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Librivox: Golden Bough, The by Frazer, James show

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The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion is a wide-ranging comparative study of mythology and religion, written by Scottish anthropologist Sir James George Frazer (1854–1941). It offered a modernist approach, discussing religion dispassionately as a cultural phenomenon, rather than from a theological perspective. Its thesis is that old religions were fertility cults that centered around the worship of, and periodic sacrifice of, a sacred king. This king was the incarnation of a dying and reviving god, a solar deity who underwent a mystic marriage to a goddess of the earth, who died at the harvest, and was reincarnated in the spring. Frazer claims that this legend is central to almost all of the world's mythologies. The germ for Frazer's thesis was the pre-Roman priest-king at the fane of Nemi, who was ritually murdered by his successor. While most of Frazer's theories (such as those on the nature of magic) have subsequently been exploded, his influence on contemporaneus European literature was immense. (From Wikipedia)

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Varieties of Religious Experience by JAMES, William show

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<p>The Varieties of Religious Experience: A Study in Human Nature is a book by the Harvard psychologist and philosopher William James that comprises his edited Gifford Lectures on "Natural Theology" delivered at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland between 1901 and 1902. These lectures concerned the nature of religion and the neglect of science, in James' view, in the academic study of religion. Soon after its publication, the book found its way into the canon of psychology and philosophy, and has remained in print for over a century. (Summary by Wikipedia)</p>Lectures read by JoeD, preface read by musil.<br>

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2007 National Poetry Month Selections show

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A selection of poems selected and read by TeacherVision and Infoplease for your enjoyment this poetry month.

Librivox: Little Dorrit by Dickens, Charles show

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Born in the Marshalsea Prison for Debtors, Amy—Little Dorrit—the daughter of the ruined, but self-respectful William Dorrit, has put her entire heart in caring for her dear father, until one day her humble path is crossed by Arthur Clennam. Their meeting proves providential not only for Amy's life, but for the whole Dorrit family, whose new rise will, in many ways, be also their fall. As in all his novels, in "Little Dorrit" Dickens ushers us into a fascinating and startlingly rich world of human characters and destinies, where virtue and nobility cross swords with vice and villainy, where strength and weakness intertwine with prejudice and magnanimity and where the author's inspired pen wields a compelling and unforgettable power over the readers. (Summary by Ellis Christoff)

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Mabinogion, The by ANONYMOUS show

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Sample a moment of magic realism from the Red Book of Hergest:<br><br>On one side of the river he saw a flock of white sheep, and on the other a flock of black sheep. And whenever one of the white sheep bleated, one of the black sheep would cross over, and become white; and when one of the black sheep bleated, one of the white sheep would cross over, and become black.<br><br>Before passing on to the Mabinogion proper, Lady Charlotte Guest devotes Volume I of her compilation of medieval Welsh tales to three brief romances of Arthur’s Court. The centrepiece is the story of Peredur, the Dumb Youth – known elsewhere as Perceval, Parzifal, the Holy Fool, et al.<br><br>This is the violent world of satin-clad knights and their clashing encounters, peremptory slayings of giants and cave-dwelling monsters – a world where love is as sudden and final as death. (Introduction by Martin Geeson)

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라디오 책다방 show

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'불편해도 괜찮아' '욕망해도 괜찮아'의 저자 김두식 진행. 책과 사람이 만나 감동과 재미를 나누는 대화와 다양한 코너들. 창비 팟캐스트 라디오 책다방 만든 사람들 진행 김두식 황정은 제작 공급 ㈜창비 프로듀서 황혜숙 기술 편집 미디어창비 석상훈 유근백 홍보 지은영 김정규

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Librivox: Silas Marner by Eliot, George show

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Silas Marner (originally published in 1861): Betrayed by a beloved friend and accused of a crime he didn’t commit, awkward Silas Marner is expelled from his beloved religious community — the only community he has ever known. He exiles himself in the remote village of Raveloe. Friendless and without family, set apart from the villagers by their superstition and fear of him, he plies his weaving trade day after day, storing up gold which becomes his idol. When his gold is stolen, he is rescued from despair by the arrival on his lonely hearth of a beautiful little girl, whom he adopts, and through whom he and the other people of the village learn that loving relationships are more fulfilling than material wealth. (Summary by rachelellen)

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Librivox: Essays, Second Series by Emerson, Ralph Waldo show

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Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 – 1882) was an American essayist, philosopher, and poet, best remembered for leading the Transcendentalist movement of the mid 19th century. His teachings directly influenced the growing New Thought movement of the mid 1800s. (Summary from Wikipedia)

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Hashtag Love show

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True stories of love and romance. First sparks, disastrous dates, seasonal flings, and epic love stories... Hashtag Love brings you real-life tales that will make you laugh, cry, and #love. For archives, features, rambles, and roundtables, visit our official site:

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Periodically Stable show

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A podcast about anything of interest. Interviews with interesting characters both prominent and regular Joe's.

By Tom and Brian