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Using Al-Anon's Steps in Our Personal Lives show

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Many of us came to Al-Anon Family Groups seeking answers about how to get the alcoholic sober--or if already in sobriety, how to keep them that way. We were willing to do anything to aid the alcoholic not realizing the extent to which alcoholism had deeply affected our own attitudes and family interactions.<br> <br> This monthly blog on the Steps is a way for Al-Anon members and potential members to share and gain insights as to how using the Steps can not only lead to better lives for ourselves but also improve the lives of those around us. We learn how to apply these Steps in all situations that we encounter, whether we see a direct connection to alcoholism or not.<br> <br> This blog is not an on-line meeting. It is merely an opportunity for individuals to share their experiences and strength with one another. We do not give advice to one another nor do we pretend that there is only one “true” or “right” way to work the Steps. Just as each of us is encouraged to find a Higher Power of our understanding, we choose to go to meetings, get a Sponsor, and begin to give back in service to the groups a part of what we have been given.

By Al-Anon Family Groups

Tim's Keto Diet Video Podcast show

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This is a podcast created by Tim Buchalka who is following a ketogenic diet. This is also know as the low carb diet, and Tim is releasing a daily podcast on his progress and providing a ton of useful information to help people understand the benefits of the low carb diet and why it works so well. Along the way he is showing some shocking information about so called healthy low fat diets (to name just one) and how they have never really worked, or had any documented evidence of working. He aims to keep you entertained with useful information, some laughter, and a personal story of his progress.

By Tim Buchalka

Natural Bodybuilding Radio show

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By Dave DePew

IFIC Foundation show

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Podcasts from IFIC and the IFIC Foundation

By IFIC Foundation

The Power To Change show

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Scott Colby, also known as The Abs Expert, is a fitness coach and entrepreneur. The goal of The Power To Change is to bring you the most inspirational stories from people who have transformed their minds, bodies and lives to find out what gives people the power to overcome obstacles and make changes so they can live their lives with more passion and purpose.

By Scott Colby

Outside Health and Fitness  show

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On the Outside Health and Fitness Podcast we explore new and fun ways to get fit on the trail, on the water, on the slopes and outside. We're getting outside the box, outside our comfort zone and outside and in shape.

By Steve Stearns

The Essentially Fit Podcast Show with Coach Wess Murray show

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Need Inspiration? The Essentially Fit Podcast show will give you the tools you need to transform your body if you are over 40 or over 50! Wess Murray is a NYC Personal Trainer, Wellness Consultant and Nutrition Coach. Through his personal experience of losing over 100lbs, he has acquired a unique insight that people can relate to. The Goal of Essentially Fit is to share inspiring In-depth, practical and powerful interviews with some of the top leaders in Nutrition, Fitness, Wellness and Science; to help you look younger, feel better, and live longer! You’ll learn more than just how to Lose Belly Fat and build muscle. Looking to start building a better body and a better life? Look no further. With the knowledge you gain from each episode, you can. And you can start today. Subscribe to Itunes and give us 5 stars!

By Wess Murray: NYC Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Wellness Consultant

I Love Weight Loss | Milton Keynes | Bedford show

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The Gray Twins are experts in the field of Weight Loss and Muscle Toning. With Centres in Milton Keynes &amp; Bedford. This free information will help you transform your body.

By The Gray Twins

I Love Weight Loss show

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The Gray Twins are experts in the field of Weight Loss and Muscle Toning. With Centres in Milton Keynes &amp; Bedford. This free information will help you transform your body.

By The Gray Twins

The Well &amp; Balanced Podcast show

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Welcome to the Well &amp; Balanced Podcast! Each week, your hosts holistic practitioners Chelsea, Melanie, and Brooke will dive deep into a variety of topics ranging from digestive health, fitness trends, self-care, yummy food, and everything in between! Fabulous, like-minded guests will join them from time to time because we can all get by with a little help from our friends, right?! They believe that a real, well rounded approach and a sense of humor lay the foundation for a happy life. They can’t wait to share this lifestyle with you so that you can feel good and get happy from the inside out!

By The Well &amp; Balanced Podcast