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Amy Myers MD show

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In her podcast, Dr. Amy Myers, a leading expert in Functional Medicine, collaborates with a wide variety of health professionals to help educate the public about various hot topics in Alternative Medicine.

By Amy Myers, MD

Your Life Of Impact with Brett Robbo show

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Brett Robbo connects with Big Impactors in their communities and he goes deep.<br> He explores their mindsets, habits, values and belief systems.<br> He engages in their vulnerabilities and adversities and seeks out their “fear” based approaches to success. <br> <br> Your Life Of Impact will inspire and teach you how Tap Into Your Inner Excellence and make permanent positive change in your life. <br> <br> Brett Robbo is a former athlete, turned High Performance coach and therapist working with some of the World best Paralympic and Olympic athletes.<br> <br> For the past 14 years he's been working in Paralympic sport as a Sprints &amp; Jumps Coach and Performance Therapist.<br> He's been surrounded by stories of massive adversities everyday, but at the same time has been uplifted by the courage and resilience displayed by these amazing athletes with a disability who learn how to use adversity to their advantage. <br> <br> This podcast journey starts with some of the inspiring and world changing Para communities and also branches into many other highly influential and inspirational humans that Brett has learned from on his journey.<br> <br> The vision for this podcast through providing an abundance of value, is to grow a community of impactors who learn how to master the Key Pillars of Life from the guests we interview, and who also challenge the status quo.

By Your Life Of Impact with Brett Robbo

MIND SHOT | Personal Development Self Improvement Motivation show

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A SHOT of great Energy, Ideas &amp; Inspiration to help you live Empowered!  [Personal Development, Self Improvement, Motivation, Inspiration, Self Coaching]

By Nate Clover

Life Coach Chat Channel show

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Our station has shows with 2-3 Life Coaches talking about a topic of the day, including Super Soul Sunday recap and a wide variety of personal growth areas

By Life Coach Chat Channel

The Flow Artists Podcast show

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Be inspired, uplifted and gain new perspectives with Jo and Rane from Garden of Yoga. Every episode celebrates the diversity of yoga, meditation and movement teachers from Australia and around the world.

By Rane Bowen, Jo Stewart

Letters to my kids: A suicide survivor's lessons and advise for life show

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The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. -William Arthur Ward- Every week on the Letters to my kids podcast, the author will talk about various topics that are applicable to life and ultimately; surviving life without sacrificing ourselves. The key to this shall be realistic optimism and it will be told through personal stories from lessons learnt through a life grown up with plenty of challenges, knocks and filled with many failures; but one in which the final successes mattered more. Expect some sporadic humor as well, as the author learnt it from reading the book ("A beginner's guide on how to be humorous") when he was a teenager. You can connect also via FB page:

By Letters to my kids: A 2-time suicide survivor and advocate for realistic optimism.

Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear show

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Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear Podcast explores the many positions and possibilities with the Liberator Shapes. Videos will be posted that are informational and erotic. Tantric sex to positions for people with bad backs and bad knees will be covered.

By Liberator

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes show

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Tiny Leaps, Big Changes is a personal development podcast focused on exploring the day-to-day behaviors we all engage in that determine the results we gain in our lives. Hosted by Gregg Clunis, the show shares simple strategies you can implement into your life to start moving the needle towards your biggest goals.

By Gregg Clunis

The Book of Life with Charlie Harary  show

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On “The Book of Life” weekly radio show on The Nachum Segal Network, Charlie explores concepts most relevant to our lives. Fusing wisdom from his background in business, academics, and spirituality, Charlie explains the core principles of greatness, success, and happiness. For more information, visit and

By Charlie Harary

The Coach X O Show show

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“The Coach X O Show” – This is THE Football Coaches Podcast! A podcast dedicated to Coaching Football! Welcome to the Coach XO Show, where REAL football coaches from all levels of the game talk about the X’s and O’s, the Jimmies and Joes and everything in between! This is THE podcast for the latest football coaching information. Whether you are coaching football at the youth football, middle school football or high school football level...The CoachXO Show has the information you need to be a great football coach, and help your football team win more games! Each week we discuss offensive and defensive schemes, special teams, football playbooks, football drills and issues football coaches deal with off the field (parents, fundraising, etc.). The Coach X O show also features interviews with football coaches from all levels of football - from youth football all the way to the pros! These interviews offer practical tips and coaching points you can use with your team at your very next practice to win more games! Are YOU ready to become a better coach? Are YOU ready to listen to the best football coaching podcast on the internet? If you are, download an episode and start your own personal football clinic today! “THE COACHXO SHOW” is brought to you by and is hosted by Shane Sams - Football Coach, Podcaster and Blogger. American Football. Coaching Football Podcast.

By Shane Sams: Football Coach, Podcaster &amp; Blogger