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Meet the Filmmaker show

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iTunes and the Apple Store bring you insights from the makers of today's biggest films. Subscribe to the podcast to hear behind-the-scenes stories from the onscreen stars as well as filmmaking wisdom from a diverse selection of writers, directors, and producers.

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Paleo Diet Plan's Podcast show

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Click this site for more information on Paleo Diet Plan.

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Public Forum show

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The Public Theater’s Public Forum presents the theater of ideas: a series of conversations and performances that bring together leading voices in our politics and culture. In addition to live events, like the celebrated Forum Duets, the Forum conducts biweekly interviews with artists and thinkers who do fascinating work at The Public, Joe’s Pub at the Public, and beyond.

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The Bob Rivers Show Podcast show

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The Bob Rivers Show Podcast features highlights from the Bob Rivers Show heard daily on 95.7 KJR in Seattle.

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10 Questions with Adam Zwar show

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Adam Zwar asks people the same 10 questions every episode.

By Adam Zwar

History of the United States: The Colonial Period Onwards by Charles Austin Beard show

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Vol. I: The Colonial Period. Charles Austin Beard was the most influential American historian of the early 20th century. He published hundreds of monographs, textbooks and interpretive studies in both history and political science. He graduated from DePauw University in 1898, where he met and eventually married Mary Ritter Beard, one of the founders of the first Greek-letter society for women, Kappa Alpha Theta. Many of his books were written in collaboration with his wife, whose own interests lay in feminism and the labor union movement (Woman as a Force in History, 1946).In 1921, Charles and Mary Beard published their History of the United States. A contemporaneous review stated: “The authors… assume enough maturity in high school students to justify a topical rather than a chronological treatment. They have dealt with movements, have sketched large backgrounds, have traced causes, and have discussed the interrelation of social and economic forces and politics. All this has been directed to the large purpose of helping the student to understand American today in all its national characteristics and as part of world civilization as well…The literary style is exceptionally clear and crisp, and the whole approach…is thought producing. As a textbook or handbook for the average citizen it ranks with very best.”

By Books Should Be Free

Rock n Roll TV show

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Rock n Roll TV: Bringing you the rock news delivered with cutting wit and a smile by Share Ross.

By Bam & Share Ross

Fortress Draconis: The Podcast show

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The epic fantasy novel by New York Times Bestselling author Michael A. Stackpole brought to you in chapter-long installments, read by the author.

By Michael A. Stackpole

BAGEL in the Basement show

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A podcast that focuses on that wide variety of people and events in the Fayetteville-Lincoln County area.

By Gavin Williams

Glissando show

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Here at Glissando we believe that classical music is for everyone. We share the compelling new releases and hidden gems we encounter, and we tell the stories that bring these works and composers to life. If you're new to classical music, we'll help you begin exploring. If you're already familiar with classical music, we'll keep you on your toes.<br> <br> Questions? Observations? Contact us at

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