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The Nifty Knowledge Rocks Podcast show

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Those starting a photography business and photographers who have been in business for a few years are asking about sales tax, income taxes, business plans and formation, managing and understanding profits and expenses, liability insurance, business bank accounts, and the list goes on. The Nifty Knowledge Rocks Podcast will help answer these questions and empower you, the photographer, with the information and education you need to run a healthy, legitimate photography business for both wedding and portrait photographers. There is no "fluff" here, only great information for photography business owners!

By Kristin Korpos: Wedding & Portrait Photographer and Photography Business Educator

Atlas Church show

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Atlas Church in Greeley, CO - 709 16th St. 10 am Sunday

By Atlas Church

The Artist's Suitcase Podcast | Essentials for the Creative Journey show

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Kent Sanders from The Artist's Suitcase Blog ( presents a fresh look at art, creativity and inspiration. This podcast is all about helping you fulfill your creative potential. The show features engaging content and interviews with a variety of creative minds: artists, writers, musicians, worship leaders, designers, leading thinkers, and everything in between. This podcast will help you discover how to can fulfill your potential by thinking and working more creatively. Artists of all kinds will find something to love here. Kent has been professionally involved in the arts for nearly two decades as a worship leader, professor, and guitarist. His passion is to help you "pack your suitcase" for the creative journey of life.

By Kent Sanders: Guitarist, Writer, Creative Coach

장근석의 ZIKZIN Radio show

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아시아 프린스 장근석이 직접 제작하는 라디오

By 장근석

TCJ Talkies show

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TCJ Talkies is a biweekly creator interview podcast hosted by Mike Dawson at The Comics Journal. Cartoonists and other comic book luminaries will stop by the Talkie-Hut and chat about their creative process, motivation, and careers.

By Mike Dawson

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe show

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Perhaps Edgar Allen Poe’s most famous poem, the “Raven” is a macabre exploration of a man, his memories of Lenore, and the black bird that interrupts his studies on a dark December night, with tap-tap-tapping at his chamber door. (Summary by Hugh)

By Books Should Be Free

The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer show

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The Canterbury Tales is a collection of stories written in Middle English by Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century (two of them in prose, the rest in verse). The tales, some of which are originals and others not, are contained inside a frame tale and told by a group of pilgrims on their way from Southwark to Canterbury to visit the shrine of Saint Thomas Becket at Canterbury Cathedral.The themes of the tales vary, and include topics such as courtly love, treachery, and avarice. The genres also vary, and include romance, Breton lai, sermon, beast fable, and fabliau. The characters, introduced in the General Prologue of the book, tell tales of great cultural relevance.The version read here was edited by D. Laing Purves “for popular perusal” and the language is mostly updated.

By Books Should Be Free

Flying Inn, The by CHESTERTON, G. K. show

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<p><i>The Flying Inn</i> is a novel first published in 1914 by G.K. Chesterton. It is set in a future England where a bizarre form of "Progressive" Islam has triumphed and largely dominates the political and social life of the country. Because of this, alcohol sales are effectively prohibited. The plot centers around the adventures of Humphrey Pump and Captain Patrick Dalroy, who roam the country in their cart with a barrel of rum in an attempt to evade Prohibition, exploiting loopholes in the law to temporarily prevent the police taking action against them. (Summary from Wikipedia)</p>

By LibriVox

NaNoWriPod - Nanowrimo / writing / creativity / process - Black Rectangle show

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National Novel Writing Month is an annual event where amateur authors scramble to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. This podcast centers around that event but will also publish throughout the year to talk about the creative process, writing and publishing.

By Ben Alexander: Podcast producer and writer.

Gilded Age, A Tale of Today, The by TWAIN, Mark and WARNER, Charles Dudley show

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Originally published in 1873, The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today is the only novel Twain co-wrote (C.D. Warner was a good friend and neighbor of the Clemens family in Hartford, and the collaboration sprang from their wive's challenge and encouragement). The title, "The Gilded Age" became synonymous with graft, materialism and corruption in public life, which are well represented in this work. Like others of his works, this one reflects truths about American Society that remain pertinent today. Many of the characters and incidents that occur in the Gilded Age had their real-life origins in Clemens relatives and history, a fact which he revealed in his newly published (2011) Autobiography. (Introduction by John Greenman &amp; Wikipedia)

By LibriVox