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Binge Watchers  show

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A late night show for your ears since 2013. Started by a pair of film school friends that have reunited for one epic podcast after another. Binge Watchers get it? We talk about movies. We sometimes talk about our own experiences being on Hollywood's D list of weirdo indie filmmakers trying to catch a break before a total break down. But, hey we will always have this podcast we made, right? Until the digital crash and all digital info is zapped bye-bye, but wait, we are getting off track and this podcast description is getting way too long. Hosted by a writer and comedian, John Travis joined most-always by video director. Nicky T. Sometimes by their friends. And an entertainer or musician stops by every episode or so often to talk shop, tell a great story, or impart some crazy inspiration. Binge with us!

By John Travis, Nicky T, and The Binge Watchers

Chew it with Pruett show

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I am a husband, a father, a son, a brother, and a friend. I am Kenny.<br> I am like most of you. I have a lot of awesome people in my life that are important to me who have valuable things to say about various things. Everyone is an expert at something, so listen in as I talk to people I know about the things that matter to them and maybe make some new friends along the way.

By Chew it with Pruett

Creative Conversation show

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Fast Company culture maven KC Ifeanyi gets icons from art and business to break down the secrets of their success and their tricks for overcoming creative deserts.

By Fast Company

Starving Artist - art, money, freelancing, and how to live creatively show

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Starving Artist is a podcast about art, money, and how to combine those things. If you’re a creative who’s ever wondered “how the hell do I make this work?!” then this podcast is for you. The show is basically an excuse for host and honesty enthusiast Honor Eastly to ask successful artists really nosy questions about their financial situation, and record the conversation. This is a no-holds-barred exploration of the reality behind the Starving Artist myth, and season one features 12 interviews with some of Australia's most incisive young artists including Frances Cannon, Becky Sui Zhen, Abbey Rich, Wendy Syfret (i-D / VICE) and Steve Roggenbuck. The podcast takes us behind the curtain and into the machine room of contemporary artists, taking on everything from how to make a living from Instagram, how to negotiate a raise in the arts, to how to get out of your private freelancer tax shame.

By Honor Eastly

A Plate to Call Home show

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<p>Food is not just about how you cook in the kitchen: it's about where the food comes from, the path for ingredients from farm to plate, the love and passion that goes into making the final dish and the sharing of food with the people important to you. Masterchef judge Gary Mehigan chats to people for whom food is everything - it's the love that goes into sourcing ingredients, creating the recipes and sharing that love of the process with others. Each dish has a much bigger story than just the cooking - each dish becomes A Plate To Call Home.</p>

By PodcastOne Australia

Indian Food that's Fast, Easy and Healthy Podcast! show

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Have you ever wanted to cook Indian food with that same great authentic Indian flavor for your family and friends? That's healthy yet delicious and can be prepared within minutes? Well, your going to love India Base. India Base makes it incredibly easy to cook Indian food like butter chicken, curry chicken, palak paneer, vindaloo, tandoori chicken, dal makhani, aloo gobi, chicken ticka masala, chole, chickpea masala, and the list goes on. Not to mention that India Base is 100% vegan, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, and no preservatives. The ingredients that make-up India Base only include Onions, Tomatoes, Ginger, Garlic, Lemon Juice, and Spices. That's it! India Base is for everyone who loves the taste of Indian food. No matter what your level of cooking skills are, you can make delicious Indian food with India Base even if you've never cooked Indian food before by following our simple videos. And within minutes you'll be able to impress all your family, friends and especially yourself with your delicious Indian food recipes. Buy it today at

By Harjoyt Kang: Indian Food Guru

The AudioBlog For Let There Be Raw. show

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Let There Be Raw has a mission to make Raw food more accessible for the person who wishes to maximize the benefits of eating Living Food.

By Micah Saccomanno

A Taste of Comics show

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Take an unhealthy appetite for comic books and combine it with an appetite for good food, and you get A Taste of Comics featuring C.B. Cebulski, Russ Cundiff, Filip Sablik and Ron Richards get together to discuss their latest travels and the restuarants and culinary delights that they discovered. Throw in some discussion about comic books and you've got a well rounded meal


The Brewer and the Beer Geek show

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Ever wondered what goes on behind-the-scenes of the beer you love to drink? The Brewer and the Beer Geek goes beyond the beer for the back story you haven't heard—from two of the creators themselves.

By Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Abundant Harvest Organics show

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A show for everyone who eats. The Abundant Harvest Podcast is simply bringing the family farm to the airwaves with stories from California farmers, food lovers, and more tasty seasonal tidbits broadcast from the heart of Ag-land in California's Great Central Valley.

By Abundant Harvest Organics