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Your Life After Trauma with Michele Rosenthal show

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Your Life After Trauma is a weekly radio program designed to bring support and information to trauma survivors, plus their caregivers and professionals. Hosted by Michele Rosenthal (a trauma survivor herself and certified professional coach), Your Life After Trauma provides resources, inspiration, hope and specific actions to help anyone learn to formulate a recovery plan, access healing potential and apply personal strengths to post-trauma recovery.

By Michele Rosenthal

Zen Habits (Castify) show

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Zen Habits is about finding simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives. It’s about clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing, find happiness.

By Castify LLC

The FredCast Cycling Podcast show

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The FredCast Cycling Podcast is devoted to recreational and endurance cyclists. Now in its seventh year, The FredCast focuses on topics of interest to high-end recreational and endurance cyclist. The show contains news, gear reviews, ride reviews, features, interviews and PodSafe cycling music.

By David Bernstein

Running The Distance Podcast show

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Join health enthusiasts Chad Wollenberg and Peter Haliburton as they share their experiences running the distance.

By Chad Wollenberg and Peter Haliburton

Healthy Eating Starts Here show

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Practical tips for maintaining a diet plan that's healthy and nutritionally complete, with a focus on creating long term healthy eating habits.

By Heather Nauta

America Takes It Off - Beach-Ready Boot Camp show

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Are you in shape for the beach? AOL Diet & Fitness presents America Takes It Off: Beach-Ready Boot Camp, a six-week series of audio workouts to get you swimsuit-sassy just in time for summer fun. Start with a boxing and jump-rope routine from world-champion fighter Michael Olajide, Jr.

EFT/Tapping Q and A Podcast with Gene Monterastelli – Emotional Freedom Techniques show

EFT/Tapping Q and A Podcast with Gene Monterastelli – Emotional Freedom TechniquesJoin Now to Follow

Every week Gene Monterastelli talks to the brightest minds in the tapping, EFT, and change work world.

By Gene Monterastelli

The AICT Cognitive Therapy Podcast show

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Cognitive Therapy is a cutting edge psychotherapy, so it is no surprise that cognitive therapists and researchers are always exploring new ways to help their patients overcome their problems. Dr. Robert L. Leahy and the staff of The American Institute for Cognitive Therapy have developed this podcast to bring news about advances in Cognitive Therapy directly to you, in a simple and “user-friendly” way. Please feel free to subscribe to this podcast here, or through the itunes music store, to discover our regular updates about the ever-evolving world of Cognitive Therapy.

By American Institute for Cognitive Therapy

Pure Paleo Podcast show

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Married, father of 7, taking on the paleo challenge. Follow along as he discovers the freedom of a healthy life.

By Ron Douglas

Respiratory Care show

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The Respiratory Care podcast summarizes the papers published in each issue of the Journal. Podcasts briefly touch on each paper's main points, and conclude with a personal assessment from Editor in Chief Dean R Hess PhD RRT FAARC regarding the clinical importance and "take home messages" found in that month's issue. Our hope is that this service will help you become a better reader of the Journal. Respiratory Care is the official science journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care, published monthly. It is listed in Index Medicus and included in ISI's Web of Science. The Journal is dedicated to publishing papers pertaining to disorders affecting the cardiorespiratory system, including their pathogenesis, pathophysiology, manifestations, diagnostic assessment, monitoring, prevention, and management. To learn more, please visit

By American Association for Respiratory Care