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The Guy Lawrence Podcast show

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Founder of Let It In. From meditation, abundance, nutrition, movement, neuroscience, finding your purpose, business and everything in between. Each week we catch up with leading experts to have conversations that go beyond conventional health, wealth and wisdom to help ignite the passion in us all to live the life we truly want to live.

By Guy Lawrence

Medicine Crow show

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Bringing you the latest ideas and greatest teachers on medicine, ecology, and spirituality. Featuring interviews and class segments from

By David Crow & Jai Dev Singh

Somatic Perspectives on Psychotherapy show

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Somatic Perspectives on Psychotherapy is about psychotherapy with a focus on embodied experience. Our primary emphasis is on clinical approaches, with an experiential feel for each clinician’s perspective. An underlying goal is to explore the convergence between clinical practice and the emerging models of the human mind from the fields of neuroscience, evolutionary psychology and embodied cognition.<br> The podcast is a series of half-hour conversations, mostly with clinicians, occasionally featuring leading thinkers in related fields. Stimulating ideas are discussed, as well as clinical examples. The style of the conversations is reflective, slowing down and deepening the process.

By Somatic Perspectives on Psychotherapy

NowIsAGift - Productivity vs Perfectionism vs Procrastination - Focus &amp; Perspective for Entrepreneurs &amp; Wantrepreneurs via Positive Affirmation / Self Talk &amp; Encouragement  show

NowIsAGift - Productivity vs Perfectionism vs Procrastination - Focus & Perspective for Entrepreneurs & Wantrepreneurs via Positive Affirmation / Self Talk & Encouragement Join Now to Follow

The NowIsAGift Podcast is designed to assist you in developing the proper mental programing and physical endurance needed to start living the kind life that you know deep down, you are capable of.  Self doubt and procrastination are two of the most crippling obstacles we will ever face as humans, and if you've been programmed to accept these lies, you may find that, at times, they seem impossible to overcome.  That's exactly why this podcast exists, to give you that swift dose of proper focus and perspective when you need it the most.  We can not change the past but we can be the best version of ourselves starting right now!  Don't spend anymore precious time waiting until you feel like it…  Now Is A Gift! This is the podcast.

By Steve Bader

The Thoughtful Counselor show

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About The Thoughtful Counselor is a podcast that is dedicated to producing great conversations around current topics in counseling and psychotherapy. We view counseling and psychotherapy as a deeply beautiful and complex process, and strive to incorporate both the art and science of the field in each episode.

By The Thoughful Counselor Team

Chase Your Better show

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Inspired by his own journey of fitness, motivation and self-discovery, Justin Thomas Sanchez, host of Chase Your Better Podcast, explores different pathways of motivation through the lens of professionals in the fitness industry and beyond. From mindfulness, nutrition, addiction, training, coaching, therapy and more, it’s a no-topic-barred discussion with a focus on getting and keeping you motivated whenever you need it.

By Justin Thomas Sanchez

Bloom and Grow Radio show

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Bloom and Grow Radio is a weekly Podcast designed for the Urban Jungle Dweller, Houseplant Enthusiast and Succulent Killer alike. Maria Failla, a "plant killer turned plant lady" interviews different Plant People in the Urban Gardening community to source houseplant care tips, stories and lessons they’ve learned from caring for their plants along the way. Each episode has practical and spiritual tips and stories that empower and inspire the listener to have their own houseplant collection and #keepblooming and #keepgrowing.

By Maria Failla- Plant Lady and Host of Bloom and Grow Radio

The People Under The Stairs show

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THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS is a podcast that covers a wide variety of subjects, nothing is off limits! Some of the topics included will be; spirituality, the paranormal, true ghost stories, social issues and everything in between. If you enjoy the world of strange; then light a candle, and step inside the door that leads into the room under the stairs...

By Reality Check Podcast Network

i tried it podcast show

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If you're curious about living your most optimal life but not sure where to start, then tune in to hear honest stories and first-time experiences in health, wellness, beauty, lifestyle, and spirituality. Let's explore ways to invest in ourselves and be inspired to try something new.

By Kristin Kruk

FibonC Element show

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The Fibonacci sequence is a set of numbers that starts with a one or a zero, followed by a one, and proceeds based on the rule that each number (called a Fibonacci number) is equal to the sum of the preceding two numbers.

By Zekel Healthcare