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Redefining Wealth with Patrice Washington show

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Redefining Wealth is NOT your typical personal finance show. We’re not here to talk about cutting coupons or budgeting. I’m here to help you live your life’s purpose, find fulfillment and chase purpose - not money.

By Patrice Washington

The Well & Balanced Podcast show

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Welcome to the Well & Balanced Podcast! Each week, your hosts holistic practitioners Chelsea, Melanie, and Brooke will dive deep into a variety of topics ranging from digestive health, fitness trends, self-care, yummy food, and everything in between! Fabulous, like-minded guests will join them from time to time because we can all get by with a little help from our friends, right?! They believe that a real, well rounded approach and a sense of humor lay the foundation for a happy life. They can’t wait to share this lifestyle with you so that you can feel good and get happy from the inside out!

By The Well & Balanced Podcast

The CrossFit Podcast show

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The official podcast of CrossFit INC. Exploring all things fitness from training and nutrition, to affiliates and communities and the battle against chronic disease.

By CrossFit INC.

Grace & Grit Podcast show

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The Grace and Grit Podcast takes the health fairy tale you've heard all your life and turns it upside down and inside out, helping women rebuild their relationship with their body once and for all. Placing the focus on love and respect, rather than the aggressive demands and unrealistic expectations that have become the norm, Courtney Townley is determined to help women mend the fabric of what is driving the female health story.<br> <br> After nearly 2 decades working in the fitness industry as a trainer and health coach, Courtney shares her own insight and that of other professionals that she interviews on topics like movement, nutrition, mindset, recovery, and common obstacles women encounter in the pursuit of deep health and happiness.

By Courtney Townley

Climb Out to Sobriety show

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Climb Out Network is devoted to an online sober living community. We aim to help those suffering from addiction as well as family and friends of those suffering from addiction. We offer personal stories of sobriety, professional insight into the process of recovery and sober living.

By Climb Out Network Sobriety Addiction

Dr. Matt and Dr. Mike's Medical Podcast show

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Dr Matt Barton and Dr Mike Todorovic are University lecturers and researchers who love discussing the anatomy and physiology of various human systems and explore important clinical correlates.

By Mike Todorovic

The Rennix Weigh: Stop Dieting • Start Healing show

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Ending the weight loss roller coaster with easy tips to start and stay motivated while following any healthy eating program. Topics will include diabetes, PCOS men's health, allergies, and so much more.

By Nia Rennix MSc, CCN

Qiological Podcast show

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Oriental medicine was not developed in a laboratory. It does not advance through double-blind controlled studies, nor does it respond well to petri dish experimentation. Our medicine did not come from the statistical regression of randomized cohorts, but from the observation and treatment of individuals in their particular environment. It grows out of an embodied sense of understanding how life moves, unfolds, develops and declines. Medicine comes from continuous, thoughtful practice of what we do in clinic, and how we approach that work. The practice of medicine is more — much more — than simply treating illness. It is more than acquiring skills and techniques. And it is more than memorizing the experiences of others. It takes a certain kind of eye, an inquiring mind and relentlessly inquisitive heart. Qiological is an opportunity to deepen our practice with conversations that go deep into acupuncture, herbal medicine, cultivation practices, and the practice of having a practice. It’s an opportunity to sit in the company of others with similar interests, but perhaps very different minds. Through these dialogues perhaps we can better understand our craft.

By Michael Max, L.Ac

Cultured Food Life show

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Discover how to make and serve delicious probiotic foods and improve your overall health with Donna Schwenk. In her weekly radio show “Cultured Food Life” (new episodes every Tuesday at 1pm Pacific), Donna will de-mystify different probiotic foods such as kefir, kombucha, and cultured vegetables, and share how to add these foods into your diet. As a teacher and writer, Donna works with thousands of people to open the door to a world of foods that can help improve an array of health problems including high blood pressure, diabetes, and IBS. In her down-to-earth and informative style, Donna will walk you through the basic preparation techniques and teach you how to make these delicious probiotic recipes at home. You can find out all about Donna on her web site

By Donna Schwenk

Biztories | Entrepreneurship, Small Business &amp; Startup Stories show

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The Biztory® show features in-depth interviews from a variety of successful entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups discussing in detail how they built their business, lessons learned, and advice to help you succeed. If you're looking for valuable insights and proven strategies to help you build a successful business, then this show is for you. Visit for more resources and information.

By Carlos F. Peña : Host, Founder, President