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EFT Revealed Podcast show

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Natural Standard Podcast show

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News items are created monthly and include an overview of scientific publications, conference proceedings, safety concerns, product recalls, or other important complementary and alternative medicine occurrences.

By Natural Standard

The Music Therapy Show show

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The Music Therapy Show with Janice Lindstrom is a discussion about what music therapy is and how to use it in your life. Music Therapists looking for new ideas and people looking to use music to enhance their capabilities through the planned use of music on human brain functioning.

By Janice Lindstrom

Being Bipolar Podcast show

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The experience of being bipolar.

By Bret

ZEN Runners Podcast show

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ZenRunners: Las felices coincidencias entre nuestra pasión por correr y la práctica de la meditación.

By KamikaZEN / So

Vegan and the Living Is Easy show

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Join us, Ginger Burr, a long-time self-described health nut & image consultant, and Marion Davis, a former serious meat eater & self-esteem guru, & our guests (authors, philosophers, pioneers & more) as we explore the ins & outs of being a vegan. Whether you are curious, transitioning, or a long-time vegan, we will have something for everyone!

By Ginger and Marion

Sepsis:KnowFromDay1 show

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Sepsis is a critical, life-threatening condition, which results in more than 200,000 deaths in the U.S. every year. The SepsisKnowFromDay1 podcast series, sponsored by bioMérieux, features panel discussions and presentations by experts in the fields of diagnostics, critical care, emergency medicine and infectious diseases in the diagnosis and management of this complex condition. Over the past decade, numerous scientific and clinical studies have investigated the use of a novel biomarker known as procalcitonin, or PCT, as a diagnostic test to aid in the assessment of sepsis. This series provides a forum for scientific exchange and the sharing of experiences to help in the understanding and management of patients suspected of having sepsis. Please subscribe to the podcast to receive the latest episodes as they are released. Additionally, we encourage you to share this podcast series with your friends and colleagues. Additional podcasts and webinars from bioMérieux on how industry experts utilize procalcitonin and other clinical information to better assess and manage patients can also be found at

By bioMérieux

Highland Training Power Yoga show

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These Yoga workouts are intended to strengthen the muscles, promote equilibrium and stamina, and provide weight bearing action that stimulates the bones in the legs, arms and spine. Go at your own pace and always consult a physician before you start or modify your exercise program. This Podcast was created using

By Highland Training Workout

Bigger Better Stronger Faster show

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The podcast that's all about reaching your potential as a human being. This is a show about becoming better. In everything. We talk a lot about physical challenges and physical endeavors, but that’s just part of it. You can always learn bigger abilities. You can always become better intellectually, or in any skill. You can always become a stronger friend, wife, husband, mother, father, or family member. You can always achieve any goal faster. So as long as you want to have, be, and do more -- whether that means running an ultramarathon or learning to knit like a serious badass (that’s neither of us, but maybe it’s someone out there) -- this show is for you.

By Johnny B. Truant and Joel Runyon

Navy SEAL Blog Talk Radio | Blog Talk Radio Feed show

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Navy SEAL Motivational Speaker David Rutherford ignites audiences to embrace their fears and live a highly motivated Team Life with the Froglogic Concept

By Navy SEAL Blog Talk Radio