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Fiit Chicks show

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Fiit Chicks

By Brett Campbell & Emily Sparkes

The AllAroundJoe Podcast: Fitness | CrossFit | Nutrition show

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Get cutting edge, no nonsense fitness and nutrition content from self proclaimed CrossFit addict and worldwide adventurer Joe Bauer.  With over 13 years of fitness coaching, and educating, you'll get Joe's perspective on what works, and what is just a fad.   Joe has spent 6 years as a bodybuilder, has run marathons, ultra marathons, Ironman's (full and half), several other races, and is now doing his best to be a competitive CrossFit athlete.  You can also find Joe cruising around the world exploring cultures, and expanding his reach in the CrossFit and fitness community. Life is only fully lived when you push yourself beyond your limits!

By Joe Bauer: Fitness Expert, CrossFit Coach and Adventurer 

Build a Better You Podcast show

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Build a Better You personal development grew out of the compassion to help others. The desire to see others doing well in their lives. Rich Sheraton has worked as a personal development counselor/coach for the past 20 years doing exactly that. Rich says “there is no better feeling than helping someone overcome their difficulties and increase their happiness. I feel blessed to meet so many amazing people in my work.” Rich does not believe he is some guru who has all the answers. Rather, he is someone who loves and cares about humanity as a whole and wishes to do his best to reach as many people as possible. He believes anyone can change, anyone can improve their lives. All anyone needs is enough encouragement and guidance to build confidence in themselves. After that point, they pretty much take control of their own lives. And that is what self improvement is all about. We Hope You Achieve the Greatness you Deserve!

By Rich Sheraton: Self Help & Personal Development Guide

The PCOS Diet Support Podcast:  PCOS Diet | Fertility | Encouragement | Tarryn show

The PCOS Diet Support Podcast: PCOS Diet | Fertility | Encouragement | TarrynJoin Now to Follow

Tarryn from PCOS Diet Support reveals the latest news, research and success stories so that you have the information you need to manage your PCOS naturally. Discover how you can use food and supplements to help balance your hormones and take control of your PCOS. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is not something you need to tackle on your own. Hear from other women with PCOS and learn how to improve your fertility, manage your weight and see improvements in your other PCOS symptoms.

By Tarryn: PCOS Diet Expert, Blogger, Coach

Wellness Warrior Radio show

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Diane Kazer and Darren"Phat-Man"McDuffie explore health and wellness from a different perspective. Both Diane and Darren are fitness trainers who realized early you couldn't just beat clients into submission with exercise. They realized some clients had real health issues exercise alone just couldn't cure. They both believe in getting healthy first is the natural way to achieve weight loss and other wellness goals

By Diane Kazer and Darren"Phat-Man" McDuffie

Pursuit Athletic Performance Podcast show

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Coach Al Lyman is an expert endurance sports and strength coach who is passionate about helping others reach their goals and dreams, and loves to share everything he’s learned in his over 35 years as a competitive runner and triathlete. Dr. Kurt Strecker is a passionate “Renaissance” sports physician with experience in all aspects of prehababilitative and rehabilitative training, working daily with athletes of every age and ability level. Together, they are the experts behind Pursuit Athletic Performance, a unique, cutting-edge sports training company dedicated to helping athletes get faster and stronger! The goal of PAPTalk is to share honest, effective training tips and information from the nuances of triathlon, to the rigors of ultrarunning. We help clear up confusion about daily nutrition and fueling for sport, and will help you get your mental game in the most powerful place possible. We want YOU to train, race, and live to your ultimate potential.

By Coach Al Lyman and Dr. Kurt Strecker

Braver By The Day: Habit Change, Persistence, and Grit show

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Is the new Podcast from Australian musician, podcaster and marketing coach Joshua C Liston …and it’s going to be FUN! Josh is planning to tackle several different topics inside of the Braver By The Day community: Including Habit Change, Grit, Creativity, Fitness, Health, Success, Learning, Mastery and much more. The show will be both monologue and interview based – with a focus on everyday habit change, learning style, personal success and facing the fear. Moreover the Braver By The Day Podcast will be released in 5 episode clusters every 2nd Monday (Aus GMT+10) making for 10 new episodes each month - each episode has it's own topic and relevant links, guests, tools, tips and resources. Braver By The Day is about regular people and their stories of change, persistence and grit!

By Joshua C Liston: Podcaster, Musician, and Coach

The Coach X O Show show

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“The Coach X O Show” – This is THE Football Coaches Podcast! A podcast dedicated to Coaching Football! Welcome to the Coach XO Show, where REAL football coaches from all levels of the game talk about the X’s and O’s, the Jimmies and Joes and everything in between! This is THE podcast for the latest football coaching information. Whether you are coaching football at the youth football, middle school football or high school football level...The CoachXO Show has the information you need to be a great football coach, and help your football team win more games! Each week we discuss offensive and defensive schemes, special teams, football playbooks, football drills and issues football coaches deal with off the field (parents, fundraising, etc.). The Coach X O show also features interviews with football coaches from all levels of football - from youth football all the way to the pros! These interviews offer practical tips and coaching points you can use with your team at your very next practice to win more games! Are YOU ready to become a better coach? Are YOU ready to listen to the best football coaching podcast on the internet? If you are, download an episode and start your own personal football clinic today! “THE COACHXO SHOW” is brought to you by and is hosted by Shane Sams - Football Coach, Podcaster and Blogger. American Football. Coaching Football Podcast.

By Shane Sams: Football Coach, Podcaster & Blogger

Slice Your Age In Half show

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Want to look and feel younger than ever? The "Slice Your Age in Half" podcast offers easy, fun and practical advice you can use to get into the best shape of your life. In each episode, Dr. David Madow answers listeners questions pertaining to exercise, eating, happiness, stress, lifestyle and more. Please tune in as this is one of the best programs out there for living your healthiest life possible.

By Dr. David Madow

bFitandLive - Incredible Stories of Fat Loss & Wellness Turnarounds, Experts in Nutrition/Fitness/Wellness Interviewed show

bFitandLive - Incredible Stories of Fat Loss & Wellness Turnarounds, Experts in Nutrition/Fitness/Wellness InterviewedJoin Now to Follow

Inspiring weekly interviews from people who have successfully turned their life around through health and wellness. Join the bFit Nation at as we relive the struggles and the success stories that make up these amazing journeys so you can benefit from those secret nuggets of wisdom that worked for others. Stay informed as we interview INDUSTRY EXPERTS on the latest trends and information, allowing you to make sound decisions about how to approach your turnaround. YOUR STORY awaits to be written and there is path, bFitandLive!

By Phil Ferrante