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Adam Eason Evidence Based Hypnosis Podcast show

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Are hypnotherapists capable of seeing all sides of their own field? What actually is hypnosis? Why do so many people define hypnosis so differently? Is there such a thing as the subconscious mind? What is the relationship between mesmerism and hypnosis? Are there dangers using regression in hypnosis? Can hypnosis enhance the chances of false memory syndrome? Why is there so much paranormal faff related to hypnosis? Why do some people call it trance? Can it actually make people do things they don't want to? Are indirect hypnotic language patterns actually any better than direct? These questions and more are examined and explored with this podcast, dedicated to thinking critically and casting a sceptical eye over the subject of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Adam Eason examines the evidence, casts out quackery and has much fun throughout! Those of you that fancy a rip roaring ride into the world of no-nonsense hypnosis exploration, climb on board and hold on tight.

By Adam Eason

Stilettos & Convos show

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Miss Lee will give you a fresh perspective on hot topics focused on love, religion, sex, education, family, values, society and everything in between. Stilettos and Convo’s is not a show that is only for the ladies, it is a show that the fellas will enjoy too! Join The Conversation – Embrace The Experience.


Gluten Free Central show

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At GFCentral we have tips, recipes, reviews, and tons of gluten free information in our weekly video podcast!

By BethanyLee

Science-Based Nutrition Podcast » Podcast Feed show

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Science-Based Nutrition Podcast is an informative and engaging podcast which explores the science of nutrition, supplements and good health. We are dedicated to helping you understand the role of good nutrition and health to craft a nutritional program that works for you. Our commitment is to explore the research on nutrition and health with experts you can rely on. You will hear from doctors, scientists, researchers, authors, and manufacturers and learn leading edge nutritional information that you can use! Tune in for interviews with our experts to get the latest information.

By Science-Based Nutrition Podcast

Audio Fitness Workout show

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<a href=""><img class="wp-image-13 aligncenter" title="afw" src="" alt="" width="93" height="93"></a> Audio fitness workouts is designed for people on the go. Certified trainers lead you through many training sessions while you workout. Imagine, never having to stand in front of a tv at home or hiring a trainer at the gym, now you can have functional workouts where ever you go. Business travelers, workout buffs, fitness enthusiasts, all can have their own private trainer and motivator guiding specific workout that get results.

By Audio Fitness Workouts

닥터명의 의학쇼 show

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국립암센터 가정의학과 전문의이자 팟 캐스트 나는 의사다 진행자인 닥터명(트위터아이디:@DrMyung), 명승권이 진행하는 의학 팟캐스트. 잘못 알려진 의학상식을 바로 잡고, 최근에 발표된 의학연구를 알기 쉽게 설명합니다. 집중해부에서는 중요한 의학이슈를 살펴보고, 임상수업에서는 여러가지 질병, 건강정보를 알기 쉽게 설명하며, 메타의학뉴스에서는 최근에 발표된 의학연구결과를 소개합니다.모든 국민, 100%를 위한 의학팟캐스트, 닥터명의 의학쇼! 많은 분들에게 소개해주세요^^

By 명승권

The I Simply Am Podcast: Self Awareness | Relationships | Love | Authentic Living show

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Josh Becker of the I Simply Am Blog reveals answers to the one question we all ask, "Who am I?". There are a lot of Self Help resources out there and some of them are wonderful. What makes this podcast unique is that you will leave each episode with a specific exercise to work on throughout the week. Josh won't just "talk" about self love, self awareness, forgiveness, relationships, self esteem, depression, anxiety, unlocking personal power, and finding life purpose. Each episode will provide you specific life-changing tools you can physically use in your own life. If you are looking for your life purpose or maybe just want to learn how to live the best expression of you, this is your podcast.

By Josh Becker: Life Coach, Blogger, Your Self Help Advocate

ProdPod, a Productivity Podcast show

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The Podcast of Productivity Lessons in Two Minutes or Less

By Ray Sidney-Smith - - Productivity Podcast Guide

Ask A Vegan! show

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Caryn Hartglass answers your health and nutrition questions. Helping you live a delicious plant-based lifestyle!

By Progressive Radio Network

Power Down Podcast show

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Power Down is a tangible way to disconnect online and connect with what matters most, just once a day or once a week. The Power Down podcast will feature conversations with bloggers and writers influential in the online community seeking to replace one day's worth of their online lives with whatever is needed most: people. Quiet. Nature. Sleep. Join us every other Wednesday at 11 PST/1 CST as we talk about balance and finding true connection in a digital world.

By Heather King, Amy Whitley, The SITS Girls