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The Cosmic Current: Weekly Numerology & Astrology Forecasts show

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Get the most up-to-date predictions, horoscopes, and forecasts in astrology, numerology, tarot, and spirituality. This is your cosmic guide to the Universe. Get your free personalized numerology mini-reading here:

By Numerologist

Leadership and the Environment show

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Beyond talk, to action Hear leaders and luminaries take on personal challenges to live by their environmental values. No more telling others what to do. You'll hear their struggles and triumphs.

By Joshua Spodek: Author, Speaker, Professor

Get up and CODE! show

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This podcast is all about fitness and nutrition with an IT slant. If you are interested in technology and fitness, this podcast might be exactly what you are looking for. The podcast started with John Sonmez and Iris Classon in 2013, two experienced developers as well as fitness geeks. In 2015 Robert Navarro started hosting the podcast after John Sonmez handed him the keys to the castle and allowed him to continue the tradition of helping others reach both their fitness and career goals. In this podcast they share all they know about getting in shape, losing weight, gaining muscle and eating right in their weekly discussion about all things fitness and nutrition. Want to know how to really get those 6 pack abs? Are carbs really bad for you? John and Iris answer all these questions and more in this short weekly podcast with about fitness and nutrition from engineering minds. Here is a short sampling for some of the topics discussed in this podcast:: fitness, nutrition, software development, programming, muscle, weight training, lifting, running, 5ks, marathons, jogging, workout, health, healthy living, aerobics, weight loss, exercise, diet, motivation.

By Robert Navarro: Pro Natural Bodybuilder and Software Developer

Mental Health News Radio show

Mental Health News RadioJoin Now to Follow

Keeping it real about mental health, addiction and recovery, narcissistic abuse, addiction, and the business of behavioral health. Providers, consumers, and vendors join us to share their work, their passion, and their recovery!

By Mental Health News Radio

Talking About You With ESTRA show

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Talking About You with ESTRA advocates for Auto Insurance Policyholders involved in Car Accidents. Auto Insurance Claim Process is often lengthy, require dealing with individuals and corporations, and making unexpected decisions with serious consequences. Personal Injury, Medical Care, Unstable Income, Stress, Insurance Harassment, Intimidation, Surveillance Targets, Loss of Employment, Police, LTD, and SSDI. It's time for us to talk about what you are going through, I understand, support, and am here for you. - ESTRA

By ESTRA Seattle

Elevate Your Energy show

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Elevate Your Energy with Evelyne Lambrecht is the place for women who want to eat better, feel better, and live better. Join us weekly for the best in functional medicine and nutrition.

By Evelyne Lambrecht

Venus Unplugged show

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Psychic, Soul Mentor, Muse Welcome to the virtual Heartbreak Hotel where LLN explores the archetype Venus, lifting us out of woundedness to wisdom

By Llorraine Neithardt

Healthy Wild And Free show

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Tune into health and wellness with David Benjamin, David is an advocate for healthy organic green living and in this podcast we discuss topics around nutrition, diet, detoxification, emotional health and healing, spiritual living, happiness, fulfillment and the enrichment of life in any way that relates to the mind, body or spirit. Join us, subscribe and be a part of the conversation!

By Healthy Wild And Free

Navy SEAL Radio with David Rutherford show

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Navy SEAL Motivational Speaker David Rutherford ignites audiences to embrace fear, forge self-confidence and Live the Team Life with his motivational philosophy called Froglogic Concepts.

By Navy SEAL Radio

FDN Support Show show

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Get together with Reed, FDN Mentors & Special Guests. Submit questions in advance, or better, call the show LIVE and join the discussion! FDN Course trainees/grads only

By FDN Support Talk