb feat Forrest,  One Of Us, Moon Harbour Germany. minimal show on iTunes minimal show feed 

 april playlist - one way or the other mix 124bpm | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, what a pleasure to record this episode, only amazing tunes. Enjoy ! playlist : 01 Enzo Siffredi, Introduction,  Wired; 02 Mass Digital, Rotation, Upon You Germany; 03 Ray Okpara,  Rao Del Rani (Kenny Larkin Odyssey mix), Mobilee Germany; 04 The Cheapers,  Big Fish, Upon You Germany; 05 Smash TV,  World Wide What, Hive Audio; 06 Rafael Cerato & The White Shadow, Controverse, Suara; 07 Ame, Rej, EQ Australia; 08 Rodriguez Jr, Mustang, Mobilee Germany; 09 Timo Maas, Kick1 Kick3 (Maetrik remix), Rockets & Ponies Belgium; 10 Phil Kieran, Wasps Under A Toy Boat, Cocoon Germany.   minimal show on iTunes     minimal show feed   


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