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Improve Your Self Image show

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Improve your Self-Esteem, Self-Image and Confidence in just 3 weeks time with America's Best Known Hypnotist, John Morgan.

By John Morgan

Relax in 2 Minutes show

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You can relax anytime, anwhere in 2 Minutes or less by listening to this best selling CD Relax in 2 Minutes from America's Best Known Hypnotherapist, John Morgan.

By John Morgan

Losing It With Jillian - A FAN BASED PODCAST show

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This is a FAN BASED podcast! We are actually the Biggest Loser Fan Podcast. However, during the summer hiatus, we decided that we wanted to review the tv show, Losing It With Jillian. If you are only interested in this show, this is the feed for you. If you want every episode of this podcast, check out

By Fr. Roderick & Cliff J. Ravenscraft

Biggest Loser Fan Podcast show

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A Fan Podcast Devoted To NBC's Biggest Loser

By Fr. Roderick Vonhogen & Cliff J. Ravenscraft

Naked Nutrition Radio show

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Naked Nutrition Radio is the web's leading nutrition and fitness podcast. Tune in each episode to hear the latest nutrition and fitness news from the scientific literature, discussion on cutting edge fat burning and health boosting tips with industry experts, and much more. Naked Nutrition Radio is hosted by nutritionist and doctoral student Mike Roussell. Naked Nutrition Radio is part of the Naked Nutrition Network. Learn More at

By Mike Roussell

Made Fit TV  - Health & Fitness Entertainment show

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Made Fit TV is a show dedicated to Health and Fitness for everyone who wants a fresh look at the world of working out and weight loss. Jennifer Didonato, a NASM certified personal trainer, covers everything from strength training & cardio to diet and healthy eating. She also reviews products to inform you of what works and what doesn't. Join us every Wednesday morning as new episodes air! Made Fit TV - Where fit bodies don't just happen - they're made.

By Jennifer DiDonato

Law Of Attraction - ThinkBanc show

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Have you seen The Secret? Are you new to The Law Of Attraction? Welcome to The ThinkBanc Podcast on Law Of Attraction and Psycho-Cybernetics.

By Antonio Thornton

No Excuses to a Healthier YOU with Jonathan Roche show

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This show is about empowering you to avoid making excuses and to help you maximize your fitness and weight loss results. No gimmicks, just research-based facts from Award-Winning Fitness Expert, Certified Personal Trainer, 15-time Boston Marathon Finisher and 12-time Ironman Triathlon Finisher Jonathan Roche. Visit to access free workouts and to sign up for a free daily message from Jonathan.

By Jonathan Roche

LIVESTRONG.COM Fitness Essentials show

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Dare to challenge your workout routine with LIVESTRONG.COM professionals showing you step-by-step instructions on how to get fit. Every week LIVESTRONG.COM publishes a new video podcast covering topics from how to do plank exercises to how to improve your cardio endurance. Whether you are interested in running your first marathon or beginner's strength exercises in the gym, LIVESTRONG.COM Fitness Essentials will help you sculpt your body at home. To find more videos on diet, exercise and healthy living visit


Juicy Talk for Women - show

Juicy Talk for Women - CherryTV.comJoin Now to Follow - "Juicy Talk for Women" - is a video website presenting honest smart talk for women by women about the female sexual experience.'s lineup of shows features experts and everyday women discussing sex as it really is ... in all its amazing, awkward, overwhelming, underwhelming glory. Topics include: orgasms, masturbation, positions, foreplay, toys, erogenous zones, tricks and tips, fantasies, boundaries and communication.

By Panelists