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GBW Podcast show

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Biweekly podcast from the guys behind The Video Graveyard. Tackles a diverse assortment of movie related topics with side trips into music, comics, books, and much more! You never know what to expect on GBW!

By The Video Graveyard

Vivid Sydney show

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Let Dom Knight walk you around the spectacular canvas of light, music and ideas that is Vivid Sydney.

By ABC Sydney

What Men Live By and Other Tales by TOLSTOY, Leo show

What Men Live By and Other Tales by TOLSTOY, LeoJoin Now to Follow

<p>Although Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910) was a wealthy landowner, in his later life he had what was considered a “religious awakening.” This experience went on to inform his writing and his lifestyle in profound ways. His views transcended the specifics of religion, as known in his day - so much so he came to be a helpful guide both to Mohandas Gandhi and to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The four stories in this collection ask profound questions and gently supply helpful, non-dogmatic hints to their answerings: What is the most important thing to do? Who is the most important person? When is the most important time? What is worth owning? What is the most profound religion? What rules should men live by? How much land does a man need? Who is God? What should we bother to discuss? How should we act towards one another? How should we respond to cruelty and violence? And many more. Wonderful stories written in a relaxed style. (Summary by Alan Drake.)</p>

By LibriVox

Indy Hall Radio show

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Every week, meet a different member of Indy Hall in a fun 10-12 minute interview. Find out more about their background, how they came to do what they do today, and the things they love about being a part of the Indy Hall community. Hosted by Herb Cohen of Executive Leaders Radio, and co-hosted by Alex Hillman and the Members of Indy Hall.

By Indy Hall/Executive Leaders Radio

Thank You Music show

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The Thank You Music Podcast is about appreciating the songs that play a major, but uncredited role in our lives. Whether it's a breakup, or having a newborn, the Thank You Music Podcast looks at stories when the right song made all the difference.

By Matt Ramsey

Music News Podcast show

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Keep up to date with the music business with this entertaining podcast full of information and the occasional dash of sarcasm

By David Jackson

Stuff and Things show

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We are Carley and Dave: best mates, fellow artists, weirdos. We like talking to creative people about stuff and about things. Join us for funny and interesting conversations with some of the best and brightest creatives that Earth has to offer.

By Dave Burton &amp; Carley Commens

audio collective show

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The Audio Collective focuses on Soundseeing tours, commentary on recent events, and random thoughts. The audio collective is a podcast that was created and envisioned in December of 2004. We are real people with real lives doing a real podcast that is even safe to listen to at work!

By Audio Collective

Ballroom2Basement show

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Jay, Chad, and Randy are your host on the hot new Ballroom2Basement podcast where they talk about everything from pop culture to politics and everything in-between, and also give you an in-depth look inside their own personal lives. You can follow Jay on instagram @jayhabs28 / Randy on instagram @kingdoom85 / &amp; Chad on instagram, twitter, and soundcloud @ian86hamilton

By Crazy Crew

Book Garden Radio show

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SHOWS: It's Story Time, The Authors' Words, &amp; Halo Kids Tales ~ Book Garden Radio brings you It's Story Time: an International Children's Reading Radio Shows; The Authors' Words: where you will hear authors read their favorite part from their book. Q &amp; A to follow, AND HALO KIDS TALES, A READING RADIO SHOW FEATURING CHRISTIAN AND JEWISH STORIES TO CHILDREN. Host is author and illustrator JD Holiday ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BOOK GARDEN RADIO shows are on at: Red River Radio: ~ &amp; are INDEX HERE at: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ INDEX OF ALL Book Garden Radio Shows are listed at: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ALL books that appear on BGR shows are copyrighted by the author.

By BookGardenRadioOnRedRiverRadio