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The World of Watercolor Painting with Birgit O'Connor show

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All about Watercolor painting, how much water and color to use, problem solving, backgrounds, layering color, student meetings and interviews

By Birgit O'Connor

The Sound Podcast with Ira Haberman show

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The Sound Podcast is a music discovery podcast, rooted in jam bands, rock, americana, alt-country, country, funk, jazz and improvisational music. Inspired by our favourite music, our aim is to be the gateway between artists and fans.

By The Sound Podcast

سکوت بره‌ها | Sokoote Barreha show

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در هر قسمت از پادکست سکوت بره‌ها، ما به بحث پیرامون یک موضوع از مسائل هنری، فرهنگی یا اجتماعی می‌پردازیم

By رویا و فرهاد

Fixed In Post show

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John Barber and Pete Peterson are fascinated, infuriated, and gobsmacked by the art of cinema. In other words, they’re in love with the movies. Join them as they host this podcast about the joy, the disappointment, and the magic of film.

By The Rabbit Room Podcast Network

Beth Wyatt show

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By popular demand, Beth Wyatt, host of The CALM+COZY Podcast, reads short stories, poetry, and classic literature over calming meditative music. Listen in the evening while you prepare to sleep, or while you're in bed. Find Beth's eBook, 'Fall Asleep Tonight,' on Amazon, and check out the rest of her work at (All works read are copyright-free.)

By Beth Wyatt

The Folded Room show

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<p>Seven days ago, sixteen percent of the worldwide population disappeared. Those who witnessed the disappearances reported a bright blue light and a low humming sound. Martial law was declared in the United States, Europe and the UK. The governments of Brazil and China went further in arresting hackers, conspiracy theorists, scientists, and activists. </p><p>Today, the Taken have reappeared to those they love, texting messages and appearing in videos...on their social media accounts.</p><p>-------</p><p>David lost his wife just as they were discussing the terms of a divorce he never wanted.</p><p>Now, they're both a captive audience. If saving the world together doesn't reconcile them, nothing will.</p><p>------</p><p>The Folded Room is written and directed by New York Times bestselling author and Audie Award winner, CD Reiss.</p>

By CD Reiss

灭茶苦茶 show

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不伦不类、不易流行。了解日本是不够的,我们要活用日本。 不鳥萬如一主理,IPN 出品。

By 不鳥萬如一

Archive Secrets show

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At Archive Secrets we uncover tales, stories and gems from some of the world’s most intriguing, unknown and previously hidden archives. We celebrate archivists and shed light on their varied and unique missions. By telling their stories we reveal the buried power of archives … Because every archive has amazing stories to tell. ArchiveSecrets <br>

By Digital ReLab

HIM Publications Podcast — Discipleship Resources show

HIM Publications Podcast — Discipleship ResourcesJoin Now to Follow

Providing discipleship resources in audio format. We provide full and preview audiobooks to listeners at no cost.

By HIM Publications

Random – An Audio Collage show

Random – An Audio CollageJoin Now to Follow

Do you enjoy the odd, obscure, quirky and/or left of center? Are you a fan of the silly, strange or irreverent? The Random podcast is all of those things, along with a conglomeration of songs, sounds, ambience and silliness.<br> <br> The goal of Random is to take you on a brief audio journey to places you’ve never heard before. To make you tap your toes, chuckle or maybe just scratch your head in disbelief.<br> <br> If you’re a fan of Dr. Demento, The Firesign Theater, Spike Jones or any of the irreverent, then you’ve come to the right podcast!<br> <br> Please subscribe, review and tell a friend!<br>

By Dave Girtsman